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HTBruceM's Avatar HTBruceM 05:15 PM 12-06-2004
Does anyone know if the Moto DVR box will record HD from the firewire as an input? I have a Mits DLP and it is capable using it's "NetCommand" feature to turn it's own tuner and input selections at a given time/date, and stream the data to the firewire port. This assumes the recording device will accept firewire mpeg input (the D-VHS machines do). My desire is to be able to record the local OTA HD channels to the DVR (i.e. CBS).

So two questions:

1) Does the Moto DVR record from it's FW input
2) Does the Moto DVR accept transport commands via the FW

crossbeaux's Avatar crossbeaux 05:52 PM 12-06-2004
Got my DVR unit installed today (if "installed" is really the word for simply bringing a box to my house and hooking up the cables in exactly the same way they were before and apologizing for not knowing anything about the unit -- and all for only $15).

Anyway, I found my first problem with the unit, or rather, with the software. I set up to record The Daily Show as a series recording. But despite choosing the show in its 11:00PM time slot, and despite choosing "first run only," the box insists on recording the show every time it is on every day. So instead of recording it once a day, it insists on recording four times a day. I can cancel individual recordings, but that doesn't seem to be programmable (i.e. I would have to cancel every one manually every day). Customer support was nice, and apologetic, but unable to offer further help. Anyone else found a way around this?
mismatched's Avatar mismatched 06:02 PM 12-06-2004

This happens with a Tivo Series 2 unit also! It must be a programming thing (more or less specific to the Daily Show, although I have no idea why that should be) and this taping of every show is not the DVRs fault. I made sure that I set my Tivo for first runs only and it keeps recording every single @!#$%#$% Daily Show. Granted the DS is a great show but I dont need to watch each episode more than 2x!! LOL

If you find a way around it with the 6412 do let us know. I get mine and all my HT gear installed Thursday.

crossbeaux's Avatar crossbeaux 09:43 PM 12-06-2004

My ReplayTV allows me to set which days and times I am recording. So, although there are other problems with it, this problem does not happen. If the programmers are listenening, look at Replay and fix this.
Jams's Avatar Jams 11:16 PM 12-06-2004
I called the Comcast 800 number today and got a time setup for tomorrow for my new DVR. Cant wait! And I sold my Tivo on Craig's list today for what I paid for it (after rebate). Sweet! This new DVR actually saves me money(Tivo is $12.95/mo)! The CSR on the phone said they had lots of wide open appointments for installs this week for those of you who haven't called yet.


kwkarth's Avatar kwkarth 06:40 AM 12-07-2004
Comcast is scheduled to be out here tomorrow to install the new DVR!
I'm sure there will be a few bumps in the road and the tech won't know anything about the DVR he's installing, (typical Comcast), but I'm still looking forward to it.
lewlew's Avatar lewlew 08:21 AM 12-07-2004

Peaking through the top vents I can read "maxtor". I have to assume that seagate doesn't have the word "maxtor" on their lables.

It might be valuable when members report their joy ( new install) that they would mention which drive they have and it's relative noise level.

For those who are interested or have questions about the 6412 be sure to check out the comcast 6412 w/iGuide thread in the HDRecorders forum.
lewlew's Avatar lewlew 08:39 AM 12-07-2004

My gerbils seem to be acting just like yours. With the audio muted in a very quiet room I too can just hear them at about 10'. Surfing really seems to light a fire under them.

My red record light does the same thing as yours when I switch off the 6412.

btw- the audio portion keeps coming out even with the switch off. This is a little creepy.

I'll have to pickup an inline amp meter to determine how much current this thing draws at different times.
ZXTT's Avatar ZXTT 10:25 AM 12-07-2004
I could read something that looked like QuickView, which would make mine a Maxtor. Hard drives basically make two noises: bearing whine and head seeking chatter. When recording, my 6412 makes a loud, what I consider to be, seeking noise. However, I can only hear it when the TV sound is low or off.

My ReplyTV, with an 80GB drive I put in some time ago, makes the bearing whine noise, and believe me, that's a whole lot worse than seek chatter.

Having said all this, Seagate is considered to be making the quietest drives at the moment, although that is only considering the idle spin noise. It used to be that you could set a trade-off between the seek noise/seek speed (acoustic management), but I don't think the Seagates allow that anymore, possibly because the seek noise on their drives has been reduced overall.
doretta's Avatar doretta 11:35 AM 12-07-2004
Originally posted by crossbeaux
Anyway, I found my first problem with the unit, or rather, with the software. I set up to record The Daily Show as a series recording. But despite choosing the show in its 11:00PM time slot, and despite choosing "first run only," the box insists on recording the show every time it is on every day. So instead of recording it once a day, it insists on recording four times a day. I can cancel individual recordings, but that doesn't seem to be programmable (i.e. I would have to cancel every one manually every day). Customer support was nice, and apologetic, but unable to offer further help. Anyone else found a way around this?

