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gbff123's Avatar gbff123 12:08 PM 03-08-2003
It is a Mitsubishi WT-46809, 46" widescreen. It has high resolution inputs on the back. Two are marked 480i/480p. One is marked 480i/480p/1080i.

oljim's Avatar oljim 12:44 PM 03-08-2003
Randy you should have 1 input marked DTV, that is the one used for the stb
I sent you a msg with more info.
rkdavis's Avatar rkdavis 01:02 PM 03-08-2003
Thanks to all of you for the information and suggestions regarding antenna for West Ashley area. I will purchase and install one in the near future and will advise this forum about the reception capability.
rkdavis's Avatar rkdavis 05:03 PM 03-08-2003
I bought the Radio Shack UHF antenna #15-2160 this afternoon and installed it temporarily in my attic. It would not pick up UHF channels #24 # 36, although it did a fair job of picking up VHF channels 2,4,5 & 7.

I have a HDTV-ready TV set, as described in a previous post, but have not yet bought a HDTV decoder for over-the-air signals. I was waiting for a local station to begin broadcasting in HDTV before I bought the decoder, because the decoder costs several hundred $ and I wanted to first be sure I could pick up the signal.

Inasmuch as I could not pick up UHF channels 24 & 36 with the Radio Shack antenna that I tested, I have to assume that it would not pick up the channel 47 WCSC HDTV signal.

Has anyone in West Ashley been successful in picking up UHF broadcasts without an outside antenna? I will install an outside antenna if that is absolutely the only solution, but I prefer to have an attic antenna.

Any suggestions or information would be appreciated.
gbff123's Avatar gbff123 05:34 PM 03-08-2003
Attic antenna:

Just a thought, I live at Bonneau Beach so everyone has to run external antennas. I have had several neighbors recently complaining about the poor picture quality on 24 with the VHF quality being good. In each case I have loaned them a spare cable amplifier and that solved their problems. Some of them had a cable run of less than 50 feet but they were unable to get a good picture until they amplified the signal.

Maybe that might help.

oljim's Avatar oljim 06:24 PM 03-08-2003
What cable do you have from 2160 to TV I am 70-80 miles away and get 24 and 36. with same ant. and get no VHF ch
Did you have it pointed towards TV towers?
I have always said TV inside, ant outside
rkdavis's Avatar rkdavis 09:03 PM 03-08-2003
With regard to the previous two posts, I used 75 ohm coaxial cable. The run was only about thirty feet from attic location to TV.

I manually rotated the antenna 360 degrees trying to pick up a UHF signal, rotating it about 5 degrees at a time.

This is a "UHF Antenna", so I don't understand why it picks up the local VHF stations fairly well, but does not pick up even the faintest of picture from UHF channels 24 & 36. says I am in the "red zone" for these stations, and the label on the antenna package says it picks up in the "red zone". Of course I tested it in the attic and not outside, but I would have thought that I would have picked up at least a faint image, and from that point I could have experimented with antenna location and direction to try to improve the picture. says that channel 24 is 74 degrees from my house, and channel 36 is 111 degrees from my house, and I have aimed the antenna in both of those directions.

Hopefully I will hear from someone who lives West of the Ashley and benefit from their experience in picking up UHF stations.
oljim's Avatar oljim 09:10 PM 03-08-2003
Have you set your TV tuner for ant. If it is set for cable it will not pick up UHV chs.
JeffD's Avatar JeffD 10:01 PM 03-08-2003

Originally posted by rkdavis

I have a HDTV-ready TV set, as described in a previous post, but have not yet bought a HDTV decoder for over-the-air signals. I was waiting for a local station to begin broadcasting in HDTV before I bought the decoder, because the decoder costs several hundred $ and I wanted to first be sure I could pick up the signal.

Just for information WCSC Channel 5 CBS is broadcasting in HDTV . If you go to it tells you what programs are simulcast in HDTV on CBS . I am using a Silver Sensor indoor antenna and it works just fine to big up the HD signal from channel 5 . I get 90% or better signal strenth .
rkdavis's Avatar rkdavis 09:20 AM 03-09-2003
Success! Success! Success!

The problem was in my internal TV setting, not in the antenna. The TV tuner was set for cable input; I changed it to ANT, and now the pictures on both 24 and 36 are razor sharp, and the antenna is in my attic. I am confident that I will be able to pick up a strong signal from channel 47, so I will now buy a HDTV decoder. I will report results back to the forum as soon as I get the the decoder and hook it up.

