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arxaw's Avatar arxaw 06:59 AM 08-28-2003

Originally posted by Azanon
My work around for now is to just use one of sony's "digital cinema surround" fields which default to a Front left, center, right, rear dual or single channel, and then the sound is output in a modified pro-logic form for cbs and abc.

Have you tried toggling the Zenith STB audio output between PCM & DD?

Selecting PCM may give you more sound options or better sound via the digital audio connection.


Email the GM at KARK-DT and tell him you want NBC in HD.

tmcelmurry's Avatar tmcelmurry 06:53 PM 08-28-2003
I thought I would let everyone know that Inhd is on Comcast in Little rock now. It is showing up on channel 174.
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 07:19 AM 08-29-2003

Have you tried toggling the Zenith STB audio output between PCM & DD?

Sorry, not sure what PCM is. Are you asking me if i've compared Stereo L/R output to Dolby Digital?

I can tell you even before i do that, that the dolby digital will certainly be superior to DPL on stations that use it (HDNet, HD Movies, HD PPV). Dolby digital is amazing. I'm sort of surprised you're putting this off.

hpb's Avatar hpb 01:23 PM 08-29-2003
What 's INHD
hpb's Avatar hpb 01:28 PM 08-29-2003
PCM is Pulse Code Modulation.

It is how "normal" left +right stereo is stored in a digital format. Audio CDs use PCM as the format to store the digital data stream to the disc.

Most if not all DVD players and home receivers have a setting to switch from DD 5.1 to PCM. This allows you to use the Digital to analog converters in your receiver (they are usually of a much higher quality) instead of the D to A converters in your DVD/STB.

You will still need to use either digital coax or toslink if you switch to PCM. Your L+R RCA connectors are not used.
jstrossner's Avatar jstrossner 04:28 PM 08-29-2003

What 's INHD

It's a new hd channel.
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 06:27 AM 09-15-2003
If anyone from KTHV or KATV is reading this forum, can one of you tell me when you guys intend to transmit DD 5.1 sound to go with the HD picture on your digital stations?

I live here in WLR, and get both HD channels via OTA antenna with no dropouts, but it would sure be nice to hear DD 5.1 sound to go with the beautiful picture.

HDNet is easily the most impressive channel I have, simply because the combination of picture and DD 5.1 sound is amazing.

arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:33 AM 09-15-2003

Did you notice any difference between the DD5.1 & PCM settings on your Zenith STB?

Did "PCM" give you better sound or more options to control DD 2-channel sound?
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 11:04 AM 09-15-2003
No it did not. Going to PCM didnt give me any new options for non-DD 5.1 sources. I still had to manually tell the receiver to use a DPL sound field. On DD 5.1 stations (ie: HDNet), i didnt get DD 5.1 sound using PCM, so using the "dolby digital" setting is a must it seems.
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 09:19 AM 10-15-2003
Saw this in the HDTV programming forum:
An engineer from the Dallas-Fort Worth UPN affiliate, KTXA-DT/TV is reporting that effective next week we'll be seeing Wednesday's broadcast of "Enterprise", "Jake 2.0", and some of the Friday night UPN movies in HD! So this is major good news, even if it does create a new programming conflict for me ("Enterprise" and "Smallville", head to head in HD)...

For those who are curious to see the original posting for themselves, go to <<a href="" target="_blank">> and follow the links to the HD programming forum.


I get 38-1 perfect, so I guess i'm wondering if our local UPN will be ready to transmit HD signals, or is 38-1 currently just DTV?

arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:14 AM 10-16-2003

Originally posted by Azanon
... I get 38-1 perfect, so I guess i'm wondering if our local UPN will be ready to transmit HD signals...

I have been informed by KLRT/KASN Chief Engineer Allen Finne that Little Rock/Pine Bluff UPN affiliate KASN-DT (38-1) may have Enterprise in HD next week

Thanks Allen!

-- Sam
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:15 AM 10-16-2003
Azanon, what channel are you receiving "Smallville" on in HD?
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 10:27 AM 10-16-2003

Ok i think i'm confused. Is "WB" and UPN 38 the same station? I havent been watching smallville, but i assume it would come on both 38, and 38-1 on wednesday night. I'm not at the house right now, so i can verify with my channel lineup. My understanding was that UPN 38 wasn't transmitting HD signals here locally.

Our channel lists should be the same, Sam. I'm using DTV/OTA like you.

But supposedly, last night was the first night that UPN showed Enterprise in HD. I was not at home at the time, so i wasnt there to see if Enterprise was being shown in HD.

Azanon's Avatar Azanon 10:30 AM 10-16-2003
I pretty much only watch HD channels now, except for the occasional CNN, or maybe SNL on sat night. I'd rather watch paint dry in HDTV, than most any SD station.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 11:17 AM 10-16-2003

Originally posted by Azanon
... Is "WB" and UPN 38 the same station?


KWBF (the WB) is broadcast on analog channel 42. AFAIK, they don't even have a digital channel assigned yet. Smallville is a WB program, not UPN.

