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dave99ag's Avatar dave99ag 09:20 AM 07-14-2004
TexAgs is my main place. I subscribe to the M&W Report and like it quite a bit. Lots of good inside information.

We are probably paying him a decent amount. Byrne isn't messing around and he's bringing in some very good coaches. I sure hope things get better b/c ticket prices sure took a hit on me.
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elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 10:16 AM 07-14-2004
Hey mwesson, it didn't take long. Move over Jimy, here comes Phil.
mwesson's Avatar mwesson 10:24 AM 07-14-2004
That is outstanding. I like Phil. I was in Detroit during part of his tenure as Tiger manager and like him a lot. (Of course, he was in an unwinnable situation in Detroit.) Hopefully, he'll be the type of fiery manager that can help turn some things around.
labmansid's Avatar labmansid 12:12 PM 07-14-2004
Hey, maybe this will light a fire under KYLE!! Yeah, right.
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jagouar's Avatar jagouar 12:35 PM 07-14-2004

Originally posted by dave99ag
You don't get ESPN-HD right now?

The most recent listing is August 27th, so we're getting closer to knowing.

Nope not right now.... I have base level dish (top 60). Im not happy with either of dish' or direct's future hd offeringe and Ive already had both so Im done with the switching after 6 months when one service trumps the other in the HD dept.

It looks to me atleast that vooms primary selling point is HD and lots of it which is why I am moving to them, plus their dvr will own all other dvr's.... But since I just finished my theater redo (and didnt run a component cable to my pj, no dvi on the old piece of crap). But I will move pretty soon, shouldnt be too expensive to get a 40 ft cable and run it. All I have right now is OTA with my antenna and accessdtv.
labmansid's Avatar labmansid 02:15 PM 07-14-2004
Well, if the Ags do end up on ESPN-HD maybe one of us will take pity on the "poor college student" and let him watch on one of our setups!
elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 02:28 PM 07-14-2004
Oh, don't worry. He has friends with ESPN-HD - Munky being one of them. He just won't be able to watch it on that big screen of his.
jagouar's Avatar jagouar 02:42 PM 07-14-2004
Well as soon as they get scifi Im most likely going to switch...... If epsn ends up getting the game in hd and I dont have voom by then Im going to have dish and voom for a while. SCIFI is the most important channel for me to have because I dont miss a stargate episode. Well since it comes on friday nights I should say replay doesnt miss a stargate episode

I usually watch it as soon as I get home friday night too... I know Im a stargate geek, so what.
elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 09:01 PM 07-15-2004
Anyone notice a lot of macroblocking (I think that is the word for it) on KAMU lately? I watched a little bit of Soundstage with Alanis Morrissette tonight, and it was especially apparent on the shots with a lot of motion. What gives?
jagouar's Avatar jagouar 10:19 PM 07-15-2004
No macroblocking on the 5 mins i watched.... but I lost kbtx for some reason tonight.

On a related note, I got a few hdtv/pc screen captures on my website gallery. I had some texags caps as well but they all came out blurry,
mwesson's Avatar mwesson 08:16 AM 07-16-2004
I posted this back on page 17 - who woulda thunk we'd be on page 19 by now? KAMU is having difficulties based on the way in which they are receiving their signal. Hopefully the problems will go away sometime next week. Below is an e-mail I got from them -

