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Linux23's Avatar Linux23 09:01 PM 10-10-2003
About the WPIX-DT not sending any HD

check out the thread above. if you guys want HD from WPIX-DT again, we need to all call and complain. I can only do so much by myself.

trekkerj's Avatar trekkerj 09:06 PM 10-10-2003
I checked during one of their shows. My reception sucked today, but it was HD.
cpto's Avatar cpto 09:34 PM 10-10-2003
When I was talking about writing to my Congressmen, it was about the slow, (lack of) OTA progress in NYC, not about Cablevision carrying HD.

When I last checked with Cablevision about a month ago I was told that there was no HD service in my area and that they didn't carry local channels.

Perhaps the situation has changed - I'll call Saturday and try to find out. Or, it may be that I just got an ignorant service rep. I know that a couple of days ago cable went out and I and at least four other neighbors called in to complain. We were all told that we were the first callers and that CV wouldn't declare an area problem until there were at least 3. We get this response all the time from Cablevision SRs, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if I was given incorrect info.

Perhaps someone with Cablevision in Morris County can mention whether Cablevision does carry NYC OTA digital channels.

trekkerj's Avatar trekkerj 09:50 PM 10-10-2003
Cablevision carries WCBS-DT, WNYW-DT, and WNET-DT. That's it so far for broadcast locals.

As for HDTV in general, it's been available in Morris County since around February, at the same time it was deployed just about everywhere else in the CV area. Check, there are only a very small number of areas that don't have HD.

In Morris County (and most areas), we get:

146 MSG-HD
148 NBA-TV (eventually with be HD for some games)
310 HBO-HD
330 SHO-HD
700 HDPPV On Demand
702 CBS-HD
705 FOX Digital
713 WNET-DT (Thirteen HD, PBS)
jbjbjbjb's Avatar jbjbjbjb 02:51 PM 10-12-2003
Was watching the Giant game today on channel 5-1, and was getting alot of drop outs. signal strength was 75% then dropped down to 0%. Normally I dont have this problem. Channel 2-1 was 95%. Anybody else have this problem during the game today or is it just me.
sangs's Avatar sangs 05:11 PM 10-12-2003

Originally posted by jbjbjbjb
Was watching the Giant game today on channel 5-1, and was getting alot of drop outs. signal strength was 75% then dropped down to 0%. Normally I dont have this problem. Channel 2-1 was 95%. Anybody else have this problem during the game today or is it just me.

It was brutal for me also. Luckily I was able to switch to the Comcast feed.
BuzaidC's Avatar BuzaidC 09:44 PM 10-12-2003
Anything new on the rumor that ABC would begin broadcasting from the Conde Nast building in November? Is it even possbile to get the equipment in place that fast?

If they do, would the signal be just as strong as it would have been at the ESB. The antenna on top of the Conde Nast building looks very tall.
Alan Malka's Avatar Alan Malka 03:34 AM 10-13-2003

Originally posted by jbjbjbjb
Was watching the Giant game today on channel 5-1, and was getting alot of drop outs. signal strength was 75% then dropped down to 0%. Normally I dont have this problem. Channel 2-1 was 95%. Anybody else have this problem during the game today or is it just me.

I too had problems receiving the FOX broadcast. I had attributed it to the tuner - my Samsung T-150 died and I'm using the RCA DTC-100 (which never worked all that well in my setup) - but I guess the tuner wasn't at fault. Like sangs did, I switched to Comcast (during commercials in the KC/GB game).
cpto's Avatar cpto 09:42 PM 10-13-2003
I'm wondering about the height of the Conde Nast building also. As this page shows, it's significantly shorter than the ESB.

I already have problems with the ESB due to my neighbor's roof being a little higher than mine and in line with the ESB. Who knows whether any signal from a shorter tower will make it through. Only time will tell, I guess.

Now if something like Wright's mile-high skyscraper would have been built in NYC, that would have been fine. But with the current mayor, we'll be lucky to get a 300' tower and it will probably be located 50 miles from the city!

Linux23's Avatar Linux23 11:01 PM 10-13-2003
hey, the current Mayor is my boss.
chingko's Avatar chingko 12:04 PM 10-14-2003

Originally posted by Linux23
hey, the current Mayor is my boss.

his private company or public office?
Paperboy2003's Avatar Paperboy2003 02:45 PM 10-16-2003
TrekkerJ and CPTO, what OTA stations do you get. I finally hooked up my CM7777 here in Randolph and while I was hoping to pick up some new channels (PBS?), I still just receive 2.1,5.1,5.2. I know it's my crappy Terk antenna, but I just was wondering what you guys were pulling in and with what antenna?


trekkerj's Avatar trekkerj 03:41 PM 10-16-2003
I primarily use the Radio Shack double bowtie. I pull in those that you mentioned, and a spanish station (53). With a preamp, I can pick up WLIW-DT (22). With a VHF antenna stuck outside my window and after finding the sweet spot, I can also pull in a weak WPIX-DT (12). I use Cablevision, which naturally, gives me the ones that are easiest to pull in.
Linux23's Avatar Linux23 08:50 PM 10-16-2003

Originally posted by chingko
his private company or public office?

kaiming's Avatar kaiming 09:18 PM 10-16-2003
Since the antennaweb seems out of date, Who has the up to date list of OTA HD avail in NYC.

Specifically, can I watch angel in HD (FOX).

