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gary miller's Avatar gary miller 05:43 AM 09-08-2003
Anyone know when Cinemax HD is scheduled to launch? As a Time Warner company, I'm hopeful it will be on TWC from the start.

On the other hand, while there may not be shared ownership with WPIX (is it still owned by the Tribune Co?) it still seems odd that TWC doesn't carry it's own brand label (the WB).

gregeas's Avatar gregeas 03:09 PM 09-08-2003
I was really hoping that ESPN HD would be here when football season started. It's tough to go back to SD after seeing sports in HD... Looking forward to Monday Night Football in a few hours...

And yes, the US Open looked incredible yesterday. CBS is doing a good job thus far.
anthonymoody's Avatar anthonymoody 04:38 PM 09-08-2003
I too hope for WB, ESPN, Cinemax, and other channels soon. I'd happily pay a (modest) monthly premium for an HD tier if they included more channels...

jergans's Avatar jergans 06:36 PM 09-08-2003

Originally posted by bigd86
The first question to ask is-does your DVI connection support HDCP (the HD encryption technology)

I took a quick look on the Samsung website, but they didn't make it very clear.

1. The Sammy tv's do support HDCP.

2. There is a known compatibility issue betwen the Pioneer 3510HD box and the Sammy DLPs. I believe all fixed pixel 720p-native TV's are having the same problem with the DVI port.

This issue has been discussed numerous places in this and in the RPTV forum.
Man-Fai Wong's Avatar Man-Fai Wong 11:08 AM 09-10-2003
How are you guys getting INHD/708 -- actually HDSpec/708 for me? I always get no signal when I check although the program guide says there should be content. I'm in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


John Mason's Avatar John Mason 11:57 AM 09-10-2003
Nothing from S.Manhattan's headend either, beyond USA's tennis coverage last week and a few preview loops. Perhaps on the 15th, when INHD2 kicks in nationwide, NYC TWC will at least crank up INHD on 708 full-schedule. -- John
Man-Fai Wong's Avatar Man-Fai Wong 01:28 PM 09-10-2003
I'm not sure I even got the tennis coverage and preview loops -- I did check once or twice when CBS was broadcasting the US Open.

Hopefully, you're right about the 15th date. I've been just waiting for ABC and NBC to get their OTA act together again before switching to DirecTV, but if they add more HD channels, then I might stick w/ TWC longer (perhaps until DirecTivo goes HD).

anthonymoody's Avatar anthonymoody 03:42 PM 09-10-2003
I'm with you - zilch every time I've checked 708. Hopefully the 15th will be a good day

drew138's Avatar drew138 03:53 PM 09-10-2003
I only saw the INHD loop once last week on Friday around noon. After that, nothing.


PS: I think its funny that no one even bothers to call the TWC NYC HD line as information from them can only serve to perpetuate rumors. I've fallen victim to the "ESPN-HD will begin before the end of August" line once. Once! Never again.
gary miller's Avatar gary miller 08:26 PM 09-10-2003
Originally posted by anthonymoody:

"- zilch every time I've checked 708. Hopefully the 15th will be a good day :"

Ditto here in northeast Queens. BUT, a southern California member reported elsewhere on this board that even the INHD menu has recently disappeared from the San Diego TWC system. Oh well... what Time Warner giveth, Time Warner taketh away. Thank you so very much. Ladies and's what's not coming soon.

What is INHD anyway?

By the way, thanks Anthony for starting this thread...very handy way to get updates.
John Mason's Avatar John Mason 06:53 AM 09-11-2003

I'm not sure I even got the tennis coverage and preview loops -- I did check once or twice when CBS was broadcasting the US Open.

Yes, USA's INHD coverage was only when CBS wasn't providing HD (early US Open). But believe USA threw in some extra Friday coverage when the rain lifted.

Just getting it straight myself, but Ken's programming synopsis (about 1/2 down the page) 'defines' INHD/INHD2 and iN Demand and provides links.

