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kappy44's Avatar kappy44 02:37 PM 05-21-2003
I'm curious about digital reception in are the local stations doing with regard to reception and are there folks in the Savannah area receiving Charleston digital broadcasts as well?

oljim's Avatar oljim 05:48 AM 05-31-2003
WSAV 3-1/3-2 and WTOC 11-1 have been on for some time, both have sound problems because they have always been mono. Only WCSC 5-1/5-2 is at full power in Chas. I have yet to find anyone on here from Sav.
Vince_B's Avatar Vince_B 12:46 PM 02-04-2004

I'm from Savannah And yes, I'm the only person I've found from here too.

I think by August we'll have 5 stations on HD, but I don't as yet have a tuner. Going to fix that soon, though. Does anyone have an update on how things are going here?
oljim's Avatar oljim 05:13 PM 02-04-2004
WSAV 3 is on full power but crappy sound, sounds like you are in a pipe. WTOC 11 full power, sound has big sync delay. FOX 28 on low power, only good for a few miles from station no HD
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Vince_B's Avatar Vince_B 05:44 PM 04-14-2004
Hi again, myhd came today so I'll be playing with it very soon. What are the chances of me picking up charleston from here? It's about 90+ miles I guess so I'm not sure it's realistic. Are there any other stations worth trying? Are you getting good reception from Charleston?

BTW, I clicked on your gallery, that's a very cool looking antenna. How far can you get reception with that rig?
oljim's Avatar oljim 06:20 AM 04-15-2004
Vince You may have luck with WCSC ch 5 (dtv47) from Charleston, it is by far the stongest. Also most of the Jax stations should work for you with a good ant. like the CM 4228 and a 7777 cm anp. This week I pulled in 3 stations from Orlando FL and one from Agusta GA
Vince_B's Avatar Vince_B 02:44 PM 05-14-2004
I put up a 4228 antenna (chimney mount, about 20' up, 28' maybe with the mast fully up) and a winegard preamp. I had luck one night with ABC (digital 10) from Jacksonville but haven't had been able to get it since. I can get the local stations no sweat but the local ABC missed their date for hd and they don't reply to email. I noticed Harry Potter is on ABC tomorrow but at this point I don't think we'll be getting it.

I'm amazed that you can get Orlando! Have you had any luck with Jax?
oljim's Avatar oljim 08:35 AM 05-17-2004
I have had luck with NBC 12.1 (13) IND 4.1 (42) ABC 25.1 (10) (does not remap to 25.1. PBS 7.1,2,3,4,5 (38) and Fox 30.1 (32) all from Jax
oljim's Avatar oljim 08:35 AM 05-21-2004
WTOC is on and off for past week
joev's Avatar joev 08:42 AM 05-21-2004
Dunno if this is for OTA only, but my dad has been beta testing the local cable (Comcast?) company's hdtv set-up for about the past month. Not sure exactly what he gets though.
Vince_B's Avatar Vince_B 06:13 PM 05-26-2004
I was wondering about WTOC, I noticed they were out. Then I found that if I tuned to 15 and let the tuner go to 11 (instead of tuning to 11) it seemed to work every time. This could be co-incidence though.

I removed the winegard preamp and can now get Jax pretty well. Interestingly the preamp was helping alot with the large oak tree directly between me and the local CBS (I could pull Jax better than the tower 6 miles away ABC 10 and CBS 19 come in well from Jax without the preamp. I wonder if the FM trap is causing this..

Can you get Fox in Hardeeville? All I can get is 0 to 19% and of course no picture. Is there any indication that when they go to 720p will they increase the power too or is that too much to ask?
oljim's Avatar oljim 10:02 PM 05-26-2004
Vince I have had very little luck with Fox 28, they are at low power and are now in Sav. Same building as WJcl 22 I do not know why they say Hardyville??
Vince_B's Avatar Vince_B 05:08 PM 05-27-2004
I wondered about that because they have a sign on the building for Fox (also Hardeville is north-west of me but antennaweb says point west). I'm about 2 miles from that then. That's pretty sad that it won't come in, and to top it off the analog signal is just fine.

I'm a little frustrated with the Jax reception again. The other night I was getting consistent 50+% signal and now very little to nothing on ABC 10. 19 is still pretty good at about 50%. I put the preamp back on and it didn't make much difference one way or the other. I don't understand....
oljim's Avatar oljim 12:21 PM 05-28-2004
Do you have a rotor on your ant?
Vince_B's Avatar Vince_B 06:59 AM 05-30-2004
Yes. I think it's a must with the 4228 even locally.
oljim's Avatar oljim 09:26 AM 05-30-2004
Last night I had a good signal from 6.1/6.2 CBS (DTV 58) in Orlando same with FOX65 (41) and 27 (14). Have you had any luck with PBS from Jax 7.1/2/3/4 (38)
BradleyGreen's Avatar BradleyGreen 06:52 PM 09-14-2004
First: Sorry to bring an old thread back to life...

