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irand's Avatar irand 01:32 PM 10-27-2003
yep... in manhattan. but his supervisor couldn't locate one last week, and no one seemed to know a thing about it... but this guy swears it was a 3250HD, and he's the only person from twc that i've ever believed...

this morning the supervisor told me that those boxes were only for upper Manhattan, but the guy said he installed on bank street... doubt i'll ever get a straight story, but hopefully the box will turn up... also read posts that twc is testing the SA 8000HD boxes in Manhattan and that they will be available soon... any news?

rgrossman's Avatar rgrossman 01:42 PM 10-27-2003
irand, to get the dvr and the hd boxes, did you have to tell TWC they were for different TVs?
irand's Avatar irand 02:15 PM 10-27-2003
i never specified... i think they did charge me for an additional install and when the guy got here, i just told him that i was cool installing -- no worries... he happily took off and left me with the box...

they did tell me it wouldn't work... but another technician had told me previously that lots of people do it, and that was how he had it hooked up in his own home....
rgrossman's Avatar rgrossman 02:40 PM 10-27-2003
That basically confirms why they wouldn't let pick up the box and do a self-install without bringing in my old box--they'll let you do a self-install if you're replacing an existing box, but they insist on sending someone out in order to get an additional box.
irand's Avatar irand 03:08 PM 10-27-2003
of course... $30 more for twc... i also just spent 40 mins on the phone trying to confirm what type of cable frequency (?) twc is broadcasting in nyc... samsung tv setup wants to know@! std, hrc or irc?

and the answer is std... but you should have heard some of the initial responses... anything from digital, no such thing and "you don't have an hdtv box."

a) i do have an hdtv box; and
b) that doesn't answer my question.
bigd86's Avatar bigd86 07:31 PM 10-27-2003

Originally posted by irand
yep... in manhattan. but his supervisor couldn't locate one last week, and no one seemed to know a thing about it...

Typical. You should only know what I went through to get my 3150HD-but I got 2 free months out of it, so I really can't complain!
Can't wait to hear of your success in getting a 3250HD-especially about its performance vs. the 3150HD.

Of course, judging from my personal use of the 8000, the 8000HD seems to be the Holy Grail of cable boxes....
eddieb187's Avatar eddieb187 07:59 PM 10-27-2003
Is anyone watching MNF? I have TWC (3100HD box) in upstate NY and it's not in HDTV. First time. Every other game has been broadcast it HD. Strange.
prekan84's Avatar prekan84 06:46 AM 10-28-2003

Originally posted by eddieb187
Is anyone watching MNF? I have TWC (3100HD box) in upstate NY and it's not in HDTV. First time. Every other game has been broadcast it HD. Strange.

It was only presented here in staten island in 4:3. But, it probably is due to the fact that they changed the venue due to the wildfires in CA.
mrkaos's Avatar mrkaos 03:46 PM 10-28-2003
They made an annoucement saying that it would not be in HD nationwide due to the fact that they did not have their regular equipment. They game was played in Arizona at a college field using the college equipment. It was then digitally upconverted at the main nyc office but no way to make it 16:9. It still looked a little better on the HD channel than the standard one.

Are we really getting Disc HD on the 19th? I didnt see anything on my bill in manhattan. That is definately one of the channels I am looking foward to.

- JB
rgrossman's Avatar rgrossman 04:08 PM 10-28-2003
It was on my bill (Manhattan). And it corroborates a release from Discovery about a big nationwide expansion on the 19th.
bluecalix's Avatar bluecalix 07:45 PM 10-28-2003
Check out this link on TWC - Maine. It has info about what I think TWC NYC is offering for Nov 19th. I have the notice about the new channels on my bill also, and I live in Brooklyn.

From the website:

The New Digital Sports Pak!
Now available on Digital Cable for $2.95 per month
5 great channels, one low price!
Call now to order! 253-2222

Fox Sports Digital Nets - Level The Playing Field
Fox Sports En Espanol*
The Tennis Channel*

More Games. More Action. More Coverage.

Fox Sports Digital Nets is changing the way sports fans follow their favorite teams. Now displaced sports fans and sports aficionados can catch hundreds of love collegiate games and exclusive professional sporting events in nearly every region of the country. Plus, with time-shifted regional sports news, you'll get in-depth coverage about the teams you care about most.

