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DrDon's Avatar DrDon 10:07 PM 01-09-2004
Considering that CBS has the late game, tomorrow (in HD) we're probably going to get to skip this one.


Cossa's Avatar Cossa 10:50 AM 01-12-2004
I tried the DVI port on the 3150HD to my Sony XBR910 and once it is connected, the "output format" on the General Settings menu disappears. In addition, it takes forever for each HD channel to tune-in. Often there is snow for a second or two on the screen and then black and then the picture tunes in. Definitely not worth the delays... Going back to component cables.

Anyone else experience this? I was using a Monster DVI cable I bought at Circuit City (nice return policy...) to test it out.
MarcW's Avatar MarcW 01:32 PM 01-12-2004
Sorry this post is slightly off topic. Just wanted to inform everybody that TWCinci now offers the german channel German TV on channel 254. It's a subscription only channel and the price is a steep $14/month. Given that Cincinnati has a huge german heritage I thought others may be interested in watching tv programming from the motherland.

chazcron's Avatar chazcron 01:43 PM 01-12-2004
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 01:56 PM 01-12-2004
Originally posted by chazcron

Doesn't he coach Tampa Bay?
ClarkeR's Avatar ClarkeR 12:56 PM 01-13-2004
I talked to Matt in the programming department at WBQC today, and the move to channel 38 with its associated increase in power has been delayed. The current forcast is maybe April but as late as June.

I'm still hoping that WPTO-DT is on schudule for late winter or early spring.


Do you know if WBQC applied for and received an extension on their CP and for how long.
Charles Cole's Avatar Charles Cole 01:28 PM 01-13-2004

I'm still hoping that WPTO-DT is on schudule for late winter or early spring

We've got our toes crossed on that one also... Right now the time line has it with a mid-April start. However, none of us will be surprised if it slides (some more)
ClarkeR's Avatar ClarkeR 02:25 PM 01-13-2004
Thanks for the WPTO-DT update. I understand that the number of things that can cause delays is endless. We're all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.
Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 02:56 PM 01-13-2004
First off, Noticed there are 2 new Subs showing up on KET/WCVN-DT -- 54-5+54-6 ... Both are SD with Color bars, which I'm currently using, since the only way I can get test patterns at 1080i is via DTV station+upconverting to 1080i with my STB .. Enjoying the audio on 54-5 now too presently ...


Thanks for into on WPTO-DT/WBQC!

Clarke, Don't think WBQC needs a CP extension, FCC site shows the Current CP for 38 doesn't expire until 12/26/04(3 years from date of issue) :

It's WOTH-LP's STA(special temporary authority) for channel 38 (They're on 38 because they had to move from 39 to make way for WKOI-DT, which transmits from near Oxford with a very directional antenna pattern that generally favors the NNW, and their community of license, Richmond, IN --- WOTH-LP had to move from 35 to 39 too, BTW, to make way for WLWT-DT in 98). WOTH-LP now has a CP to move to 25+use WBQC's current facilities, that won't expire for a couple more years either ...

Anyhow, what I was wondering about is that FCC CDBS info shows WOTH-LP's last STA for 38 expired on 12/11/2003 (Their second STA - WKOI-DT came up in Dec. 2002, and they moved to 38 around that time), I don't see any indication that they've filed for a new STA ... However, Just because I'm not seeing a new STA filed for/issued on FCC site, it doesn't mean they don't have some sort of STA or permit/etc. to operate, currently:


WOTH-LP App list:

You can find this sort of stuff(sometimes, even the apps from the stations themselves) Here(especially from the links you get from the query result) -- Make sure to choose "Detailed info+CDBS Links" When you run your query:
ClarkeR's Avatar ClarkeR 03:49 PM 01-13-2004
Thanks for the info and hints on navigating the FCC site. It always gives me trouble. I usually go to TV-Radio World for the basic FCC apps but I can't get detailed info there.