KASN (UPN) is broadcast on analog channel 38 & digital channel 39.
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 12:03 PM 10-16-2003
That's great new about Enterprise. What about Jake 2.0, and the UPN Friday night movie? Here's a post from another UPN local affiliate (not Little Rock) from the HDTV programming forums:

"If you want to spread the news to the forum.....UPN is feeding us native 1080i on Enterprise and Jake2.0 starting tomorrow at 8 PM._ UPN will also feed the Friday UPN movie in native HD starting on the 24th of October at 8 PM with "Double Take"._ As far as I know Wednesday nites will continue in HD until further notice._ movies on fridays will be occasionally HD not always._ Audio is in Stereo not 5.1"

Another HDTV station to add to the mix! Wee! Who will be next?

And for my closure:
Hello KARK and KLRT, 20th century called.... they want their SD programming back! LOL.

Azanon's Avatar Azanon 12:25 PM 10-16-2003
I sent this email to KARK today, specifically

"Dear KARK,

Just writing a brief email to say that I look forward to you guys adding HDTV transmissions to your capabilities. I'm currently receiving HDTV transmission from both CBS and ABC via my OTA antenna, but would be overjoyed to be able to add KARK/NBC to the mix with great programs such as Law and Order and Jay Leno. To be completely honest, I no longer watch NBC for this reason, and felt it was only fair that I told you guys why you have lost me as a viewer.


Bradley Myers"

jstrossner's Avatar jstrossner 12:59 PM 10-22-2003
Has anyone in Central AR recently purchased/upgraded to the Sony hd300 receiver? I got one last week and I'm having problems with Katv (7.1). Abc comes in fine on my hd100 and built-in xbr2 tuner, but is very pixelated on the 300 and drops out. I get a signal strength of 86 on the hd100 and barely to the N in normal on the hd300. I have tried a second 300 and it gives a no signal message. I can switch from the 100 to the 300 with consistent results--good on the 100 and unwatchable on the 300.

Sam, Allen, any ideas or suggestions?

Any word on PBS?

allenf's Avatar allenf 01:20 PM 10-22-2003
I am pleased to announce that KASN-DT will be broadcasting UPN Network in HD Wednesday and Friday evenings beginning tonight.
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 09:39 PM 10-22-2003
That's awesome allen... i'll make sure and tune in for some HD UPN.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 05:15 AM 10-23-2003
Thanks, Allen!

Your hard work is appreciated

arxaw's Avatar arxaw 05:28 AM 10-23-2003

Originally posted by jstrossner
... I can switch from the 100 to the 300 with consistent results-- [abc is] good on the 100 and unwatchable on the 300.

That's odd that you're having problems on two separate 300s. A very wild guess here, but perhaps the tuners in that new model STB have a problem with certain channels? I would definitely call Sony or LG and explain your problem to them. If they offer no suggestions, return the 300 for refund while you can.

I'm getting 100% SS on KATV-DT here with a CM 42221 mounted on the chimney. I also get KATV-DT ~93% using 2 horizontally stacked Silver Sensors in the attic, aimed at a hill roughly 110° away from the transmitter.

Antenna pics here
jstrossner's Avatar jstrossner 06:51 AM 10-23-2003
Sam--I called Sony yesterday. They'll look in to the matter. A guy in Roanoke, VA got an LG yesterday and is having similar problems with his FOX station and some breakups on ABC--they both come in fine on a Samsung.

Allen--picture looked great last night!
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:05 AM 10-23-2003
This may be way out in left field, but if you want to, try:

1. Removing your ZIP Code (or change it to all Zeros) in the setup menus.
2. Reboot and rescan the local OTA digitals.

See if that makes any difference in reception.
jstrossner's Avatar jstrossner 11:33 AM 10-23-2003
1. Removing your ZIP Code (or change it to all Zeros) in the setup menus.
2. Reboot and rescan the local OTA digitals.

See if that makes any difference in reception.

Tried the above with no success. It seems that some folks on the east coast are having similar problems with the LG version.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 04:36 PM 10-23-2003
I'd return it.

Sounds like most other typical newly-released STBs lately. Not quite ready for prime time....

I've looked at that STB, but didn't like the fact that you can't make a custom guide the default guide. You have to step through some stupid menus to get to a custom guide. Whose idea was that?
Azanon's Avatar Azanon 11:44 AM 10-27-2003

Last night was my first opportunity to watch Enterprise on digital UPN (38-1 for me) and see if it was being broadcasted in HDTV. Unfortunately, it was not. Do you know what was up?


Xesdeeni's Avatar Xesdeeni 01:31 PM 10-27-2003
Apparently the repeats on the weekend are not being broadcast in HD. Only the Wednesday night show.

arxaw's Avatar arxaw 05:57 PM 10-27-2003
According to Allen's previous post, currently, UPN broadcasts HD on Wednesday & Friday nights only.
Xesdeeni's Avatar Xesdeeni 06:46 AM 10-28-2003
Actually, I live in Dallas and the repeated broadcast isn't in HD here either. It could be because the local affiliate can't record the show for later broadcast, but I think it is more likely because UPN doesn't re-broadcast it in HD. So you might not be able to blame your AR UPN affiliate in this case.

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