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Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 07:38 PM 11-27-2008
For those in Ransom Canyon having trouble receiving digital broadcasts from Lubbock stations, you might take a look at a passive repeater as described at this site;

sneakerx's Avatar sneakerx 10:03 AM 11-28-2008
Originally Posted by wbcast34 View Post

Minor issues with HD on KLCW and KMYL. You should be seeing HD on both now.

I checked out these two stations last night and you're right about there being issues; they're not so minor, though. Major breakups in the picture for both and a horrible screeching noise on KLCW. I could tell they were meant to be 16:9 720p, though.
wbcast34's Avatar wbcast34 12:35 PM 11-30-2008
They are still working of fixing these issues.
mdamberger's Avatar mdamberger 01:17 AM 12-02-2008
This may be of interest for off air viewers near Lubbock and looking to see VHF DTV performance.

For viewers in S.E. NM. KOBR and KBIM, will be conducting a coordinated engineering test of both stations transmission and antenna systems.

Starting sometime after midnight Dec. 3rd and finishing before 6am Dec.3rd. This test will use both stations post DTV transition RF channels, 8 & 10. During the test both stations low power DTV transmitters will be shut down, ch.38 (8) & ch.41 (10). A test pattern or SD programming will be passed; HD equipment is not yet in place for this DTV test.

Both stations will be conducting reception reports from cable companies within the viewing area of their VHF DTV signals. We would appreciate any reports from off air viewers who would be up at this time. Please pass this on if you know of anyone interested. Any performance reports of digital VHF reception is of great interest.

Marcus Damberger
Bossman111's Avatar Bossman111 07:46 AM 12-02-2008
I have a Tivo Series 3 and I'm looking at getting cablecards through Suddenlink. Does anyone have any experience dealing with Suddenlink and CableCards in Lubbock?
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 07:16 PM 12-04-2008
Aspect ratio on 22-1 is off - Picture width is OK but it is not tall enough leaving black bars at top and bottom of 16X9 screen.

Looks like 14-1 is similar. Commercials and local origination are 16X9 not 4X3. Also has some breakup anlong the bottom.

Looks like the 4X3 picture is stretched to fit 16X9 window.
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 02:12 PM 12-07-2008
All three sub channels on 43 are now 480i, with 14-1 being wide screen like 34-2 and 22-1 and 46-1 both 4:3.

Hope they get their encoder problems worked out soon.
sneakerx's Avatar sneakerx 09:40 AM 12-08-2008
I noticed the same thing as Jim5506 last night. I'm still looking forward to the CW in 720p. Maybe wbcast34 can weigh in here as to the problems and possible fix times?
wbcast34's Avatar wbcast34 06:15 AM 12-09-2008
bad encoder
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 07:43 AM 12-09-2008
How soon to fix?
collven's Avatar collven 03:56 AM 12-12-2008
Does anyone have a list of the HD channels and their channel numbers available from Suddenlink if you don't have a box? I have a friend who is on Suddenlink but doesn't have a box so I did the channel scan on his tv. It found a bunch of channels that were blank and we gave up doing the channel up and down to find the ones that were actually working.
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 06:24 PM 12-12-2008
The channels have been listed in this thread, here is what I found from Feb of 2007, they may have changed since.

94.1 CBS HD
108.11 NBC HD
111.4 PBS HD
113.1 FOX HD

At the time KAMC-DT was not HD. It should be in the same vicinity.
collven's Avatar collven 03:29 AM 12-13-2008
Originally Posted by Jim5506 View Post

The channels have been listed in this thread, here is what I found from Feb of 2007, they may have changed since.

94.1 CBS HD
108.11 NBC HD
111.4 PBS HD
113.1 FOX HD

At the time KAMC-DT was not HD. It should be in the same vicinity.

Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 09:30 AM 12-13-2008
Looks like budget cuts have hit KTXT-DT.

5.3 is gone, 5.2 is a slate telling you that KTXT programming is now on 5.1 in HD, and 5.1 is broadcasting 1080i upconverted SD.

Trip in VA's Avatar Trip in VA 09:46 AM 12-13-2008
The 24/7 PBS-HD feed goes away on 02/17/09, so PBS stations basically have to start acting like the commercial stations, HD when available, upconvert otherwise. They have no choice.

I'd imagine that after some period of time, 5-2 and 5-3 will start other programming.

- Trip
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 10:13 AM 12-13-2008
Well this am 3 of my 4 ATSC tuners will not lock on 14-1, 22-1 and 46-1.