Thanks to everyone for your information and valuable suggestions.
oljim's Avatar oljim 09:39 AM 03-09-2003
GOOD, then you should get WCSC HD. my ch 24 and 36 are crap, ch 5 is not good 4 is crap and no 2 at all most of the time, but WCSC ch 47(5-1 and 5-2) look better than a DVD
oljim's Avatar oljim 10:04 AM 03-09-2003
You guys in Charleston are luck to have a station like WCSC. They have the new DTV working as good as it is. I have been watching WTOC ch 11 (15) from Sav. they have been on air for 5 or 6 mo. and still have mono sound most of the time, many times NO sound for 5 to 7 min after station brakes. Not much fun watching CSI with no sound. Sav. also has NBC on ch 39 3-1 HD and 3-2 SD they also have big sound bugs and have been on the air for some time.
KTrout's Avatar KTrout 05:02 PM 03-09-2003

you are correct about us being lucky to have a station that's had so little trouble during "burn-in" (knock on wood). that's why i might be willing to throw a few bucks at a decoder, although WCSC might already have the equipment they need and might only be waiting on the CBS provided stuff that Eldon indicated they needed. anyway...

great catch on rkdavis's antenna issue..... sometimes it's the simplest of things that get you.
HDSC's Avatar HDSC 09:28 PM 03-09-2003
I leave town for a few days and you guys go wild with this message board. I would like to address a few of the issues: Late is better than not at all. Well, I making my post anyway.
OUTSIDE ANTENNA: I have one which I put up over a year ago. When HDTV came on board, it would not pick up the signal without (ghosting) (shadowing) or bounce affect, pick your term. The picture was terrible so I bought a silver sensor and it locks on great. I live West of the Ashley and the signal strength is in the 85 - 89 area.
COMCAST: Maybe in the future.
STB: Time to buy one if you have a HD ready TV.
WCSC: Dolby: - Fund Raiser: Maybe we could hold a windshield cleaning for donations at the stoplights of GLENN McConnell and Magnolia (WCSC is nearby) to gain funds and help them get dolby.
WCBD: They say they will be on-line soon. DOLBY???
WCIV: Fund Raiser: Maybe we could donate our cars which now have freshly cleaned windshields for donations so WCIV can buy a transmitter.

KTrout: Not sure of the 29th, I will PM you.
JeffD's Avatar JeffD 03:30 PM 03-10-2003
Has anyone in the Charleston area had their TV ISF calibrated by any of the local places that do it ? If so what all did they do ? I'm seriously considering getting it done . I'm just trying to justify the $400 .
rkdavis's Avatar rkdavis 05:59 PM 03-10-2003
I have come back to the well for new information or suggestions.

After having my antenna problem solved, I went out to buy a HDTV tuner. I have a Sony 40XBR800 HDTV-ready TV. I had decided on a Sony SAT-HD200 tuner because it is apparently state-of-the-art.
Circuit City had one in stock, but said they could not sell it to me unless I signed a contract for DirectTV. I then went to Tweeter, and they said the same thing.

I have Comcast digital cable at the present, and do not want to change to satellite if Comcast is going to broadcast in HDTV within a reasonable period of time. Right now, I only want to be sure I can pick up the local HDTV over-the-air signals.

I would appreciate recommendations for a tuner that some on you have found to be satisfactory. My TV has a DVI input, so I believe I should have a DVI output on the tuner. Also, my receiver has a slot for an optical digital input for Dolby, so the tuner should have an optical digital output.

Would appreciate any suggestions. I am new at this. Thanks.
KTrout's Avatar KTrout 06:06 PM 03-10-2003
I had an ISF calibration performed by someone at Audio Warehouse a couple of years ago. I paid $300 dollars for it. I'm not sure that I can fully recommend it, unless the $400 includes geometry adjustments. I purchased AVIA's disc and ran through the all the basic adjustments (color, sharpness, etc........) and the values I came up with were nearly exactly what the ISF calibrator said I should use. And I'm by no means an expert, but I'm also not super particular either. The one thing that the calibrator did that I could not have done myself was adjust my red push. It was a little bit high and he brought it down towards the magic 6500k. I would check forums to see if your unit has a problem with red or blue push from the factory and then maybe make a decision based on that.......

AVIA's disc also indicated that my set overscans slightly and is a little bit offcentered, however, I haven't gotten into the service menu yet..... saving it for a really rainy day.....