I also want to thank Charles again. We are lucky to have Charles and William to give us info on WPTO and KET. We are lucky to have such an active local forum at this stage of the digital revolution.

I think I'm correct that the WPTO-DT antenna is going onto the WXIX tower. It's a good thing that transmitters don't get virus infections, because I wouldn't want to be anywhere near WXIX if they did. I know that WXIX doesn't think much of digital. Nevertheless, their management must be near meltdown by now.
Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 01:10 PM 01-14-2004
Some various wondering thoughts ...

Looks like KET is using the add'l subs(54-5/54-6) for their KY General Assembly coverage, so I'd WAG it's temporary ...

And Yes, as allways thanks to Charles and William for participating here ...


I think you might have said you have a terrain issue towards Dayton(which would probably be quite "limiting" in combination with your distance from Dayton on Hi-UHF 58 especially), but if you could see it, I think you'd be pleased with WPTD-DT Dayton. Although Pixelization/limited HD bandwidth due to 2 SD subs alongside HD is a problem at times, WPTD-DT is broadcasting the PBS HD channel overnight(nightly) from 6~8pm or so to 6am ...

Concerning WPTO-DT -- According to info at FCC site, Their Original CP was for WKOI's Tower(is between Oxford and Trenton, OH), but they were granted a CP MOD(On 1/24/03) to use WXIX's tower instead. Given WPTO-DT/WXIX-DT are going to be on 1st Adjacent channels, I think its probably especially a good thing to co-locate 1st adjacent channel facilities ...

WPTO-DT's App "list" with links(If you check out the "application" links for the DT, it explains the hows and why's/etc, including the reasons for their filing for CP extensions) :
Anyhow, I'm allways a little "skeptical" when I hear a station has plans to come up in the middle of winter, as, if the tower work hasn't been done yet, I'd think it probably isn't going to happen until at least spring(Of course, there is the "wind issue" we sometimes have to deal with around here in early spring, too ... Of course, when I spoke to Elliot Block at bqc' in August 2002, their plans at that time were to have WBQC on 38 by Spring 2003 ....

Concerning the "Transmitter virus" (LOL!) -- No telling what "Murphy" is up to these days ....

Oh -- On WXIX-DT .... They seem to be off air currently --- I did notice that although all seemed well prior to last night( the last couple of days when I've checked), Last night, I had solid reception from them during Widescreen "24", but just Barely ... Signal quality meter was showing about 35-40% (Unless they've been off air, It's allways been 95-100%), which is what I get from WKOI-DT this time of year. I can't get WKOI-DT once leaves come on trees, or there's too much wind - I also have a serious terrain issue in their direction - Not an issue for their analog, but their DTV transmitting antenna is much lower on their tower, and of course they are running an 18 KW ERP STA with a directional antenna that doesn't favor my direction --- According to antenna pattern on FCC site, they should be throwing about 2KW ERP in my direction ...

Concerning WKOI-DT(TBN) ... Anyone know how to get hold of them? They are using one of the 16x9 ATSC formats, and they are sending their 4x3 video "stretched" into 16x9 (jst like WXIX-DT's local commercials when they're doing Fox widescreen properly) -- It looks bad+They've been doing this for almost a year now ... I can't squeeze it back to normal proportions in most cases with my 2 setups(except for at 480p/480i on One setup), can't tell if they are sending 1080i/720p or 480p 16x9 ...
ClarkeR's Avatar ClarkeR 01:38 PM 01-14-2004
So far, I haven't had a single lock on ANY of the Dayton digital stations. I've spent most of my time trying to get KET without dropouts. Reception was pretty consistant this summer but has gone down hill this winter. I don't have line of sight in that direction so any thing I get is a reflection. If I want to get Dayton and KET I'd have to sell my house and move to the top of the hill or maybe a 60 ft. tower. I don't think my wife or the neighbors would appreciate that. I do have solid reception on all the other Cincinnati stations, so I have high hopes for WPTO.
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 01:50 PM 01-14-2004
What a difference a few feet make, huh? I am on a hill not far from you and can get WDTN and WKEF digitals just fine using a yagi in the attic. WHIO I get occasionally, although I can phase the antennas to get 41 solidly (at the expense of the others). So, maybe you won't QUITE need a 60-foot tower. Depends on what's in the way. If you can find a spot where you can see the control tower, you should be good. Though you may need quite a bit of yagi .