Programming Highlights:

Three digital networks programmed 24-hours-a-day

No blackouts or program duplication

Live out-of-market events and news from nearly every regional sports network in the United States

Time-shifted news programming twice-a-day so you never miss a beat

Check out these three distinct super regional channels:

Fox Sports Digital Atlantic Channel 460

Fox Sports Digital Central Channel 461

Fox Sports Digital Pacific Channel 462

Plus, add in the only 24-hour Spanish-language sports network in the United States:

Fox Sports en Español Channel 463

AND, just when you thought it couldn't get any better...The Tennis Channel has been added! This 24-hour cable network is devoted to providing comprehensive coverage of tennis and other racquet sports!

The Tennis Channel Channel 465

We've added two new channels! That's right! NBA TV and FUEL are now available in Cumberland and York Counties!

NBA TV Channel 466

You've got all sports, all the time. Fox Sports Digital Nets and Time Warner's Digital Sports Pak are changing the way you follow your favorite teams.

FUEL TV Channel 464

Fuel's on 24/7. Because when you're not riding you should have access to television that showcases the best in action sports culture. Fuel's into promoting emerging talent, not exploiting it.
bluecalix's Avatar bluecalix 07:50 PM 10-28-2003
addendum to last post:

More info on fox sports digital nets:
rgrossman's Avatar rgrossman 02:14 AM 10-29-2003
The fact that it's $1.00 a month more expensive in NYC than Maine does not surprise me. But what does surprise me is that the NYC package doesn't include Fox Sports en Español--unless they are planning on adding it to their Spanish package here.
drew138's Avatar drew138 08:55 AM 10-29-2003
From Multi-Channel..... Note that David Stern says that NBA TV will cary 95 NBA games this season, including 50 in HDTV. So will this be on the HDTV teir also?


Time Warner NYC Deals with Sports Tier

By Mike Reynolds -- Multichannel News, 10/27/2003 5:10:00 PM

NBA TV will be part of the digital-sports-tier roster Time Warner Cable of New York City and New Jersey plans to launch next month.

The operator will position the National Basketball AssociationÂ's network alongside The Tennis Channel, extreme-sports proponent Fuel and a trio of Fox Sports Digital Networks (Fox Sports Atlantic, Fox Sports Central and Fox Sports Pacific) on the digital-sports tier, which will tip off Nov. 19.

The tier will be available to Time Warner New York and New Jersey digital customers for an additional $3.95 per month.

Barry Rosenblum, president of Time Warner of New York and New Jersey, speaking after a press conference held Monday morning at the NBA Store on ManhattanÂ's Fifth Avenue, also said it was the MSOÂ's intent to migrate local regional sports channels Madison Square Garden Network, Fox Sports New York and Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network to the digital sports tier.

Rosenblum noted, "Contracts are up" with MSGN and FSNY at year-end. And as of July 29, the MSO began offering its customers the option of disconnecting YES and receiving $1 per month off their cable bill.

When asked how many defectors there had been from YES -- which presents New York Yankees regular-season Major League Baseball games and also carries the NBAÂ's New Jersey Nets -- Rosenblum said, "Not many."

Meanwhile, litigation brought by YES against Time Warner Cable in late August continues.

Filed in the Supreme Court of New York County, the suit seeks a permanent injunction prohibiting the "negative repositioning" of YES, and it would make Time Warner live up to its obligations under its affiliation agreement to continue to distribute the network on "standard" expanded basic, as opposed to "standard plus," which costs $1 extra per month with the "Ã* la carte addition of YES."

YES spokesman Bob Davis said the suit remains "live," but he did not provide an update about where it stands on the court docket.

Davis also agreed with RosenblumÂ's characterization about the number of subscribers that have dropped YES since late July.

Rosenblum said the MSO currently counts some 600,000 digital subscribers in its footprint encompassing the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn, as well as communities in Bergen and Hudson counties in New Jersey; the mid-Hudson counties in New York; and the Westchester County, N.Y., city of Mount Vernon, which abuts the Bronx.