That's hilarious. I checked in here to make exactly that post. I even picked the same time slot you did. It seems like it's probably a guide problem. I think I'll call Comcast too.
doretta's Avatar doretta 11:41 AM 12-07-2004
Called Comcast about the Daily Show issue and told them the evidence indicates there's a problem with the guide. They said they'd pass it on to the guide people.

They will probably have to hear it multiple times before it gets fixed.
mismatched's Avatar mismatched 11:48 AM 12-07-2004

let us know how/if you solve this problem with the Daily Show....

LHMPDX's Avatar LHMPDX 01:32 PM 12-07-2004
This was an off and on problem with TiVo. Since Comedy Central is pretty firm in its programming, (no sports, news, etc.), I found it's easiest to just record every M-F at 11, which I did with my TiVo, and now with my 6412.
EchoOfGecko's Avatar EchoOfGecko 01:49 PM 12-07-2004
It has to do with the data that's included with the program when it's broadcast. Most programs (especially on the network stations) include program data along with it that includes a show description, duration, closed captioning and rating info, and if it's a repeat or new show (these are the programs that desplay an "R" in the show notes that tells you it's a repeat).

Unfortunately, some shows don't include this information when they're broadcast, which is why sometimes you see a description of the entire series instead of what that particular show is about. The PVR doesn't know if it's a repeat, or just the 4th all new episode that night, so it records it.
DevlinNulland's Avatar DevlinNulland 02:08 PM 12-07-2004
Update on 'noisy' box:

I had Comcast replace the box after talking to a CSR at the 1-800 number. Apparently I was the first person she or her supervisor had heard complain about the noise, so that convinced both them and me that something was wrong with my unit.

Well the new box is quieter, but not by much. My guess is that the old one had a slightly noiser HD than normal, but mostly it was overly sensitive ears that were causing the problem. I guess I didn't go to enough rock concerts when I was younger, lol.

I'm considering putting some noise dampening material around the box in some way as to not hamper it's cooling. But till then I'll just shut the thing off if I'm not watching TV and I want a quiet room to read in.

Here's hoping (along with LewLew and Footballnut) that the Digeo unit is quieter!

BTW, the Comcast guy that visited last (really nice and knowledgable) said that the problem with the Digeo units was that they weren't working with Video on Demand (a must-have from Comcast's perspective). He said that Digeo has known about this problem for quite a while, and that they promised two months before Comcast's DVR rollout that they'd have the problem fixed. Now they don't even have an estimate for when they'll be released.

Jams's Avatar Jams 04:46 PM 12-07-2004
I just got my new DVR installed. Nice installer, walked me through a few things and handed me a stapled "user guide" printout that was about 20 or so pages. The hard drive on mine is a Seagate drive. I used to work for Seagate some years ago and they do generally make very quiet drives. The noise I am hearing is definitely seek noise. The DVR is constantly adding live info to its buffer, much like Tivo. But Tivo's drives are enclosed inside the box whereas this drive is sitting right at the front-center position of the cable box with the vents right above it. The noise I heard on my Tivo was fan noise vs. the actual HD noise I am hearing now. So we're just gonna have to deal with HD noise on these units. I was hoping the unit would have a more complete enclosure with a rear fan like the Tivo units do but it looks like tha same box as my old 6100. The only thing I don't like about it is that you can't set the quality level for SD program recording, you have to take what they give you. That said, given the specs for the recorder (60 hours on a 120GB drive) it equates basically to the high qulaity level for Tivo. I can't tell if there is a PQ improvement or not. I am using DVI and coax for my video and audio outs. And I haven't tried the stretch mode vs. 480i for the video. The manual states that using stretch mode for 480i content will output it in 16:9/1080i. I will have to see how this compares to my Toshiba 51HX93's Theater1 and 1080i upconvert.

More to come...
mismatched's Avatar mismatched 04:57 PM 12-07-2004
keep us posted on the stretch mode thing! and quality of HD recording of course.
Jams's Avatar Jams 05:09 PM 12-07-2004
Well, after playing more with all the modes on the Moto box I have settled with 480i. This is what I used for my old 6100 as well. Stretch mode was the worst. Off did not allow me to use the Theater Wide setting on the TV which I like, 480p and 480i were almost identical. My TV is in 1080i format so I chose 480i for my TV to upconvert to 1080i.
mismatched's Avatar mismatched 05:22 PM 12-07-2004
so your set is like 1280 x 1080i???
Tsar Chasm's Avatar Tsar Chasm 05:34 PM 12-07-2004
Well how exciting. I called today and they tried to set me up with an appointment for tomorrow. I actually had to push them out a day. Come Thursday morning, I'll be recording HD. I took their 3 month special with Showtime Starz etc... to get the free upgrade. I'll probably cancel after that.
Jams's Avatar Jams 07:12 PM 12-07-2004
I think the technical spec for 1080i is 1920x1080, interlaced format
Jams's Avatar Jams 11:43 PM 12-07-2004
Wow, I don't know if I can deal with this noisy new 6412. Makes me almost bummed that I sold my Tivo box. All I hear when I watch TV now is that damn hard drive. I am going to stop by Nimbus tomorrow and talk to them about it. It's really distracting. Motorola should have taken the tip from Tivo and created a whole new enclosure with a fan rather than stick a hard drive in the same old 6000 series box.