jkeane's Avatar jkeane 10:31 AM 01-15-2004
Hi all,

I've noticed that all the stations transmit a DD2.0 audio signal except CET with their 5.1. I was wondering if this is a network situation or a local station issue. I am specifically interested in knowing whether channel 12 will be broadcasting the Super Bowl in DD5.1.

microbob's Avatar microbob 10:37 AM 01-15-2004
I was wondering why this is as well. The Audio on CET is excellent. I know that CBS and NBC are supposed to be broadcasting 5.1. I believe its a local issue.
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 10:37 AM 01-15-2004
Hey TW subs: any idea on when ESPN-HD is coming on line? My partner wants to know. I thought TW already had it.

I can't speak for WKRC, but WCPO-DT won't pass 5.1 until they move into their new facilities. The move will take place in March. Not sure how long after that they'll upgrade.

chazcron's Avatar chazcron 10:52 AM 01-15-2004
I don't know of any TW franchises getting ESPN(there may be a few. Corporate parent doesn't want to pay Disney twice for the identical content on SD they already pay for. I haven't heard how much HD stuff is on it anyway. I've read that SD stuff is often stretched.

I have the option of getting it with Lebanon's cable service (in addition to WXIX), but the other channels are lacking compared to TWCinci, also, no PVR.
Michael St. Clair's Avatar Michael St. Clair 11:02 AM 01-15-2004

Hey TW subs: any idea on when ESPN-HD is coming on line? My partner wants to know. I thought TW already had it.

They don't have it yet, and it looks like there is no telling when they will have it. TW thinks it should be free because it duplicates the SD version of the channel.

So that leaves us currently at:

PBS (multiple)
Discovery HD
HDNet Movies
cmf's Avatar cmf 11:03 AM 01-15-2004
I spoke to a TWC rep yesterday (to demo, for free for two months, the new HD tier) about ESPN-HD and other HD programming (Fox and WB, specificallly). She said she hadn't heard about Fox and WB, but that an internal memo had listed ESPN-HD as something that was coming soon and that it would be added to the HD tier. Fingers crossed...
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 01:24 PM 01-15-2004
Thanks, all. I'll pass the information to Amanda. Her husband was quite miffed that the Bearcats weren't in HD on TWC, last night. Maybe TWC is waiting for more content. They ARE getting more and it DOES look quite good (I get it via DirecTV). The stretching of SD programming isn't annoying to me, since that's what I do with ALL SD programming. Even stretched, ESPN-HD's upconverts look tons better than ESPN on DirecTV or through Insight. I haven't seen ESPN-HD on Insight (co-worker has it), but he says you can't tell any difference between Insight and DirecTV.


Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 07:16 PM 01-16-2004
WXIX-DT is up at 21:00 1/16 ... Last I checked this afternoon they were down ... Also, Just did a bit of a "rotation check" and From 32 Miles, Getting them with no dropouts over 10 minutes time with antenna aimed as far off target with as much rejection off the side as I can get(antenna aimed towards Ft Wayne or so) ...Of course, the analog looks absolutely awful due to the poor multipath "capabilities" of NTSC with antenna aimed so far off target ...
voyager6's Avatar voyager6 07:35 PM 01-16-2004
I am receiving WXIX-DT on both my receivers, but both show up low in the signal quality, but a little better than a couple of weeks ago.
JunkyardDogg's Avatar JunkyardDogg 01:36 PM 01-20-2004
Is there any chance of WKRC or WHIO having DD5.1 for the Superbowl? I know they haven't had it on for regular season games, but was hoping that one of the two would have it. Also, what is up with all the KET channels? Kentucky's Congress isn't that interesting and neither are the color bars. I still get WXIX in solid when they are broadcasting(Which they aren't doing right now). Also, when WCPO moves to the new station, has anyone heard about DD5.1 from them, although I don't mind changing to WDTN. Anyone hear back from WB 64, wrote them and still no response, but I figured that because it is Sinclair station and I don't expect much of them anyway, except for Seinfeld to be on.
Paul210's Avatar Paul210 01:45 PM 01-20-2004