Wouldn't be surprised to see TWC remove INHD. They removed WPIX-DT just as WB is promising much more 1080i this fall. UPN (WOR), on briefly, was never HDTV (it was even unwatchable for its final few weeks), but thought I'd read they were readying HD material, too. TWC, says its president here, has fiber links to the network studios, so if HD is going out nationally we should be getting it, too. -- John
anthonymoody's Avatar anthonymoody 07:39 AM 09-11-2003
You're welcome! My pleasure - don't know why we didn't do it sooner! We are residents of the greatest city on of all days is a reminder of that...

And I'm with you guys. It's very frustrating to be teased by 709, have it look horrible, then removed. And the WB announcements about their upcoming lineup, ESPN, Disco, HDNet, InHD, Cinemax, etc...and no one at TWC can give us a clear, accurate answer. Argh!!

gary miller's Avatar gary miller 06:16 AM 09-12-2003
Here's the link for INHD:

Apparently there are two INHD channels.
alberich's Avatar alberich 10:33 AM 09-12-2003
So has anyone found out why we are not getting any of the previews for INHD yet? I check every night and I never see anything. No previews no tennis nothing...

Another question; does anyone else gets break ups when watching CBS? I always get like a few seconds of sound or image break up during a show and this is very annoying. I have the HD3100 converter.

John Mason's Avatar John Mason 12:44 PM 09-12-2003
Have hopes INHD will deliver on the 15th, when INHD2 is slated to start; no indication we'll get INHD2. Some cable systems are showing the vintage movies, current tennis, etc. The tennis Open last week seemed to be a special arrangement with USA Network. I've caught only two preview cablecasts, early when INHD first began on 708, with no other programming since.

Get frequent, although not constant, CBS breakups in midtown from the S.Manhattan headend. Recall the same problem for a few years. It seems almost like multipath breakup, but it's hard to believe TWC isn't using its fiber CBS link they say they've got to the networks in the city, bypassing OTA interference. If NBC/ABC/PBS continues basically glitch-free, and enough complain, CBS/TWC may finally track down the problem.

CBS pioneered HD via TWC cable here. Don't recall having such glitches in 2000 when I used CBS's 8-VSB delivery on TWC, which like OTA required a full 6-MHz cable slot. Having switched all HD to cable's 256 QAM delivery, TWC may also be tinkering with the rate-shaping/statmuxing techniques they use for digital SDTV, referenced here and here . The quote about rate shaping in the first link mentions how it can cause glitches, but there's not enough evidence yet to link data-rate 'shaping' to TWC's HD delivery or glitches. -- John
Man-Fai Wong's Avatar Man-Fai Wong 12:56 PM 09-12-2003
Don't know about the rest of you, but I get occasional-to-frequent breakups on most of my HD channels, including CBS, ever since my TWC installation back in the beginning of the year.

FWIW, I recently installed a Sammy T151 on my old 32" non-HD TV to see how well OTA reception will work for me (as I consider switching to DirecTV). Haven't done much viewing on it yet, but so far, I haven't noticed any breakups w/ CBS OTA.

drew138's Avatar drew138 01:35 PM 09-12-2003
Even with the new box, I get some drop out and pixel freeze once and a while. The PBS channel, however, comes in crystal clear 24x7. Only the rare occasional signal glitch and always very minor.

LisaM's Avatar LisaM 01:46 PM 09-12-2003
I have frequent audio and video dropouts with the 3100 box. I am at the point where some HD programs are unwatchable since the dropouts cause you to lose crucial parts of the storyline. I often wondered if the problem was my particular box but it sounds as if it is more system-wide.

I am planning to get the new Pioneer box but was also concerned the picture quality on the SD channels was not as good as with the 3100.
gary miller's Avatar gary miller 04:07 PM 09-12-2003
Lisa: I've noticed that re-booting the 3100 box from time to time seems to mitigate, if not entirely eliminate dropouts. I wouldn't mind trying the Pioneer box, but it was a real adventure getting a 3100 originally that wasn't buggy. I went through a couple that, like a Mission Impossible episode, "timed out" or didn't pass 5.1. I would hate to go through that time consuming experimentation again. Are the Pioneer boxes readily available? Oddly, when I re-boot the 3100, the screen saver has a Pioneer logo.
Man-Fai Wong's Avatar Man-Fai Wong 04:22 PM 09-12-2003
Do you guys/gals also leave your 3100HD on 24/7? That's what I do, and it does get a bit warm. I wonder if the dropouts are not partially caused by the heat.