Only the built in tuner on my Hitachi 57F59 will show a picture.

My Dish ViP622, ViP211 and my Accurian 6000 will not lock on them.

Anyone else experiencing this?

11:11am - signal just locked on all 4 tuners. Must have been tweaking their encoder or something.

I hope they get their HD encoder fixed soon now that KTXT has dropped the 24/7 PBS hd feed.

TitanTV has been down all morning too. It's going to be one of those days.
adgreer's Avatar adgreer 09:29 PM 12-19-2008
any word on the next hd channels that suddenlink will add? Maybe mytv and cw?
adgreer's Avatar adgreer 11:30 PM 12-20-2008
FYI Tried out Suddenlink HD OnDemand. Watched The Strangers. I was mostly curious of how the quality is and it is now where near blu ray. I figured it wouldn't be but again I was curious. I would suggest that you stick to watchin blu ray if you have the means. I have been forced to recently switch back to Suddenlink from Direct tv HD. The HD channels are very nice on both no complaints. My parents still have Direct tv and I am sure I will get to watch an HD movie on Direct tv OnDemand. I am also curious to hear from any of you that have ATT Uverse here in lubbock and how it is so far.
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 12:55 PM 12-26-2008
It appeared to me that last night while Smallville was SD on 22-1 (black border on all four sides), the programming on 14-1 was HD (filled my 16X9 screen with very good picture quality).

Did anyone else notice?
ee95816's Avatar ee95816 11:48 AM 12-28-2008
Early last week I began losing the digital on 11, and signal strength is jumping around all over the place. I have never had any trouble with 11 before and am wondering if anyone knows if they are working on something in their system. I am in the 50th and University area and usually have great signal for everything.
TLWTWU's Avatar TLWTWU 01:53 PM 12-28-2008
I have also experienced problems with 11.1 and 11.2 recently, with a weaker signal and digital break-up. I have altered the antenna several times, but the problem remains. I have never had a problem with 11.1 before.

I am located at University and the South Loop.

Thanks for any answers.
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 10:20 AM 12-29-2008
No problems with 11.1 or 11.2 here. Signal 100% with CM 4228.
TLWTWU's Avatar TLWTWU 03:33 PM 12-29-2008
Originally Posted by Jim5506 View Post

It appeared to me that last night while Smallville was SD on 22-1 (black border on all four sides), the programming on 14-1 was HD (filled my 16X9 screen with very good picture quality).

Did anyone else notice?

Both 14.1 and 22.1 are now broadcasting in 720p, 16x9 format.

Now if we could get some HD content as broadcast by the CW network on some of their prime time series shows.
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 09:45 PM 12-29-2008
Both were 720p a month ago but no HD material passed through.

They had the encoder fail and installed a new one.

Hope they get the aspect ratios set up right this time.
rkrisher's Avatar rkrisher 02:19 PM 01-01-2009
Just changed to a new house and tried open air DTV channels with a pair of rabbit ears and picked up a channel called "THIS" on 11.02 I don't remember seeing when hooked up to suddenlink. Anyone have info on this channel? Can't find anything about this channel surfing the web.

Waiting to get AT&T u-verse installed.
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 02:30 PM 01-01-2009
Weather Plus stopped broadcasting at midnight 12/31/2008 (since NBC bought The Weather Channel), so 11.2 had to pick up something to fill the void.

I saw this earlier today, showing an old SD movie.

Looks like it is an ad supported movie network from MGM:

Would be better for KCBD to drop the subchannel and put all their pixels into 11.1.
TLWTWU's Avatar TLWTWU 05:08 PM 01-01-2009
Wikipedia also has a good article on this TV network.
TLWTWU's Avatar TLWTWU 05:17 PM 01-01-2009
Is this just my imagination?

It seems to me that since 5.1 KTXT went HD, the picture quality is not as excellent as it was on the PBS HD Channel 5.3. Both claim to be broadcasting at 1080i, but I have noticed that the same programming and same PBS previews do not appear to be of equal quality.

Anyone else notice this?
Jim5506's Avatar Jim5506 05:23 PM 01-01-2009
It may be 1080i, but much of it is up-converted SD CRAP!
Trip in VA's Avatar Trip in VA 05:30 PM 01-01-2009
Well, the national PBS-HD feed is gone, it ended around 12/21. So most of the schedule is upconverted now, just like the network stations.

- Trip
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