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motoman's Avatar motoman 11:51 PM 03-14-2004
I watched the Nascar race on KTTV-DT with OTA today. It really breaks up allot on my OTA so I was really hoping to get it back on Adelphia. I agree what I saw looked very nice but I got tired of all the breakups and had to go back to the regular feed on channel 11. Hopefully they will get it back on there soon. If I can get free time this week I'm going to call and see what's up.

Perfectchris's Avatar Perfectchris 04:02 PM 03-22-2004
I just got Fox11 in HD today. Channel 911. It was known for a while it was coming though. At least they got in now, way ahead of when FOX while be in HD so we dont complain about it being late
H3at's Avatar H3at 09:22 PM 03-22-2004
Well i was just checking my HD Channels right now.And to my suprise FOX11 is on chan 911 bernie mac is in 16x9 but i doubt in HD
motoman's Avatar motoman 02:30 PM 03-23-2004
I checked last night and we still don't have it back. I'll check again tonight.
Mayor McCheese's Avatar Mayor McCheese 09:25 PM 03-23-2004
Anyone else had a lot of breakups on both HD and SD content recently?
Perfectchris's Avatar Perfectchris 12:07 AM 03-24-2004
Ive had break ups, but I only watch Fox Sports West. It always breaks up when a big play is about to happen
Mayor McCheese's Avatar Mayor McCheese 02:12 PM 03-24-2004
Yeah, I had several big breakups during CBS's HD coverage of the first round college basketball games- many right before big plays
motoman's Avatar motoman 08:30 PM 04-03-2004
Still don't have KTTV-DT (911) here. I called the other night and the person I got on the phone really didn't have a clue. I told her I had it and then it went away. Still no help at all. She finally just said it may show back up again at some point but they didn't know for sure.
Perfectchris's Avatar Perfectchris 08:36 PM 04-03-2004
eh, ur not missing much to tell you the truth.
H3at's Avatar H3at 02:02 AM 04-06-2004

Originally posted by Perfectchris
eh, ur not missing much to tell you the truth.

Hes right. Simpsons is not in widescreen!!
motoman's Avatar motoman 10:20 AM 04-06-2004
I just want a better picture for Nascar.......
moeronn's Avatar moeronn 02:09 PM 04-06-2004
Right now, I would put KTLA (WB) at the top of the list. They seem to have plenty of shows broadcast in HD that we are not getting. If the Angels were broadcast in HD on KCAL, then I would put them at the top.
Valuepac's Avatar Valuepac 05:22 PM 04-06-2004
With the recent add of Espn this looking awfully like an HD tier is being created. Let see we have 2 hdnet channels and espn.. hmm all we need to discovery and bam $10 per month on top of the overprice $10 box.
bgooch's Avatar bgooch 05:47 PM 04-06-2004
We may look back at these days and refer to them as the "golden age of subscription television". In the future the gate keepers won't stop with ala carte pricing. The next pricing model is "measured service". Only pay for what you use. That may seem far off but VOD is available now in some areas.
motoman's Avatar motoman 08:43 PM 04-06-2004
When will we start seeing some of the new channels show up?
Perfectchris's Avatar Perfectchris 11:05 PM 04-06-2004
Originally posted by Valuepac
With the recent add of Espn this looking awfully like an HD tier is being created. Let see we have 2 hdnet channels and espn.. hmm all we need to discovery and bam $10 per month on top of the overprice $10 box.

yea, 20 bucks for hd... thats a lot. What does other cable companies charge for a lineup similar to Adelphia's future lineup?
bgooch's Avatar bgooch 12:40 AM 04-07-2004
According to their websites:

ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX widescreen, PBS (KCET), INHD, INHD2, ESPN in HD for an extra $5 per mo with no extra cost to premium subscribers for HBO or Show in HD. STARZ HD and CINEMAX HD are coming soon!

Time Warner
all active channels above plus Discovery HD, HDNet and HDMovies for a total of 12 HD channels. Couldn't find quote for LA area. The following are charges for San Diego: *Regular rate is $9.95 per month, $6.95 per month with any Digipic Pak. Monthly cable and converter charges apply. HDTV and HDTV converter from Time Warner Cable required. HD converter charge of $5.95 per month and $29.95 installation fee apply. Programming and pricing subject to change. Taxes and copyright fees apply. Other restrictions may apply.

For only about $3 more, Charter provides you with an HD receiver and access to local broadcasters in HD, HBO HD and Showtime HD. For a few bucks, you can enjoy the amazing visuals of Discovery HD and incredible library of movies & shows from HDNet Movies and HDNet Entertainment. Enjoy your programs with unbelievable clarity and amazing sounds ? only with Charter HDTV!