LisaM's Avatar LisaM 05:30 PM 09-12-2003
I'll try rebooting from time to time and see if that helps. I, too, have noticed the Pioneer logo upon rebooting the 3100. I do leave the 3100HD on 24/7. I could certainly try shutting it off during the night and see if that helps. It is very difficult to try and show off HD to friends when it craps out so often.

The other reason I wanted to try the Pioneer was the idea of not having to change video inputs when switching between HD and SD. Am I correct in that SD watched thru component video with the Pioneer box stretches to fill more of the screen?
penone's Avatar penone 07:57 PM 09-12-2003
Okay, what's the deal here! No more 708 on my program guide. What could this possibly mean???

John Mason's Avatar John Mason 06:26 AM 09-13-2003
Still have a guide from S.Manhattan's headend on my 3100HD. Shows the variations between headends anyway. Might try a cold reboot, unplugging with a 30 minute wait for a fresh data download. Then again, could be I don't have the latest menu data.

BTW, wonder if anyone else gets a periodic click from their converter, like a VCR timer setting was triggering? Before the blackout my 3100HD clicked exactly on the half-hour. Now it clicks every 26 minutes. I've never set any timer modes and none indicate being set. -- John
peterlee's Avatar peterlee 12:04 PM 09-13-2003
Can anyone explain how to set up a regular VCR to record with the Pioneer 3500 box? I just had my old 3100 box swapped out this morning for the Pioneer but the tech forgot to set up the VCR to record from the new box. The 3100 displayed non-HD channels through ch. 3 and the the VCR was set up to record that channel. Now with the 3500, non-HD channels are no longer viewable on ch. 3; they're only available through the component video channel (along with the HD channels) but my VCR can't record the component video feed. Can any offer advice?

Man-Fai Wong's Avatar Man-Fai Wong 07:28 PM 09-13-2003
I lost 708 from my channel guide also, not that it ever did anything for me except stare back at me w/ a blank/black look...

John Mason's Avatar John Mason 07:23 AM 09-14-2003
Check this TWC NYC hookup page for tips/diagrams. With one converter the options are recording the non-HD channel you're watching (routing the converter RF or video/audio-out cable(s) through your VCR), or using a 1-GHz splitter to your VCR for taping only TWC's ~30-odd analog-NTSC channels (here). If the new Pioneer downconverts H/DTV at its standard video-out jacks, that means you could tape H/DTV as SDTV while watching it. Or you could buy a HD VCR and record H/DTV directly from the Pioneer's YPbPr outputs (see HD recording forum). -- John

Edit: Jeez, sorry for this post. I see from your duplicate post in the other NYC TWC thread that someone already answered you Saturday afternnon.
anthonymoody's Avatar anthonymoody 05:23 PM 09-14-2003
I still have 708 (17th st) the guide I mean. No programming though! We'll see tomorrow!

John Mason's Avatar John Mason 07:46 AM 09-15-2003

Still have a [708 INHD] guide from S.Manhattan's headend on my 3100HD. Shows the variations between headends anyway. Then again, could be I don't have the latest menu data.

No longer. The guide's also vanished from S. Manhattan's headend Monday morning.

Wonder if the lack of new HD channels could be blamed on silly negotiating tactics between TWC and programmers--setting absurd high/low dollar demands and not budging? Maybe NYC TWC finds the new video-on-demand is a cash cow and it wants to save cable bandwidth for VOD. Also, don't see how AOL's current deficit, still astronomical, couldn't factor in. -- John
gregeas's Avatar gregeas 08:01 AM 09-15-2003
I just called TW's HD hotline and asked if we will be getting any new channels. The response was not until Nov or Dec, when we will get ESPN HD, Discovery HD, and MSG HD. We will not be getting InHD through TW, she said.

Looks like we'll miss most or all of football season with ESPN. Lame. Knicks in HD would be nice if the team were any good.
drew138's Avatar drew138 10:19 AM 09-15-2003
708 Gone in SoHo. What a let down. I was looking forward to INHD Reds Phillies game in HD later this month.

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