Its good to finally find some people in Savannah having the same problems I am. I talked to the engineer at 22/28 and I was told the DT Transmitter for WJCL would be coming on Sept 11-12. Well it is now Sept 14 and still no WJCL-DT. Also I haven't had any luck with WTGS, but I don't think they are broadcasting FOXHD anyways. The DT transmitter has been purchased and is laying inside the tower house five miles past I95 on 204. I also have the Comcast HDTV service, but the channel options are very limited right now. I did notice a new channel show up today in the HD range. Channel 180 is listed as TBA. I talked with Comcast a few weeks ago and they said they were close to a deal with WSAV and were "working on the other 2".

Maybe by OCT we will have WJCL-DT, although its questionable as to whether or not they will have the HD content from ABC. I would bet my entire life savings that they are not going to be broadcasting anything local in HD. It would still be better than comcast analog.

oljim's Avatar oljim 06:53 AM 09-15-2004
I sent an email to WSAV back when the O games were on and ask when they would get the sound in DD5.1. They have yet to reply, seems like they are going to be in mono sound for ever.
oljim's Avatar oljim 09:11 AM 09-30-2004
anyone in Sav getting 22 (dtv23) yet
BradleyGreen's Avatar BradleyGreen 05:51 PM 09-30-2004
NO luck here. Probably won't be at least until later this [oct] month because the southeast tower crew that the company uses won't be avaliable until then and the antenna is still in the shed by the tower.

-Impatiently waiting for WJCL-DT even if its not HD it would be better than comcast analog. Maybe they could multicast TGS/Fox on there as well since it's signal goes all of 2 feel away from the tower.
oljim's Avatar oljim 05:51 AM 10-01-2004
Seems like all the Sav stations are slow to get going with DTV, 11.1 and 3.1/2 still have audio problems and do not do anything about it.
cbe317's Avatar cbe317 09:27 PM 10-01-2004
thats why they call it "Slovannah"

oljim's Avatar oljim 07:18 AM 10-02-2004
On 5-23-03 WSAV sent me an email saying they would have station rewired for stereo and 3.1 would have DD5.1 working. They must be working slow LOL
MenoMosso's Avatar MenoMosso 03:11 PM 10-28-2004
Any new news on when we might see ABC go digital in Savannah?
oljim's Avatar oljim 09:38 AM 11-07-2004
WSAV is not remapping to 3.1/ 3.2 but now 39.1/39.2 and sound still bad.
When sent to DD5.1 Rec. no center ch output at all and 39.2 is much louder than 39.1
Every one should call them and maybe they will get on the ball
BradleyGreen's Avatar BradleyGreen 03:18 PM 11-07-2004
I will call them on Monday. I talked to their engineer once before and he was very helpful. The problem started right after the time change. Probably a non engineer tried to change the time on the transmitter and ended up deleting all data sent with the signal. Did you notice the channel is no longer listed as WSAV-DT, mine says Channel Name Unavaliable.

I will post my findings once I talk to them this week. It probably wouldn't hurt for others to call and ask about the sound issues. When talking to all of our local tv stations, they get the impression that there is only 5 people watching the DTV transmition so "Who cares" if it isn't working perfectly. Their estimated number is probably not far off, but the more people who call to complain the more they will believe there are more people watching the DTV signal. Remember there are no ratings for HD/DTV so they have no clue how many people are watching.
BradleyGreen's Avatar BradleyGreen 01:58 PM 11-08-2004
Alright good news DD5.1 fans. I just talked with the engineer over at WSAV. The guy over there was VERY helpful!
Here is what I found out:
They are in between companies for their data services. Media General has been a little fickle as to which company they want to use to send the channel remaps, time, programming info, etc. They are still working on that, and expect to have it back sometime soon.
Second: They are currently working on DD5.1 sound for the DTV. He said it could be online as early as 2-3 weeks from now but definately by the end of the year. He also believes WTOC is working on this.
Third: Look for WSAV to become a full power DTV blow torch summer 2005. They will be moving the signal out to their big tower and increasing the power.
Finally: Media General plans to begin local HD in 2006, however, the engineer is doubtful that they will make that target date due to the high cost.

I will let yall know if I find out any more information.
oljim's Avatar oljim 07:29 AM 11-13-2004
Tks for the info Bradley, next time you talk to them. I know of 5 people here in Beaufort that have HDTV we all watch the stations from Charleston more than Sav. because they seem to care how well they doing. Take a look at WCSC home page, they have a ref to this form on Charleston thread and monitor it.
The Chas. thread is over 100 pages long and this one is only 2. ABC,CBS, NBC, Fox, Upn and Pbs are all in DTV and stereo in chas.
Any info on Fox and Abc ?
rmf1's Avatar rmf1 12:27 PM 11-20-2004
What other markets are you other Savannah area guys picking up? I'm ordering a DB8 from antennasdirect and was wondering what I might expect. It's a monster, and I'm hoping for good things. I'm pretty sure I'd have signal problems with WTGS if I had a run of RG6 directly from the tower :-) -- And from what I read here it doesn't look much better for WJCL in the near future...

Any info would be greatly appreciated!
oljim's Avatar oljim 08:14 AM 11-21-2004
5.1/2, CBS 49.1/2/3 PBS from Charleston 12.1 NBC 7.1/2/3/4 PBS and 4.1/2 IND from Jax Fl and 25.1 from columbia sc some times ABC
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