Hope that was helpful.
KTrout's Avatar KTrout 06:28 PM 03-10-2003
I would suggest that you look into either the Zenith or Samsung OTA (Over the Air) receivers. They are both $399 at Circuit City. They're used only for local signals and are not associated with satellite reception. They both have 5.1 digital output, but don't have any DVI interface. I don't think the DVI interface will be a problem because by the time that mess is figured out you should have a box from Comcast.

You'll get High Definition from CBS and hopefully soon ABC and NBC with these boxes. You might get digital only signals from FOX and UPN depending on where you live.

Not sure which of the two boxes is better, I would suggest checking out other areas of this forum and ***************. and might have consumer or electronic ratings on them. usually I put the part numbers into and search for reviews from home theater or electronics magazines. it can be a time eater, but i don't like to throw money at lemons....

hope this helps.
rkdavis's Avatar rkdavis 07:19 PM 03-10-2003
Thank you very much. I will check these out. I have also just run across a Panasonic tuner on the internet, and I will check it out also. It looks like any of these could fulfill my primary requirement, which is receive local OTA HDTV broadcasts.
KTrout's Avatar KTrout 07:51 PM 03-10-2003
found a samsung at that has dvi interface. i'm not up on the new STB's since i'm pretty much set.

here's the link
10137two's Avatar 10137two 08:14 PM 03-10-2003
First, I would not recommend Audio Warehouse to do the ISF. I went there and talked with the ISF tech and he only got out of ISF school about a year ago. He also does not do the following during an ISF: Clean anything, Manual focus, electrostatic focus (he actually didn't even know what electrostatic focus was!!!!), and grayscale. They also charge $400 for only ONE INPUT (i.e. 1080 input, but not 480p or 480i)! If you want two inputs it is $599! RIDICULOUS for what he does, and an additional $200 for each other input.

Based on that info, I have been in contact with one of the best (I would probably say the best that I have read about) ISF Techs in the country...downside is he only does Mitsubishi's. He is a very down to earth guy that will not do the cal unless your TV is ready for it and will be brutally upfront with you with what you want out of your TV. If you are a member of the SPOT and own a Mits, you know who he is.....Craig Miller (username: CRAIGM).

I want to get my TV ISF'd by him, however he has asked me if any other Mits owners wanted a calibration to make it worth his time to come to Charleston. He lives in California and travels around the country once per year to calibrate hundreds of Mits TV's. He is currently in Florida and will be making his way up here (hopefully to Chucktown) by mid to late April.

Anyway, see for yourself by going to ***************.COM and do a search for CRAIGM. You will find numerous threads about the experiences other people had with his calibration technique.

Here are the specifics of his calibration --> http://www.***************.com/htsth...rue#Post310566

If you have a Mits and are interested in his cal, or if you have any questions, please PM me. It is a little costly ($750) but if you think about how much you spent for your RPTV, you want it to look its best and you should get the most out of it. This price includes travel costs and everything (except Duvetyne if you want it).

If you are in doubt, please go to the Spot and read up on Craig's calibrations.
10137two's Avatar 10137two 08:15 PM 03-10-2003
What kind of HDTV does everyone own???
KTrout's Avatar KTrout 08:27 PM 03-10-2003
Found that WITV, Channel 7 (DTV Ch. 49) has requested an extension from their May 1, 2003 on air date to August 2003.

They share the tower at WCSC but had problems with funding the other equipment needed.

Anyone stumbled across any rogue Digital Transmissions from WCBD???

HDSC: remark about WCIV right on the money!
KTrout's Avatar KTrout 08:34 PM 03-10-2003
How about spending that money you're thinking about getting an ISF calibration with on a place of your own so I can park my car in the garage again?

TW56x81, DST-3000
AndrewG's Avatar AndrewG 09:44 PM 03-10-2003
I was just thinking about checking with this group about their TV models to inquire about potentially getting a ISF calibration. I have a Toshiba 50H82 and read the Toshiba forum on the *************** all the time. There are a number of excellent calibrators who are contribute to the forum and a lot of members have highly recommended the ISF calibration even if you do a lot of tweaks your self. If anyone has an Toshiba and is interested in improving their picture consider joining the HomeTheater SPot and reading their tweak sections. I can highly recommend it.

I have done a lot of tweaks on my set in addition to the standard AVIA settings. I have done electronic and mechanical focus, geometry adjustments and service level convergence. It seems like the most important part of getting a ISF calibration would be to have the grey scale adjusted to the correct level, something that requires advanced equipment to do correctly. Even some of the people who have done most of the tweaks to their sets really appreciate professional calibration.