Prior to moving to channel 451 on Time WarnerÂ's digital-sports tier, NBA TV will be available on as a free preview from Oct. 28 -- the night the NBA tips off its 2003-04 season -- through Nov. 18.

NBA commissioner David Stern said the network will air 95 regular-season NBA games this season, including 50 in high-definition, beginning with the Cleveland Cavaliers and heavily hyped rookie LeBron James against the Portland Trail Blazers Nov. 1.

Stern noted that NBA TV would air at least a pair of playoff contests, and it could run as many as seven, depending on the length of opening-round series and the schedules of cable carriers Turner Network Television and ESPN.

After the press conference, Stern -- who said NBA TV expects to have all of its games available in high-definition format next season -- added that negotiations with MSOs for the service continue.

He said the network met twice with Comcast Corp. last week, and it remains confident that it will gain carriage with the nationÂ's leading MSO and other operators. "Every MSO is different," Stern added. "They are all at different places and have different issues about digital tiering."
drew138's Avatar drew138 08:59 AM 10-29-2003
From Mediaweek. Barry Rosenblum seems to indicate that 25k HDTV subscribers will have access. It's still not clear.

Time Warner Offers Trial of NBA TV

John Consoli

OCTOBER 27, 2003 -

Time Warner Cable of New York and New Jersey will offer an 18-day free preview of NBA TV for its 600,000 digital customers.

Beginning Nov.1, the cable system will air 50 regular season games in high definition, along with other NBA TV programming. Following the free preview period, Time Warner will offer its New York and New Jersey subscribers a new sports tier for $3.95 a month that will include NBA TV, Fuel (Fox?s digital action sports network), the Tennis Channel and three Fox regional sports networks (Atlantic, South and West).

According to Barry Rosenblum, president of Time Warner of New York and New Jersey, of the company 600,000 digital customers, 25,000 subscribers have HDTV sets. The other 600,000 analog customers cannot take advantage of the sport tier package, which is only available on digital.

Time Warner is one of three cable operators that have signed deals with the NBA to carry NBA TV. The others are Cablevision and Cox Comunications.

NBA Commissioner David Stern said he expects the 24-hour, NBA TV to be profitable by next fall. Stern announced several advertisers for NBA TV games and programming, including Anheuser Bush, American Express, Gatorade, Hyundai, Reebok, Addidas, and Verizon Wireless. All are NBA league sponsors.

Stern said eventually the NBA Entertainment sales staff will begin selling time to non NBA sponsors. The NBA has also entered into a deal with the regional sports networks to allow NBA TV to use their local cable feeds for its games.

"We will be co-producers of the games," Stern said. NBA TV will air its games on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, when games do not air on either ESPN or TNT. In exchange for using the production of the games by the sports nets, NBA will lift its blackout rules in the local market of the sports net whose feed it uses on that night.

NBA TV will air its own commercial spots, promos and add its own on-air graphics. He said there will be some NBA technical people on sight during each telecast.
blackbody's Avatar blackbody 07:26 PM 10-29-2003
anyone getting anything on channel 708? As I was flipping thru channels, it started to tune into 708 but I get no picture or sound. Channel guide is indicating it is playing Terror Train ...
anthonymoody's Avatar anthonymoody 07:33 PM 10-29-2003
VERY VERY VERY cool stat...that 25,000 number. Obviously (to me anyway!*) many more than 25,000 of their digital customers have HD sets...many of them probably don't realize they can get an HD box though!

In any case, I'm going to give this a look! THANK YOU Drew! (of, and TWC too!)


* My math. 110 million households in the US. 7 million HD ready sets sold to date = 6.4%. 600,000 customers (their figure) *6.4% = 38,400. I'd take the # even higher since the concentration of wealth (and therefore HD sets...) is high in the NYC area.
anthonymoody's Avatar anthonymoody 06:49 AM 10-30-2003
Hey guys, noticed last night that the 708 guide info was showing up again, though no picture or sound. Maybe another harbinger?