You can lease the HD converter from Cox for $9.95 per month. The HD Converter will replace your current digital converter if you are a Cox Digital Cable customer. With the converter, you are able to receive ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC as well as HBO HD and Showtime HD (as long as you are a current HBO and/or Showtime subscriber). There is a $49.95 installation fee for HD Service.* For an additional $4.95 per month (as of 3/1/2004) you can add our HD Tier which includes ESPN HD and Discovery HD Theater.**You must be a Cox Digital Cable customer in order to receive
High-Definition Service from Cox. Cox Digital Cable pricing starts at $52.74/mo.
H3at's Avatar H3at 02:55 AM 04-07-2004
Does anyone know for sure what NEW channels will we be recieving at the end of April?
markt170's Avatar markt170 12:44 PM 04-07-2004
Tv: Sony KF-50WE610. Out of the box, pic looks great, haven't had time to adjust, but can't think of any reason to screw it up yet. Build date is March 2004.

Cable: Adelphia delivered high def box DCT 6200, as I requested with the DVI output (connector not provided by Adelphia, got it myself). Adelphia missed their first appointment, stating that "it had been cancelled." When I called to yell at them, they came the next day. When cable guy came the next day, he wouldn't wait for the signal to come through on the new box, and it never came. He came back later that day, still no signal. The next day, he came back, made another call and signal arrived. He said when he called it in the first two times, the operator must have put in the wrong code. Yeah sure; whatever. The new box works great and is MUCH faster at changing channels than the old digital cable box. Guy said "signal is pretty good." I said, "pretty good isn't good enough," so he's coming tomorrow to bring a new cable signal amplifier.

DVD: Sony progressive scan connected with component connections. Looks great.

Picture quality: Very good all around as long as I keep the screen at 4:3; I hate the figure distortion (squatting) when I convert regular channels to wide screen or zoom, etc. HD channels (902, 904, 907, 911 - though not sure if 11 is really HD), 928 and 9HBO) automatically convert to widescreen, and look fantastic, especially 928 (though they seem to re-run the same content).

Sound: via Sony STR-DA4ES (7.1 with Polk RM6700 speakers), connected via optical connection. Sounds great, especially programs in 5.1.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the equipment, less than pleased with the installation hassle, pleased with the number of HD channels (and with the news that ESPN HD is coming soon), and glad I waited for cable instead of switching to Direct TV which would have been a much bigger hassle for me and would have required a giant antenna on the roof to get the local channels. Thank you all for the very useful information.
bwb's Avatar bwb 06:40 PM 04-07-2004
I just noticed that adlephiasocal.com is now touting that a HDTV DRV box/service is about to be released and they have started a priority list. Sounds like it's still a month or two away (more in adelphia time), but great to see.

On a separate note: I was able to get a three month credit on my HD service since Fox 11 is not yet available but was/is listed on website and advertising.

Perfectchris's Avatar Perfectchris 02:56 AM 04-08-2004
I was going to bring that up too BWB, I just figured someone else got to it first cause im usually late.... Anyways, I would signup, but I want some idea of the price. We're paying 55 bucks right now a month for regular cable and HD. to me, that is insane but I could really use the HD dvr but not if its more then 10 bucks. Even at 10 bucks that puts my bill to 65... times that by 12, you get 780 a year on cable!!... wow, thats a nice percentage my salary just for cable
Valuepac's Avatar Valuepac 07:53 PM 04-08-2004
you are lucky HD box and digital cable in santa monica is $68 plus tax. I think we are geting shafted in Socal ive been looking at east coast adelphia line ups and alot them have starz and cinemax hd.. why not use. Plus looks like they are geting inHD 1 & 2 along with hdnet and hdnet movies...
Mayor McCheese's Avatar Mayor McCheese 08:02 PM 04-08-2004
I called about the DVR and was told $7.95 per month for the box and service but the price goes down depending upon what other packages you have. If you have one advantage pack then I think it drops down to $4.95. She couldn't tell me if it's even cheaper if you already have HD. I might end up using it as an opportunity to get another box so that I can actually use my PIP.
H3at's Avatar H3at 11:35 PM 04-08-2004
I think the DVR is useless right now till they add way more channels.But would be nice
Mayor McCheese's Avatar Mayor McCheese 09:30 AM 04-09-2004
I wouldn't say useless- you can still record all of the analog and digital channels in addition to the handful of HD ones.
moeronn's Avatar moeronn 01:15 PM 04-09-2004
If the DVR works as advertized, I'd be willing to shell out $5/month for the DVR. I already have two DVRs (Replays - only one is working right now) but still can't record HD. I would use the Motorola DVR exclusively for HD shows like Sopranos, West Wing, CSI, etc...