I'm in brooklyn, BedStuy, And I think a tall rooftop antenna could see the ESB. but a 4 story building is blocking the line of sight.
trekkerj's Avatar trekkerj 09:30 PM 10-16-2003
Angel is in HD on WB.
cgardias's Avatar cgardias 06:46 AM 10-17-2003
I'm experiencing wild fluctuations in signal strength lately.
I'm using a HiPix card connected to an old RS antenna and my signal strength for the last couple of nights has been fluctuating between 70 and 0. Any ideas as to what could be causing this and how it may be remedied?
jbjbjbjb's Avatar jbjbjbjb 10:13 AM 10-17-2003
Last night was OK for me but the previous two nights I had the same problem. I believe it was probably power fluctations due to the windy conditions or to problems with the broadcast power.
s2silber's Avatar s2silber 10:24 AM 10-17-2003
Same experience here. However, I've recently been calling WCBS master control about the fluctuating signal strength on Channel 56 and they always assure me that they're at full strength. The other strange thing is that I get a stronger, more steady signal on WNYW-DT than on WCBS-DT lately.
Paperboy2003's Avatar Paperboy2003 04:10 PM 10-17-2003

Originally posted by cpto

I think we'll read it here first when the local NYC DT stations start testing. If we're lucky, they'll monitor us to get feedback on how well it's working.


Reading this old post made me wonder....if ABC was still planning on going live in the beginning of November, wouldn't they be testing now? I mean that the 'beginning' of November is a few short weeks away, I would have thought that testing would probably begin a few weeks prior to launch.

Just wonderin'

ADGrant's Avatar ADGrant 04:21 PM 10-17-2003
Re: Cablevsion.

Here in Fairfield County, Connecicut, we had to wait until around May until we got the IO digital cable service. We had to wait until this month for HD cable and the only channels we seem to have right now are CBS and WNET. Would it have killed them to include HBO.

I too am annoyed that Cablevision is launching a Satellite venture and not not focusing on what they are supposed to do, provide a decent Cable Service.
BuzaidC's Avatar BuzaidC 09:30 PM 10-17-2003
Are there any that ABC-DT can lease or rent?

For example, I think that WXTV broadcasts digitally on Channel 40 from the ESB. I doubt, however, that they broadcast any HDTV content and that anyone really watches the digital broadcast. (I think it is a directional antenna so I cannot receive it where I am.) Would the FCC allow WABC to rent/borrow/lease etc. the WXTV digital transmitter until they could get their own operating? Might be a dumb question but if it is not being used/watched, it is kind of wasted.

I also noticed that WRNN from Kingston has started on DTV 48 and that TBN is also broadcasting digitally now as well (DTV 29). I doubt either will broadcast any HDTV and I doubt that anyone watches their digital broadcasts as well. It seems that the capacity could be be better used by NBC and ABC and that DTV viewers would be better served until ABC and NBC are up and running again
Paperboy2003's Avatar Paperboy2003 09:45 AM 10-22-2003
Slightly OT, but it's never too early to plan ahead.....who has the SuperBowl this year?

Hope that if it's fox they have the 720p ready for such a huge event!
KenA's Avatar KenA 09:49 AM 10-22-2003
CBS has the Superbowl. Expect HDTV!
trekkerj's Avatar trekkerj 09:51 AM 10-22-2003
George, any updates for us? Hear anything about those Conde Nast rumors? The abc45online website still lists early November as the date they "expect to resume digital broadcasting". Is this a pipe dream and a matter of them not updating their site after the ESB debacle, or do you think there is still a shot?
George Thompson's Avatar George Thompson 11:22 AM 10-22-2003
I haven't heard anything in the grapevine lately. Several sources had mentioned the ABC thing a while ago, but that is the last word. My social group of insiders haven't been out drinking lately or on the local 2m repeaters, so until we meet again I have no news.
I also have to make sure it is not considered sensitive info and available to the general public.
s2silber's Avatar s2silber 11:37 AM 10-22-2003
I spoke to an engineer at WABC-DT who would only go as far as to say that they're "working on" their goal of going live on Channel 45 from the Conde Nast building sometime in November. He was very careful to be non-committal, mentioning that people on the AVS Forum tend to hear what they want to hear. He also mentioned that the signal would be at lower power. I'm not sure if that meant "low", like the almost non-existent signal from WPIX-DT, or just lowER than their pre-9/11 signal, which might still be strong enough to reach the burbs', as with WCBC-DT and WNYW-DT.

We shall see what we shall see.
Manatus's Avatar Manatus 11:40 AM 10-22-2003
For what it's worth: An article in the current issue of Crain's New York Business discusses the marketing of the Conde-Nast antenna facility and states that WABC-TV is installing a digital antenna there. I've already discarded my copy of the newspaper, but I don't recall that the article mentioned any schedule for the installation. I do have a full view of the top half of the Conde Nast antenna mast from my apartment, and there's certainly nothing up there that looks like an antenna to me.
trekkerj's Avatar trekkerj 11:42 AM 10-22-2003
IF it was still to be on channel 45, would it not still have to be relatively high power to reach anywhere. Isn't it true that the lower the channel, the less power you need (this being the reason wpix switched from 33 to 12 to do low power). As long as it reaches me 30 miles out. I can even pick up WPIX at times, so who knows. November's not far off, so as you say, we shall see.
trekkerj's Avatar trekkerj 11:48 AM 10-22-2003
I did a search on their website. You have to be a paid subscriber to get the full article. If anyone has access, i'd like to see the article. Anyway, this is the blurb that came up in the search results:

Published 10/20/2003 in Crain's New York Business
Times Sq. sending mixed signalsTelevision stations are giving a second look to a building that they had once rejected as too short for their backup transmitters. ABC-TV has signed a lease for antenna space atop 4 Times Square, the 52-story tower known as the Conde Nast building, which just...
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