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jkeane's Avatar jkeane 02:20 PM 05-26-2004
I would like to either move my existing antenna or have a new one installed and even though I put up the one that's there now, I no longer enjoy being "up on the roof". Can any of you make a recommendation for a competent installer in the Loveland/Symmes/Montgomery area? Thanks.


jkeane's Avatar jkeane 07:36 AM 05-27-2004
I received this email this morning from WCPO-DT:

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks to all with your inquries regarding our HD signal.

I will not have the ability to update the wcpo-dt site for the next couple
of weeks due to server problems (more good news!). Please stay patient
while we trudge through our technical quagmire. Talk to you soon.


Gregory Ruschman, Jr.
6speed's Avatar 6speed 01:30 PM 05-27-2004
I had my antenna installed by Larry at Advanced Antenna he's in Milford 831-6944.
jkeane's Avatar jkeane 01:37 PM 05-27-2004

Thanks, I'll call him.
Grazant's Avatar Grazant 06:07 AM 05-28-2004
Is anyone else having trouble with INHD 1 & 2 on TWC? I have been unable to get them reliably since TWC put TNT HD on. I am happy about TNT HD but now I lost two HD channels to get one, bad deal. Also those stupid storms last night made me so upset, I missed Coyote Ugly in HD, I mean Tyra banks in HD. Thanks for any input.
Paul210's Avatar Paul210 06:38 AM 05-28-2004
RE Coyote Ugly, I wanted to shove a weather bug where the sun don't shine. WDTN-DT didn't have it in HD because of the weather bug and the crawl. WCPO-DT just kept running weather reports. I watched it on the Columbus station in HD for a couple minutes but the lightning kept interrupting the signal. So much for the ability to receive three ABC digital affiliates.
chrisdow's Avatar chrisdow 07:07 AM 05-28-2004, how confident are we that WCPO-DT will have their "you-know-what-together" by NBA Finals-time which should be in HD!!??!!
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 07:15 AM 05-28-2004
Pretty confident. So long as there's not a weather watch in effect at game time.
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 08:15 AM 05-30-2004
Minor news: WXIX is in the process of remodeling their master control facilities. That's really all I know, but it would be a little silly to do a remod and not put DT monitors in the control room. This may also explain why they didn't get the digital splicer install when Fox crews were in Dayton. No point putting something in that's going to have to be moved in a few weeks.

Not sure what's wrong with WCPO-DT. But I have heard they're up to their necks in studio move related fixes and tweaks. They probably will be for weeks to come.

Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 08:57 AM 05-30-2004
Hockey game in HD looked excellent last night from WDTN-DT.

Did Notice WCPO-DT did have HD for a bit -- I think it was Friday night, but the audio was just noise.

I got this from them last week in response to my message farther below :


I'm glad it didn't take long, but there is still a good deal of tinkering
that needs to be performed in our present location to make sure our HD
signal is up and running smoothly. If you have any more questions, feel
free to contact me.



Greg --

Well that didn't take very long! I'm getting ABC HD for "Beautiful Mind"
from WCPO-DT 10 Presently(mon night) at 8:30pm ....

Thanks Much,

JunkyardDogg's Avatar JunkyardDogg 01:28 PM 06-01-2004
I turned on the set this afternoon and saw that WKRC is at 31.01 today after I did a rescan. No sub channels, but I can't tell if their is more bandwidth or not.
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 01:35 PM 06-01-2004

Not yet. WKRC has had the remap bit set to "off" since a week ago, Friday. Some boxes (such as my Zenith) won't notice that until they do a rescan. I don't think any changes have been made since midnight, when WH was scheduled to end. I'd bet that the 12-1 bit gets reset when the encoder gets reprogrammed.

zekyl's Avatar zekyl 06:08 PM 06-01-2004
I am getting HD signal from TW and channel 9, however the audio is popping loudly and you can not make out a single word. Any one else seeing this either OTA or from TW?
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 06:16 PM 06-01-2004
Could tell WCPO changed something, this morning and fully expected we'd see HD back, tonight (it's been missing for several days). But it looks like they didn't get the audio set up correctly. Better luck tomorrow, I guess . BTW, it's the same OTA. But it's a local issue. WDTN-DT is fine.'s someone else's turn to call .
JunkyardDogg's Avatar JunkyardDogg 07:02 PM 06-02-2004
WCPO has working HD and Sound on 9.01 when I was surfing through. Called WXIX and the guy I talked to knew about the Weirdscreen thing, but it looks like communications are not very well, still very skinny. No 5.1 on WCPO yet, hopefully coming soon. Watching Dayton Fox instead tonite, are they broadcasting at 720p now?
Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 07:52 PM 06-02-2004
JY Dogg --

Might have something to do with the upgrade of master control Doc mentioned earlier, as They're usually(just about allways really) pretty good about fixing it when you call.BTW, I did notice WXIX-DT was off air earlier this afternoon.

Yes, WRGT-DT, Fox Dayton is sending 720p on 30-1. Native Resolution of Fox programming as sent by Fox to its digital affiliates (including Fox WS from WRGT-DT or WXIX-DT) is 480i anamorphic, until Fox starts doing HD(at 720p) later this year -- So, everything on 30-1 from WRGT-DT is upconverted to 720p currently, as WXIX-DT(currently) upconverts everything to 1080i for broadcast.
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 08:31 PM 06-02-2004
WKRC-DT is now at 19MB/s for the main (and only) channel and the remap bit in the PSIP is back on. Detail in "2 1/2 Men" better than on WHIO-DT. Of course, the real proof will be with this weekend's golf and this fall's football . GOOD JOB WRKC!!

Dogg.. don't know what number you called, but 513-421-0119 followed by "Will you please notify the control room to fix the aspect ratio on the digital transmitter" always gets it done for me.

