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RobertCooper's Avatar RobertCooper 09:21 PM 12-11-2003
Well... the 2003 thread was about 500+ posts long, so I figured it was time to start another!! For anyone new, please see the "Central TX HDTV Status" link for up-to-date info on our local HD offerings.

Dr. Joe's ORIGINAL Central Texas thread

Rob's 2003 Austin TX HDTV Thread

Central TX HDTV Status


EvilFoo's Avatar EvilFoo 10:06 PM 12-11-2003
Good stuff. Want more HD. Tired to say other things.
utstimpy's Avatar utstimpy 04:26 AM 12-12-2003
Someone go b!tch slap the person in charge over at NBC so they'll give TWC the go. I want my ER in HD damnit!
austinsho's Avatar austinsho 08:57 PM 12-12-2003
I'd rather slap the lurkers over at FOX MANAGEMENT who keep KTBC down at low power!

And a BIG slap to TWC for providing me with TWO defective HD boxes in two days.
chi_in_austin's Avatar chi_in_austin 10:04 PM 12-12-2003
This is my first post on this forum after several years of lurking and spending too much money base on the advice of other forum members. And money went spent I will add. Now that I finally got an HD display device, I better start following this thread. I tried to read the "2003" many times but never got through. Glad to see a new start.
Anyway, does anyone else here have experience with the Pioneer OTA HD tuner that came with the Pro1110. I keep getting signals from stations in all shape and sized with changes throughout the day. Only CBS seem to consistently fille 16:9 aspect ratio. I am sorry if this is a dumb question. I am very new to all this stuff but very excited to learn from you all.
utstimpy's Avatar utstimpy 11:23 PM 12-12-2003
(I don't have any experience with OTA so this may be completely wrong, but I'm just trying to help )

A lot of programming is still not HD right now, so I would guess they are transmitting SD 4:3 stuff to you. Use your TVs stretch modes to make it fill the screen.


link to the end of the old thread
Paul Bigelow's Avatar Paul Bigelow 09:08 AM 12-13-2003
"The Young and the Restless" is the only "Big Three" 16:9 HD daytime programming that I'm aware of. Otherwise, it's upconverted 480i and 4:3. Some OTA (like the Zenith) will allow one to set the scaling/ratio. However (as I understand it), the station can determine that the aspect can't be altered. That's why the 24-2 (radar) can be rescaled whereas 24-1 cannot.
JimboG's Avatar JimboG 11:38 PM 12-13-2003

Here's a couple updates on the HDTV scene here in San Antonio. Our PBS station, KLRN-DT, is multicasting two channels during the day and during the evening. Our local Sinclair-owned Fox and WB affiliates are transmitting 480i upconverts with worse audio and video quality than the traditional analog channels.

Also, KLRN, KABB and KRRT are all operating at significantly reduced power. Once the San Antonio stations go full power one should be able to view the reliably from San Marcos, perhaps even from further north.


P.S. Hope your local Fox station gets their act together soon. I'd like for at least one of the Fox stations in Central Texas to not suck.
RobertCooper's Avatar RobertCooper 02:29 PM 12-14-2003

Thanks for the info... I'll be sure to update the lists soon.

Yeah... I hope Fox quits sucking soon. 720p and increased power would be very nice.
minivette's Avatar minivette 06:24 PM 12-14-2003
hrmmm... anyone else getting INHD on TW? (1601) I was flipping channels and it's on now. Also, anyone else have the HD cahnnels not showing the picture last night and this morning? Everything is working now though, just curious...
minivette's Avatar minivette 06:29 AM 12-15-2003
HDNET seems to only have been turned on for the NBA game last night. Although is was still on about an hour after the game. Now, I checked this morning and FOXHD was turned on but there was no picture. This is kinda confusing if you don't keep on top of it, that's for sure.
kkramer25's Avatar kkramer25 07:42 AM 12-15-2003
anyone doing OTA in Steiner Ranch...? which antenna are you using, thanks.... i searched the 2003 thread and some of you had some issues back before summer.
utstimpy's Avatar utstimpy 05:14 PM 12-15-2003

Originally posted by minivette

You mean INHD?
minivette's Avatar minivette 06:32 PM 12-15-2003

Originally posted by utstimpy
You mean INHD?

Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry.
paulbehnke's Avatar paulbehnke 07:50 PM 12-15-2003
Minivette, never say "sorry" to an infallible bully. It's just what he wants. You're justing wasting time and energy...we all knew what you meant even if they are not in the glossary!
utstimpy's Avatar utstimpy 08:04 PM 12-15-2003
Either I'm missing the sarcasm or that came completely out of left field
minivette's Avatar minivette 09:03 PM 12-15-2003
I just meant "sorry" as in I was sorry if I created any confusion as to exactly what I saw, that's all.
pdog's Avatar pdog 09:46 PM 12-15-2003
You're not the only one confused.