OTOH, I am sure thrilled to be able to setup Lost to record in HD tomorrow night as I will be unable to catch it live.
lewlew's Avatar lewlew 07:45 AM 12-08-2004

I'm considering the sound deadening material myself. I have room on the sides and top for about 1 inch thick material and still maintain a cooling gap.

Let us know what you find and where to get it.
lewlew's Avatar lewlew 11:35 AM 12-08-2004

Planar is having a big 1-day sale 12/10 (fri) at their Compton DR facility which will be open to the public. LCD's and plasmas.

I posted this in the flat panel forum and the local comcast forum for us locals.
JimProuty's Avatar JimProuty 12:57 PM 12-08-2004

Originally posted by lewlew

I'm considering the sound deadening material myself. I have room on the sides and top for about 1 inch thick material and still maintain a cooling gap.

Let us know what you find and where to get it.

I found that you need a LARGE cooling gap. When I had the 6412 only 1 inch below the shelf above it, the heat build-up was rapid. And a REALLY loud fan switched on when the temp got pretty high.

Because of the noise I don't leave the 6412 on if I'm not using it.

Like you, I'm considering sound deadening and a fan, much like the "hushbox" people use with projectors.

On the other hand, I'm thinking "why put much work into this when I plan on switching to the Moxi when it comes out?".

'Course the Moxi could be loud, too.
doretta's Avatar doretta 10:12 PM 12-08-2004
In general I don't like Maxtor drives, I've had too many of them fail. That said, if Quickview means Maxtor then I seem to have gotten a quiet one. I can hear hard drive access type noises when the TV is off and my head is two feet or less from the unit, but not otherwise, at least not so far. I have PC hard drives that are quite a bit louder.
kwkarth's Avatar kwkarth 10:30 PM 12-08-2004
I just got my 6412 this afternoon and so far, it seems to work very well and is quiet and runs fairly cool as well. (Proper air flow is the key) So I guess I got lucky. The installer worked directly for Comcast rather than being a contractor and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. Good job Comcast! Good job Mike C.!

Incidently, the Harmony 659 remote seems to work with the 6412 just fine as well.

As the technician was getting out of his truck when he arrived, he asked me "So who do you know?"

I wasn't sure about what he meant, so I asked and he explained that the 6412s are in extreeeeemly short supply and are almost impossible to obtain. I guess I was fortunate in that regard as well.

Just a couple weeks ago, I called Comcast about the flakey operation of the new menu system they had downloaded to my 6200. The person on the phone informed me it was a new menu designed ultimately for the 6412, for which Comcast was to begin limited distribution in mid December. She suggested I call back then and see if they were available at that time. So last week I called and set up an appointment for the install.

He would have been in and out of here in 3 minutes but wanted to stay around long enough to see some of the menu & guide system download so he could demo some of the PVR features to me. It was great. Very professional, very competent, very positive. I am amazed and pleased!
Talking Rain's Avatar Talking Rain 11:20 PM 12-08-2004
I received my DirecTV receiver today . I hooked it up to the cable and my UHF outdoor antenna. Wow, if DirecTV looks as good (or even close) as what I see right now, I will be happy. My dish goes up tomarrow... Goodbye Concast... Hello CBS along with all the other local channels in HD.

I know most of you are happy with Comcast and I understand they offer a quality digital product. For my type of viewing (mostly local network TV) Comcast just did not work for me (mainly missing CBS). I've just had so many technical problems with poor quality analog local service on CBS and countless audio issues with the optical output working with my Sony pre-amp and remote. I've had two 6200 boxes and one too many worthless visits...

Oh, I am still a Comcast "limited basic" customer for the other TV's in the house. It was just not for me with my main HD system.
markemery's Avatar markemery 12:02 AM 12-09-2004
Looks like we've got a new channel coming...turn to 701 and you will see HD PPV with the "one moment...this channel should be available shortly" message.


Comcast, please have ESPN2 HD up and running January 6th!

Jams's Avatar Jams 09:57 AM 12-09-2004
Well, so far I must say I am enjoying the 6412, despite the hard drive noise. All of the features I was used to with my Tivo are there. I do like the fact that as long as the unit is on when a program starts, even if you hit record 15 minutes into the program the DVR records the whole thing. The Comcast tech said it keeps 45 minutes of SD in it's buffer and 15 minutes of HD. The only problem is my On Demand button does not turn on VOD but tries to tune channel 119. Odd.

In terms of the noise what I am doing is just put one of my couch pillos on top of the left 2/3 of the unit while I am watching TV. Since I am never down there watching for extended hours, I am not worried about heat buildup. I still leave the left 1/3 exposed as that seems to be where most of the heat generates. But the pillow made all the difference, now once the TV volume is at normal level I don't hear it at all. Works for me!
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