JunkyardDogg's Avatar JunkyardDogg 02:25 PM 06-03-2004
That was the number I called and the guy that I talked to knew what I was talking about, but it never got fixed. How did u check the bit rateof WKRC? Do you have PC card?
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 02:36 PM 06-03-2004

Originally posted by JunkyardDogg
Do you have PC card?

I have good "sources."
Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 07:46 PM 06-03-2004
At 15mb/s from WKRC-DT, I "used to" notice even fast action in CSI caused problems with compression artifacts(as is still the case with WHIO-DT) --- But Not tonight! It really Looks great! (granted however, I am watching on my smaller display tonight).


Originally posted by DrDon
Detail in "2 1/2 Men" better than on WHIO-DT. Of course, the real proof will be with this weekend's golf and this fall's football . GOOD JOB WRKC!!

I concur on all. Even on the relatively small HD display I'm currently watching(26" 16x9 Direct View - "self-calibrated") I am a bit surprised at the difference in detail I seem to be seeing between WKRC-DT and WHIO-DT tonight during CSI. For some odd reason I'm remembering what HD from WCET-DT Looked like those first couple of months when they were giving PBS HD Demo loop everything ...

I know it probably was a big money loser for them doing the "big" HD productions of WEBN fireworks last few years, but I'd love to see it in HD from WKRC-DT again this year as well(or even a playback of previous year's shows) ... Especially given the "screen door" effects we saw during during especially "active" portions of the show the past couple of years ....

Might just be me, but, concerning whatever else they might have done besides increasing bitrate --- I think the upconverted stuff looks better too. Gonna be fun to compare again between WBNS-DT+WKRC-DT during bandwidth demanding source material as I've been able to do in the past when band conditions were good enough ... WBNS-DT was the clear winner in PQ(due to the compression artifacts) during SEC/NFL HD football this year, but the way CSI looks tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if WKRC-DT ends up looking better.

Anyhow --- Great Job WKRC! Kudos, Kudos, and more Kudos to WKRC Engineering folks, and whomever is responsible for the current PQ ...


And on another note -- Kudos for WCPO-DT for getting ABC HD(with Audio) back up and running -- At least currently and sounds like for past couple of days ...
WebHopperWeasel's Avatar WebHopperWeasel 09:39 PM 06-03-2004
I am glad you all are happy with the work I am doing on the WKRC-DT PQ and such. I am trying to make as many improvements as I can and as quickly as I can. We will stay at 19Mbs for now. There are no current plans to reduce the rate.

Thanks for the kudo's. I do appreciate it.
zekyl's Avatar zekyl 05:46 AM 06-04-2004
Yup, glad you are making improvments, now if we can just get 5.1 audio . I am sure there is more involved than just flipping a switch.

Why are the fireworks not going to be in HD this year? Is the cost too great? I really enjoyed watching them from home in HD last year.

Take care.
Grazant's Avatar Grazant 06:47 AM 06-04-2004
Just FYI tonight on INHD2 at 10:00 PM Nike Training Camp will be on and their focus tonight is on our very own Cincinnati Bearcats and the great Bob Huggins. Just thought you might like to know we get the chance to watch our Bearcats in HDTV. Here is the synopsis:

Nike Training Camp #6 (Coach B. Huggins)

The animated Bob Huggins has built a perennial basketball powerhouse at Cincinnati. With more than 350 victories, Huggins is the winningest coach in Cincinnati history and ranks among the top 10 nationally in winning percentage among active coaches.
MarcW's Avatar MarcW 04:33 PM 06-07-2004
Does anyone else have problems with the sound coming from WKRC ? I'm using Dolby PLII on my receiver but I only get sound on my left main speaker. No sound from the center at all. This only happens on WKRC. All other channels work fine which makes me think it's the station and not my setup.

Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 09:09 PM 06-07-2004

After reading your message I checked just around 8pm tonight real quick(It was just before they switched to network though), (using PLII to "feed" a 5.1 setup) and, at that time at least all audio channels from WKRC-DT seemed fine here. The HD setup I've been using the most lately is just analog Stereo 2 channel audio, which has been fine from WKRC-DT when I've been watching.
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 09:28 PM 06-07-2004
Nothing strange here, either. Center and all 4 surrounds functioning as I would expect them to. My receiver decodes WKRC-DT's audio very well. You'd have to look at the display to see it's not 5.1.

Only thing I've noticed this week is some pulsing of the character-generated graphics during the golf coverage. Very minor.

Speaking of the golf, the picture on the HD shots was outstanding and the cicada noise in the Pro Logic was hysterical if nothing else. Sounded like they were playing golf on some other planet.

WebHopperWeasel's Avatar WebHopperWeasel 09:44 PM 06-07-2004
There is a audio problem with the Left Channel. We will be working on it tomorrow. I have also seen the flicker in the graphics. Haven't figured that one out yet but I will be looking into it.

DrDon's Avatar DrDon 06:09 AM 06-08-2004
Figured you saw that. But now you have me checking MY audio hookups since I didn't really notice anything. Hmmm.

Nitewatchman's Avatar Nitewatchman 09:58 AM 06-08-2004
FYI -- For those that don't subscribe to Dayton Thread --- It's been reported here:

That WPTO-DT 28 (ThinkDTV14) should be on the air this weekend.
MarcW's Avatar MarcW 04:09 PM 06-08-2004
Originally posted by WebHopperWeasel
There is a audio problem with the Left Channel. We will be working on it tomorrow. I have also seen the flicker in the graphics. Haven't figured that one out yet but I will be looking into it.


Not sure if it had anything to do with this but I'm happy to say that the problem is now fixed

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