John Mason's Avatar John Mason 07:15 AM 10-30-2003
The 708 on-screen program listings (not programs) appear similar to those from INHD just after the U.S. Open tennis matches. NYC TWC had INHD tennis coverage briefly. A TWC HDTV Hotline (718 670 0265) CS rep said today "that channel is no longer available." -- John
Excandide's Avatar Excandide 02:44 PM 10-30-2003
I'm getting the 708 HDspec channel it's a black screen but it says something like NBA TV game on at 10pm... so I'm assuming they are showing the HD games from NBATV on this channel... I'm in Queens.
prekan84's Avatar prekan84 03:14 PM 10-30-2003
I was getting the nba message here in staten island, but now i am getting indh.
winternj's Avatar winternj 06:29 PM 10-30-2003

Originally posted by Excandide
I'm getting the 708 HDspec channel it's a black screen but it says something like NBA TV game on at 10pm... so I'm assuming they are showing the HD games from NBATV on this channel... I'm in Queens.

Check out inhd's website, they are talking about the same game that will be on InHD1 at that time.
I bet this is the same BS as the US Open, where they will carry it only for that one stupid program that I don't care about, and not carry the other 99% of their content, that I might care about.

I personally don't care at all about any sports, all I want are films, which I haven't seen any of InHD's films on TWC yet.

Really annoying.
DND's Avatar DND 07:59 PM 10-30-2003
I just noticed 708 today. It says to tune to a NBA game on 11/1 at 10pm. really pointless...
winternj's Avatar winternj 01:13 AM 10-31-2003

Originally posted by pciav
The Pioneer 3510HD will pass whatever it receives as long as you tell it to in setup. Options are 480i, 480p, 720p, & 1080i.

I found this to be true except for 480p.

It will output 480i for 480p unless you disable 480i, then it will do 720p, if yuo disable that, it will go to 1080i, if you disable that, it will fail to 480p.

It really doesn't want to do 480p, I guess...
It will output 720p on ABC, 1080i on HBO, NBC, etc, and 480i on nonhd channels. Fox Widescreen goes to 480i unless i disable everything other than 480p...
Sickman's Avatar Sickman 10:02 AM 10-31-2003

Originally posted by irand
I was originally using the SA 3100HD, swapped for the Pioneer 3150HD - not much better... I'm told by an "elevated" technician that he installed a SA 3250HD just last week... He's working on having one for me by the end of the week... There hasn't been much written here about the 3250 -- does anyone have one or any comments...?

Little help please:

1. Do I want the SA 3250 (if I can get it) or the Pioneer 3150?
2. I've seen the Pioneer referred to as both "3150" and "3510". Which is correct?
3. Do both the Pioneer and the SA have DVI out?

pciav's Avatar pciav 11:31 AM 10-31-2003
It doesn't do 480p unless forced as nothing on TWC is broadcast 480p. Fox Widescreen is broadcast as 480i. It would do 480p if it received a 480p signal. You can force 480i to 480p, but whether or not that is desirable is up to your individual setup.
jba87's Avatar jba87 11:58 AM 10-31-2003
It's the Pioneer 3510. Also, regarding output. Through component, the box was outputting whatever I set it to, but when I kept the same settings and switched to DVI, for some reason it only output 480p, no matter whether I was watching SD or HD. I changed the setting just to 1080i, and now it outputs at 480p for SD and Fox (705) and 1080i for the HD stations. (My TV doesn't accept 720p.) Strange, but looks good.
pciav's Avatar pciav 12:20 PM 10-31-2003
480i is not part of the DVI spec so the minimum output would be 480p.
John Mason's Avatar John Mason 12:33 PM 10-31-2003

It doesn't do 480p unless forced as nothing on TWC is broadcast 480p. Fox Widescreen is broadcast as 480i.

News here. All those lengthy Fox threads indicate Fox stations are downlinked 480i, but upconvert to 480p (NYC), 720p, or even 1080i. I've assumed TWC is getting 480p, most likely via a fiber link. Then my TWC 3100HD upconverts to 1080i (no option), and other converters handle 480p according to how they're set up. (I've set my RCN DCT5100 to output only 480p via YPrPb from 480 inputs.) -- John
DrewZee13's Avatar DrewZee13 06:33 PM 10-31-2003
I've read thru most of this post.

I'm in Brooklyn and going to go the TWCNYC route, which cable box shoud I ask for if I have a DVI/HDCP capable display? 3250 or 3510 (both Pioneer, right?). I'm hooking it up to a Panasonic HD plasma.

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