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Originally Posted by ejb1980 View Post

Assumung Buckeye is a cable company, it should be pointed out that TWC, Directv, Dish Network, and Comcast all have had similar volume increase requirements for a long time. My Denon receiver has the satellite input source volume increased +12 (the max) and I still have to watch Directv around 35 to 40, where other sources are around 30.

Thanks, that's good info to know.. I'll have to look in to seeing if my Onkyo has an option to increase the one source higher than others.
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Hey Guys. Wife and I noticed that our picture quality in the last month or so has started to degrade. Had Buckeye out. They checked everything Two guys. . (I have the whole house Gateway). the one guy said that the picture looked fantastic which maybe ti him it did but not to us. I have a 60" Pana Plasma. Before you could see the pours of peoples face. Now the picture is clear but not vibrant like it used to be. Looks like a slight haze over the picture. Its not the TV, I checked that. I think Buckeye is playing games again with the bandwidth. Trying to fit too many HD channels on certain bandwidths that cuts down on the amount of info that the tv gets to display. The two techs didn't know anything about this and of course Buckeye will not admit this. Buckeye can only put out 1080i at this point. anyone else notice that there picture just isn't quite as good as it used to be? This could finally push me to Uverse or something else.
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I have really noticed it in the past few weeks. Watching news/sportscenter, some text is barely readable. Lots of compression with fast moving objects.

Buckeye used to have very good PQ compared to Time Warner or Comcast, but since they've been trying to up the internet to speeds that nobody even needs, the PQ has gone done considerably. I assume they think nobody (or only a small amount of people) will actually notice the decrease. They'll keep doing it.

One can only hope that with the removal of the analog signals, that they would use that extra bandwidth to increase PQ on HD channels.
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