Originally posted by utstimpy
Either I'm missing the sarcasm or that came completely out of left field

RobertCooper's Avatar RobertCooper 10:17 PM 12-15-2003
Yeah... UTStimpy... I don't know where that left field comment came frome!

Paul, UTS has been around here enough for us to know that he was just correcting some mis-information, NOT being an "infallable bully". Not to mention --> with the speed at which I scan these threads, a correction like that is good, b/c otherwise I might accidentally commit some mis-info to memory, and then screw it up in the future.
JimboG's Avatar JimboG 05:16 AM 12-16-2003
I think Paul was just pulling your chain. He's been quite friendly in the San Antonio threads. I don't think there was any harm intended. Although the smilies are useful for that sort of comment...

mark34's Avatar mark34 12:35 PM 12-16-2003
I just set up a DirecTV / OTA combo for HD (Samsung 160) in Austin. I live in West Lake, quite close to the towers. I get excellent reception of NBC and CBS HD but do not get KVUE (ABC). Are they broadcasting over the air? Any thoughts on why I might not get KVUE?

Thanks in advance for your help. I read through the threads at one time and this may have been addresses; if so I apologize.

RobertCooper's Avatar RobertCooper 06:00 PM 12-16-2003

Please check the huge link in the first post. You will see that KVUE is broadcasting at a respectible power level. Unless you live in some sort of "no-mans-land" for ABC's transmission pattern, you should receive ABC no problem.

Try tweaking your antenna directions a bit... that may help. Make sure you have done an AUTO scan, or check channel 24 or 33.

Also, check to see if you can get PBS.... it is at a similar power to ABC, and it's on the same tower.

If none of those work... well... ask for more help and I'll do more thinking.

mark34's Avatar mark34 07:32 PM 12-16-2003
Thanks for the reply. I will mess with the antenna. I cannot get PBS either.
John Ard's Avatar John Ard 08:07 AM 12-19-2003
HDnet and HDNet Movies soon to be added to TWC. Check the HDNet website for the press release. Over on the HDTV-Programming threads, a guy in San Antonio mentions it's already available in thier market.

Nice additon! When it will be available in Austin is anyone's guess.

Don't bother calling TW-Austin. I tried (against my better judgement) and they had no idea as usual. It's funny, the folks on these threads know more about what's going on than they do. They should just forward callers to AVS Fourm.

kkramer25's Avatar kkramer25 08:52 AM 12-19-2003
anyone... please tell me what antenna you are using with your OTA. thanks.....i supposedly need a "yellow" zone one and i am in Steiner Ranch, so about 10 miles from the towers.. thanks..
Paul Bigelow's Avatar Paul Bigelow 01:47 PM 12-19-2003

Silver Sensor, Radio Shack double bow-tie, Radio Shack U-75.

Best regards,

Paul Bigelow
MurrayW's Avatar MurrayW 11:24 PM 12-19-2003

Originally posted by kkramer25
anyone... please tell me what antenna you are using with your OTA. thanks.....i supposedly need a "yellow" zone one and i am in Steiner Ranch, so about 10 miles from the towers.. thanks..

I live in the Oak Hill area and have a Channel Master 4221 on my roof and a RS Double bow tie in my attic. I can get all the local Austin channels with my bow tie except for FOX. The CM 4221 pulls in Fox with occasional dropouts on my RCA DTC-100 but I only get an indication of a faint signal on my HiPix HD card in my computer and no picture or sound for Fox using the CM 4221. So both the antenna and HD decoding device make a difference in my area.

ChuckDogg's Avatar ChuckDogg 08:39 PM 12-20-2003
I am almost in Cedar Park and use a CM3021 mounted in my attic. I can pull in all of the locals without problem except for FOX. I am using an 811 to decode the OTA signals.
RobertCooper's Avatar RobertCooper 05:30 AM 12-21-2003
I have an Antenaa Craft (well... equivalent) AC9. Bout it for $15 a Fry's way back when. I use it with a 10dB in-line Radio Shack amp (which you can get an equivalent model w/o the RS name at Fry's for $15).

I have them mounted in the attic. I can pull in EVERYTHING except fox, which I"m not even going to waste effort on.

I used to have a CM4228 with CM7777 preamp in the attic so that I could pick up the low power CBS, but now that everythign is higher power, I sold it and went back to the low budget antenna/amp.

The only thing that gives me hiccups is ABC on occasion, and sometimes I think it is the broadcast rather than my reception.
RobertCooper's Avatar RobertCooper 06:15 AM 12-21-2003
Update to the Summary, but mainly for the San Antonio folks based on information from JIMBO and an email from a WOAI employee.
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