Regarding Fox 11, I might try getting that credit, but they already gave me 6 months of free HD when I signed up. If they try and raise the prices or add teirs for HDNet, ESPNHD or any other "non-premium", then I'll be on them for some credits.
Mayor McCheese's Avatar Mayor McCheese 02:44 PM 04-09-2004
I just wish they would go with a different STB manufacturer. I hate the crappy TV Guide interactive stuff that Motorola boxes are stuck with.
PRMan's Avatar PRMan 04:36 PM 04-09-2004
I'm in Yorba Linda, so I called Adelphia as well. I have DirecTV and TiVos right now, and after reading the User Guide for the DVR, I was very disappointed in it's feature set. Realize that I could sell 2 DTiVos and 3 additional receivers by changing to cable (and probably save monthly as well since I already get internet through Adelphia).

These are must-have items in a DVR for me:

#1: 30-second skip. Even if I have to turn it on via a hidden key sequence, I cannot live without this. Football's way too nice with this feature. Also, it makes very short work of commercials. I refused to buy a TiVo until they added this feature.

#2: Season Pass or Double Red Dot. I need the ability to record all episodes of a show, presumably even if it changes nights or times, but I would settle for ReplayTV-like features where it looks ahead or behind by a single timeslot and gives you days to check on. There's no functionality for this. Instead, it blindly records the timeslot regardless of what's in it.

#3: Wishlists or Themes. I need the ability to find shows based on keyword searches. This is invaluable for sports.

#4: Dual Tuners. Watching weekly episodic shows and sports such hockey or football can be problematic with a single tuner. Since I got dual tuners, I never have this problem anymore.

#5: Sort by Priority. Another TiVo feature that I've fallen in love with is the ability to sort Season Passes and Wishlists into a long priority list. This allows me to set the importance of shows for the dual tuners to record. Between dual tuners and Priority Sorting, 99.9% of my recording can be automated on a single box, with zero intervention. I don't have time to set up recordings all the time.

Unfortunately for me, I would gladly pay up to $500 for these features as opposed to a DVR that is hardly better than a glorified digital VCR, so Adelphia really has no options for me.

Instead, I am going to get HDTV through D* now and see how much the HDTiVo price comes down by September when all the new seasons begin (sports and TV). Hopefully the TiVos come down by then.

Also, I am going to see how many channels I even get, since I am pretty much up against the hill and currently get NO signals from radio, TV, etc. from LA. So, I probably won't get any local channels OTA.

Still since I love sports, HDNet (for hockey) and ESPN-HD are the two most important channels to me, followed by CBS and FOX for football (all available on D*). I really don't watch anything on ABC or NBC except Leno (which is a waste of HD IMO--he just stands there). And I am still waiting for KTLA to go HD for Smallville and for ANYONE to carry FSW's allegedly HD broadcast.

Unless they come out with a working CableCard TiVo or ReplayTV, I just can't see getting cable again. These underpowered cable box DVRs just won't satisfy me.
bgooch's Avatar bgooch 03:06 PM 04-22-2004
How is the roll out of VOD in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, VV. Hollywood and Beverly Hills going?

FOR RELEASE: November 5, 2003


Increased Variety and Control Coming to Customers in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, VV. Hollywood, Beverly Hills

Greenwood Village, Colo. -- Adelphia Communications will begin offering its Adelphia OnDemand service by mid-December to digital cable customers in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. The service areas represent a total of 63,000 homes.

Improving on the traditional pay-per-view (PPV) experience, Adelphia OnDemand offers Adelphia Digital Cable customers a broader offering of movies and programs with VCR¬like control of their viewing experience. This added control allows customers to begin viewing available programs whenever they like, and stop, pause, rewind, and fast¬forward at their own convenience. An additional feature allows users to view a selected movie as many times as they like within 24 hours at no additional charge.

Most of Adelphia's remaining Los Angeles service areas will introduce VOD over the next 12 months. Customers in the enabled areas will have access to a wide variety of content offerings, some priced similarly to video store rental, others at no additional charge:

New release and classic movie titles, with many refreshed on a weekly basis. HBO and Showtime subscribers will have OnDemand access to movies, original series and special programs available from these networks.
A selection of free OnDemand programs that focus on children's entertainment and education, music and short segment entertainment.

"Introducing VOD is another demonstration of Adelphia's commitment to being the preferred provider for video and data service in southern California," said Regional Senior Vice President Lee Perron. "With Adelphia OnDemand, digital cable customers will have access to their own personal video store without leaving their home or dealing with late fees. Adelphia intends to provide the best possible OnDemand service, and we will increase and improve the programming available over the next several months."
jlin's Avatar jlin 04:34 PM 04-23-2004
Any updates on the new channels? the HD PVR? and the ability to use firewire to dump content to DVHS?
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