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vereekej's Avatar vereekej 05:44 AM 03-16-2004
Sounds great!! Looks like some great College B-ball watching the next few weeks. Will be interesting to compare how CBS's 1080i looks compared to all of the games ESPN has been showing in 720p.

MarkMaple's Avatar MarkMaple 09:28 AM 03-16-2004
What's up with WANE? Last night (I haven't checked today), 31-1 and 31-2 disappeared from my program guide and 15-1 didn't have a signal. My co-worker also received nothing on 31-1.

Concerning the NCAA Tournament. Another thread mentioned that CBS affiliates could show whichever games they wanted to. Could WANE show one game on analog, a different game on 31-1, a different game on 31-2, and a different game on 31-3? We could be in March Madness Heaven!
goldrich's Avatar goldrich 01:00 PM 03-16-2004
Here in Indy, WISH, WANE's sister station (LIN TV), will once again be multicasting the games. The analog station will air one game, while the digital station will multicast three different games. And, yes, if you are into college basketball, this could be considered March Madness Heaven!
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 06:35 AM 03-17-2004
I'm just hoping that WANE will show the HD game. They can then show a different game on the analog channel (maybe one with regional interest).

I don't remember if it was yesterday or the day before, but WANE's channels had shifted to 31-2, 31-3, and 31-4. All of the content was still there just with different subchannel identities.

Showing multiple games is a great way to promote the use of OTA digital signals. Broadcasters should really take advantage of this when possible. In theory they can increase their advertising revenue during these opportune times. As long as they don't get carried away and have to over compress the signal this is very cool.

Another good time to do the multicast deal is during NFL football.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to some great HD college basketball!!

thanks WANE
bhorrell's Avatar bhorrell 09:51 AM 03-19-2004
Is anybody getting a HD NCAA game today? i am not.
It looks like Fort Wayne will only have 1 game on at a time.
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 10:52 AM 03-19-2004
If the onscreen guide is correct for the 4 games today, none of them will be the HD games.

It appears they are attempting to show games with some sort of local interest? Thats the only logic I can come up with. Probably messed them up when the three biggest local teams didn't even make the tourney.

I know that WISH out of Indy sends the signals to WANE via fiber optics so maybe it has something to do with the games WISH is choosing to send.

At this point I think the only guaranteed HD games we will see will be the final four games and the championship game. Better start making plans now for the party!
MarkMaple's Avatar MarkMaple 10:52 AM 03-19-2004
It's VERY disappointing that we are only getting one game. It sounds like many or most digital CBS stations across the country are providing multiple games.

It will very disappointing if WANE is showing games other than the high def games. That would be a huge waste.
mkj's Avatar mkj 06:20 PM 03-19-2004
Monday, WANE-DT experienced some PSIP problems that affected the digital channels. That problem has since been resolved.

As far as what games we air in analog and digital are concerned, CBS decides what games are aired in Fort Wayne based on local interest. WANE does not follow our sister station in Indianapolis, WISH, as that is a very different television market from Fort Wayne. Programming decisions are decided on a per station basis. WANE is a separate CBS affiliate.

It is correct that CBS affiliates were given the option to air a different HD game on their HD channel only if the local game of interest was not available in native HD and a different HD game was taking place at the same time. This was only available on Friday and Sunday and only games from Kansas City are available in HD. WANE decided not to take that option. Time was not available to properly pull off that type of operation. FYI: No games were available in HD on Thursday to any affiliate.

I am looking into the possibility of multi-casting the games next year. Remember, that if a station multi-casts 3 or 4 SD games, room is not available for HD.

I look for CBS to make more games available in HD next year from more locations. As time goes on, CBS will keep adding to the incredible HD capabilities they have currently. I hope I have answered some questions and concerns.

WANE Engineering
DialItUp's Avatar DialItUp 01:32 PM 03-22-2004
Anyone know what the plans are for this weekend's games? I think CBS is televising at least 3 more games, 2 on Friday and 1 on Sunday. Are we going to receive those?
oryan_dunn's Avatar oryan_dunn 06:09 PM 03-22-2004
Why has NBC not been in HD the last few days?
matthpd195's Avatar matthpd195 06:16 PM 03-22-2004
I wasn't aware its been a few days, but i did notice that Las Vegas was not in HD tonight. I sent an e-mail to WISE, but who knows if it will do any good tonight.
oryan_dunn's Avatar oryan_dunn 06:17 PM 03-22-2004
yeah law and order the other night wasn't in hd, and i believe that jay leno wasn't in hd last week.

Edit: Jay isn't in HD now either
MarkMaple's Avatar MarkMaple 06:20 AM 03-23-2004
The audio on the NBC telecast of the PGA Tour this week was out of synch. It was not an HD program, but the audio was definitely out of synch.
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 03:46 PM 03-23-2004
Speaking of golf...... The Masters coverage is only 2 weeks away. If you haven't seen golf in HD yet, it is truly awesome. Not to mention that CBS will be carrying nearly every tournament this summer in HD as well.

For some reason NBC has been all over the charts lately with their HD programming. It's hard to tell if it's a national or local problem.
MarkMaple's Avatar MarkMaple 07:07 AM 03-24-2004
I'm really anxious to see The Masters in HD! I'm also very glad to hear that CBS will do all of their golf telecasts in HD after The Masters.
DialItUp's Avatar DialItUp 12:12 PM 03-24-2004
I saw some HD golf on INHD a couple months ago. Looked great. I'm expecting CBS's programming to be even better.
oryan_dunn's Avatar oryan_dunn 08:43 PM 03-25-2004
Notice that HD is back up on wise today.
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 11:09 AM 03-26-2004
Based on my on screen guide we will not be getting either of the HD games tonight. The HD games are the two being played at St. Louis and WANE is showing the 2 games from Atlanta.

