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Originally Posted by DSperber View Post
Ok. Next mystery.

I live in Marina Del Rey, and have been of the opinion that we here in Los Angeles were required to dial 1+ and then the 3-digit area code and 7-digit phone number for any calls made. Didn't matter how close or far the target phone was, nor what the area code was (even it it matched our own). 7-digit phone number dialing was no longer allowed, and we here in LA were required to use 11-digit dialing, not 10-digit dialing as theoretically might also have worked and which certainly works when placing calls from my cell phone.

Now the cell phone 10-digit story I assumed was because routing through the wireless network's system, the 1 was simply inserted automatically for us so that all calls were implicitly and automatically handled as 11-digit 1+ calls, it's just that we were not required to manually enter the leading 1 ourselves (although it was accepted if we entered it ourselves).

But from a home land line, I honestly have been for many years ALWAYS manually dialing a 1 first, and also inserting it in my programmed single-button speed dial entries on my phones.

Well the other day I noticed that the caller-ID on my phone only showed the 10-digit number, with the 1 not present. And yet, when I used the REDIAL feature to call back that caller directly from the caller-ID digits, it actually succeeded! So then I assumed my phone was automatically just inserting the leading 1 which I'd thought was required.

Further experimenting today says that the leading 1 is NOT REQUIRED, contrary to what I'd believed for at least 10 years now! I was able to manually dial a variety of target phones simply using 10-digit entry, not 11.

So... did something change that I missed? Is 1 no longer required in LA? Is it because I have Time Warner phone (now Charger), that the leading 1 is not required (same as it's not required on a cell phone)? Or if I had Verizon land line would I need to enter 1, or would I also not be required to enter 1 first?

This is really very surprising to me, and I would like to get the definitive answer. The rep at TWC told me that for domestic calls (i.e. continental US) 1 is not required, but that for Canada/Mexico it is. But I don't know if this is true, or only true because I'm using TWC phone, or if it is actually now true in LA no matter what carrier I might have for my home land lines and that this change went into effect some time ago and I never knew about it. Because I was really certain that we here in LA required 11-digit dialing, and that 10-digit dialing was unacceptable.

Can someone please straighten me out, and enlighten me as to the truth. What is the story? For sure, unless my phone is inserting a leading 1 and I don't know about it, I can certainly dial 10-digit numbers from my TWC home land line and it works.

Thank you.
Just checked using my Google Phone line (via Obihai SIP adapter) and dialing ten digits to a number within my 310 area code and to a 702 area code, it worked! 1+ is normally used to signify long distance, and was used if with 1+XXX-XXXX in some areas, never in L.A. Having to dial 1+ might be specific to the service you are using. Cell vs. SIP vs. cable phone vs POTS. If either 1+ or no 1+ works for you, use what ever floats your boat.

For my cell phone I have my important contacts stored with the number +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx so when I'm overseas the calling international + code is used (011 on POTS). It doesn't foul up dialing when home.

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