Originally posted by JunkyardDogg
Is there any chance of WKRC or WHIO having DD5.1 for the Superbowl? I know they haven't had it on for regular season games, but was hoping that one of the two would have it...

I think most of us were just hoping for full bitrate video sans macro-blocks.

DrDon's Avatar DrDon 01:54 PM 01-20-2004
The PLAN for WCPO (which could have changed since I last talked with them) was to have DD 5.1 at the new location. I doubt the implementation will be instantaneous. More likely, they'll get it in once they're situated. Plans also called for full 16:9 digital switching capabilities, which means we'll still get the nasty weather bugs, but at least there'll be an HD picture underneath them. My SPECULATION is that they'll have digital studio cameras, since that's what their sister station did in Detroit (but they had a bigger budget). Don't look for 720p news, however. Detroit has had the cameras for 4 years and hasn't done it, yet, to my knowledge. However, the added resolution was enough to make them rebuild the set, since all of the "cheats" were suddenly blatantly obvious.. even on the oldest TV sets.

More than you wanted to know, I'm sure, but...

shantyman88's Avatar shantyman88 07:47 PM 01-20-2004
Does anyone know what the deal is with the NHL telecasts on inhd? I tried flipping them on during this "trial period" and was not so pleasantly surprised. For some reason, TW's feed of HDNet is not actually showing the NHL games! Instead, they keep repeating that Dartmouth/Brown Men's b-ball game. What the heck? I missed 2 Blue Jackets games in Hi Def because of this! Does anyody know?

Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 03:48 PM 01-21-2004
Since ABC/CBS/NBC had HD, and WXIX-DT had Fox Widescreen for State of Union address last night, I found it to be an interesting PQ comparison -- Only time I can think of that I have seen the same HD source material(+Fox Widescreen from 'xix) from 7 different(Cincy/Dayton) stations to use for comparison ...
JunkyardDogg's Avatar JunkyardDogg 04:23 PM 01-21-2004
Sorry for asking a question about DD 5.1 on CBS.
However, Dayton people need to do a better job of getting WHIO to drop the sub-channel, WKRC will not drop Webhopper, if it is making money, why not keep it, HD isn't doing that for them.
Looks like we may lose channel 61 analog, because it is carried by cable and sat, so if you want it OTA, you should call the number on the bottom of the screen.
I also tested each station for the best picture, it was between WCPO and WKRC, I stayed with WCPO because it was ABC cameras shooting it. Not even HD can help out that speech!
Paul210's Avatar Paul210 04:54 PM 01-21-2004

No need to apologize for asking a question! That was just my dig on both of the CBS affiliates. I don't know what more we can do to get them to drop the sub. Several people up here in Dayton have emailed WHIO, including me. I don't have a response from them. I suppose we could start calling them daily...

JunkyardDogg's Avatar JunkyardDogg 05:01 PM 01-21-2004
Its cool. I think all we can do is live with what we have and be happy for it. We do get the Superbowl in HD(with a little taste of blocking). Has anyone ever checked the bit rate difference between WHIO and WKRC? Is it possible that they're sharing a feed from national or something on that order? I still don't understand the point of one HD sub and another 4:3 480i sub, seems illogical to me, I would never watch the second channel, Burn-in never happens if you set your tv right and change sources enough. Still nothing from WB 64, what a load of bull from them, oh well, its not a good network anyway.
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