We should get an HD game though on Sunday. There are only 2 games being played that day, seperate times and locations, with the St. Louis game being in HD.

DialItUp's Avatar DialItUp 12:42 PM 03-29-2004
The game was in HD! Looked good, but kinda pixelated with the fast paced action. No 5.1 Dolby sound either. Still much better than SD.
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 12:59 PM 03-29-2004
Yeah I watched parts of the game. Looked good except for the pixelation that was present during the fast moving scenes. It's tough to get rid of pixelation for fast moving scenes with 1080i. Hopefully sometime soon the camera operators won't pan or zoom so quickly as this could help some.

Also noticed that Law and Order was in SD last night on WISE. I haven't seen HD working properly in quite a while on WISE. Hopefully they'll get that worked out soon.
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 08:37 AM 04-05-2004
Anyone watch the games this weekend? Looked pretty good, just seemed like CBS was using a lot of SD camera shots. Maybe all of the HD cameras are at Augusta?

I've heard that some CBS stations will be airing the HD coverage of the Masters on Thursday and Friday. Just wondering in WANE will be carrying this? I am aware that it is available on USA but it will be SD.

Last year D* carried the Thur/Fri coverage on their special events channel but I haven't heard if they're going to carry it again.
oryan_dunn's Avatar oryan_dunn 02:11 PM 04-05-2004
I watched the games on saturday as well. I'm not normally a golf fan, but will probably tune in just to see what it looks like in HD.

Did you have reception problems on sat? I've had my Silver Sensor positioned in the same spot for a month and a half and had not had any problems at all, not even ocasional breakups, but on sat, i had to fool with my antenna quite a bit to get the games to come in with any consistancy. The dolby 5.1 sounded great though (can't wait till all tv is like that). Since sat, my reception has been spot on though, and it seemed to have only problems on 31.

Just an update, it seems like PBS has finally sorted out all the audio problems, as it is in sync and has no click.
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 02:22 PM 04-05-2004
I have an outdoor antenna so I don't/can't really fool with it at all. I pointed it at the ft. wayne towers using a compass, got coordinates from

WANE gives me the weakest signal of all the stations, that is except for WFFT which I cannot receive at all.

Yes, dd 5.1 is great for all television. The sound is just located so much better and the clarity seems much better as well.
vereekej's Avatar vereekej 12:42 PM 04-06-2004
According to Titan TV WANE will be airing the HD coverage of the Masters on Thursday and Friday from 3-5:30 both days!!

Augusta National in HD is some of the best eye candy you might ever see.

oryan_dunn's Avatar oryan_dunn 06:09 PM 04-06-2004
What happend to my HD???!!! Neither ABC, NBC, or CBS has their shows in HD, as titanTV says they should? Hopefully it wont be like this all summer long, as I have a feeling it has to do with time delaying everything. Maybe the engineers at these stations could chime in?? Maybe we wont be watching HD golf this weekend.

vereekej's Avatar vereekej 05:38 AM 04-07-2004
What shows weren't in HD? I didn't watch any HD yesterday, American Idol for me which was tape delayed as well. I'll have to check it out tonight to see what the deal is, I'm not sure I can go all summer without watching OTA HD programming.

Masters should be HD as it will be a live event.
bhorrell's Avatar bhorrell 05:57 AM 04-07-2004
Navy NCIS was not.
I also flipped around to other channels and saw nothing in HD.
I have an OTA tunner. Did anybody with comcast see HD last night.

It could be a long summer.

MarkMaple's Avatar MarkMaple 09:06 AM 04-07-2004
Maybe our WANE representative will chime in here. I believe our local network would have the ability to show the HD feed at network time on the digital channel and do their delay over the analog channels.

Those of us with HD Directv should get CBS waivers to allow us to receive the CBS HD feeds that Directv carries.
goldrich's Avatar goldrich 10:52 AM 04-07-2004
Originally posted by MarkMaple
........ I believe our local network would have the ability to show the HD feed at network time on the digital channel and do their delay over the analog channel.

A few years ago, WANE's sister station here in Indy, WISH, did just that. They aired the HD feed "live" from New York, with the analog feed being aired one hour later. Then one of the WISH engineers told me that CBS would not allow them to do that anymore. He explained that the analog and HDTV feeds have to be aired at the same time. As a result, all of the network programming has to be digitally recorded by the local stations and then replayed one hour later. Do the Fort Wayne stations have the equipment to record in HD for replay?

I've already seen some really bad replays of HD programming from the Indy stations and D.S.T. just started Sunday! This setup creates a nightmare not only for the local tv engineers but for the viewers, too.

oryan_dunn's Avatar oryan_dunn 04:43 PM 04-07-2004
I wish that they would go back to having the late news at 10 and the programming an hour earlier. Not only would it greatly simplify the engineers jobs at these stations, it would be more convenient for most people as well. Either that or we go on DST(that will happen when hell freezes over, in other words, never). Before, we got some benefit of not going on DST by having our programming an hour earlier, but now we get the shaft both ways, by loosing an hour of light at night and, our programming is on later. I talked to a girl at wpta and she said that the decision to timeshift everything was made by the local affiliates, so they could just choose to go back to the way it used to be. In otherwords, get used to pbs hd if you only get ota hd for the time being.

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