10137two: What you say about the Audio Warehouse calibrator is interesting because based on your list of what he doesn't do, what does he do, geometry adjustments? Those are one of the easiest things to do. I guess you also read the Spot so you know what the pro. calibrators do and how highly recommended they are.

I am still debating having my set calibrated, because I want to next buy a STB and setup for receiving the new HD signals in Charleston first. So I have been shopping around.

rkdavis: If you are interested in a STB with the potential for DirectTV eventually and a DVI input now Tweeter had the Samsung SIRTS160 for $599 when I checked last week. There was no requirement to sign up with DirectTV for that price, so it could be used as a OTA receiver and if you wanted add DirectTV later for HBO-HD or (hopefully) ESPN-HD in the future you would be ready. KTrout's idea of the OTA box is also good, but it sounds like it will be at least a year before Comcast has any plans for HD in Charleston. I have written to them two times and I think we are just too small of an area. Personally, I am hoping that DirectTV will announce plans to carry ESPH-HD and then I will be able to buy my box.

JeffD's Avatar JeffD 10:10 PM 03-10-2003
KTrout and Andy thanks for the replies ! I guess i'll do a little more thinking on the matter .

Tomorow I'm getting my new speakers via UPS ! I ordered some JBL S38II's and S36II's also speaker stands and an equipment rack so I don't have to stack it on the TV anymore ! I'm also getting ready to order a SVS 20-39PCi sub to finish off my theater soon . My wife is gonna love it when she sees it

Anyways here is a list of my equipment :
TV Toshiba 50H81
rec: Pioneer vsx811s
fronts: Eosone RSF600
center JBLScenterII
rear: won't even talk about them
center rear: polk center channel
sub: Velodyne CT12
HD Tuner : Zenith DTV460
DVD : Pioneer DV414
antenna : Silver Sensor

10137two's Avatar 10137two 05:50 AM 03-11-2003
Andrew: Audio Warehouse basically calibrated your HD input (1080i) with a signal generator to ensure colors were correct (including sharpness, contrast, etc.), geometry, calibrate the 100IRE (not grayscale, just 100IRE), Convergence (can't remember if he did Service Level Convergence, or just fine User Convergence???), etc.

The reason they make money doing this is because they have the signal generator that can produce a 1080i signal with calibration standards (like AVIA producing a 1080i signal), and it is tough for you and I to do this; however I do remember something with connecting a VCR in the middle of your DVD and RPTV to produce a 1080i from Avia, but I will have to go back and read up on that again.

Put it this way, Audio Warehouse said it would take 2-3 hours to do the calibration, where an EXPERT ISF should take up to 10-12 hours if they really care about your TV (CraigM takes 12-14 hours). The extra money you spend will definately be worth it in the long run.

KTROUT: If I use the $$ to move out of the garage, can I still split and run a 4 mile coax to my new place? Maybe Eldon will rent me some space under the tower so that I can pitch a tent .....I would be sure to get 100% signal strength then!!
10137two's Avatar 10137two 06:01 AM 03-11-2003
By the way, I have a 2003 Mitsubishi 55511 (55-inch, 511 model)

Some details:
Integrated OTA tuner - Can receive and process OTA and QAM cable 1080i signals with no STB (but I do also use a Hughes E-86 HD STB)
Firewire - Allows connection of 1080i recordable devices (such as HD-VHS), Too much other stuff to explain with Firewire, if you are interested, PM me and I will give you more info (See DVI vs. Firewire)
Netcommand - Universal remote (i.e., MX-500/700) that controls everything
HAVi - Works with Netcommand to change inputs on AVR and turn ON/OFF applicable components, based on the Device watching.

Panny RP-82 DVD Player
2 STB's (Hughes E-86 HD, and another Hughes non-HD for PIP/other rooms)
Sony STRDE-935 AVR
PS2 (that I never use, but should cause I bet it looks good!!!!!)
Cerwin Wega Speakers all the way around
Typical el-cheapo VHF antenna in the attic

I think that's it...........
KTrout's Avatar KTrout 06:44 AM 03-11-2003
You know you couldn't get that El-cheapo antenna before the NAFTA agreement a couple of years ago
10137two's Avatar 10137two 08:58 AM 03-11-2003
JeffD - I am assuming that the 'Pioneer vsx811s' AVR is a 6.1ch receiver since you have a rear center speaker. How many DVD's (or other material) is out that broadcasts in 6.1? I am looking at going that route but didn't think there was much to offer in 6.1. I think they even have 7.1 out now (in receivers that is, prob nothing broadcasting 7.1 yet)
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