"We have been participating is a test/trial of receiving PBS HD content via Internet 2 instead of satellite. So far this has been somewhat problematic. The goal was to gather real world network perfromance metrics over a time period. This test will end next week. When things get real bad we switch back to satellite although this is not automatic. I trust the problems will go away that you are experincing. We have not had any transmitter problems other than an AC power outage in the last couple of weeks."
labmansid's Avatar labmansid 08:17 AM 07-16-2004
Yeah, I noticed KBTX going out during CSI. Had to turn to the Houston station. Didn't check this morning to see if it was back.
dave99ag's Avatar dave99ag 08:19 AM 07-16-2004
I never checked KBTX last night during CSI. I think KHOU sounds better, so I try to watch CSI on that channel.
elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 08:20 AM 07-16-2004
I noticed it back on sometime after 11:00 last night.
labmansid's Avatar labmansid 09:03 AM 07-16-2004
Just found out this morning that the ranks of HD veiwers in B/CS increased by one (family, that is) this week. A co-worker told me her husband got the HD box from Cox on tuesday to go along with their new WS TV they got a few months ago. She hasn't watched it that much but said of course her husband and kids are pretty impressed by it.
dave99ag's Avatar dave99ag 09:06 AM 07-16-2004
I noticed that Best Buy is using Cox HD for all of the HD screens. At least people will get to see HD and not just a DVD loop.
jagouar's Avatar jagouar 09:12 AM 07-16-2004
Well I ordered my 50 ft component cable so I will be ready for voom

I am getting ready to move my computer desk out anyways to go from my single 21 to dual 19's so this was the only time I would have to run the component cables.

On another note I think its interesting that pbs is using inet2 to send hd feeds... Maybe even one day we can bypass kamu altogether and get the signal straight off the interent. Doubt that would ever happen but its interesting nonetheless.
elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 09:18 AM 07-16-2004
So you're going to get Voom before Sept 2? What are going to use their antenna credit for? Or do they do that? ESPN-HD is up to Aug 30 on their schedule. Hopefully we'll know soon about "the game".
dave99ag's Avatar dave99ag 09:20 AM 07-16-2004
You should tell Voom that you want a better antenna. The installers will probably crap their pants. lol
labmansid's Avatar labmansid 09:23 AM 07-16-2004

Originally posted by dave99ag
I noticed that Best Buy is using Cox HD for all of the HD screens. At least people will get to see HD and not just a DVD loop.

Man, I wonder what their cable bill is for all the boxes for each of those TV's!!
jagouar's Avatar jagouar 09:24 AM 07-16-2004

Originally posted by dave99ag
You should tell Voom that you want a better antenna. The installers will probably crap their pants. lol

I should
Actually I may request them to just leave the antenna or put it up so I can have one for just kamu and kbtx where I wouldnt need to move mine... Since there is a grey area right where houston stations come in the best that kbtx doesnt come in at 100% and it will occationally drop so I have to move it about 5 degrees and its up to 100%. Or I could just sell it or give it away to somebody locally.

Either way I will be getting voom pretty soon but it will be as late as possible until they announce the tamu game in hd or not because they still dont have scifi and the new episdodes of stargate and stargate:atlantis are airing so I really dont want to lose it.
elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 09:34 AM 07-16-2004
That's the same problem I have with KBTX/Houston. My TiVo missed Everybody Loves Raymond on Monday because of some dropouts. I already had my antenna moved for maximum reception for the All Star game out of Houston.
elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 11:46 AM 07-16-2004
Hey jag, I noticed you had an F38310 in your first theater. The saga to get mine fixed/replaced continues. Tuesday, the guy from CC came out and replaced the capacitors with some higher rated ones (a known problem). All seemed well until this morning. That's when the same problems I had before reappeared. The unit won't power on unless you unplug it for a short time, and then once on, it freezes up in a fury of pixelation. I guess I'll be calling CC again. The rep I spoke to before said that I could get a credit if they have to fix it 3 times. They can't replace it since it is discontinued. Personally, I would like a credit. I could use it for a smaller bedroom set and toward a new receiver (HK or Onkyo). Did you have any problems with your set?
jagouar's Avatar jagouar 12:24 PM 07-16-2004
Nope, I sold mine to my dad and its been fine for him. I will say this no tv has matched the HDTV quality of that set to date.... Shame they discontinued it because when I graduate college I was planning on buying it back and putting it in as a main living room tv and have a proper dedicated theater. But if dvi and whatnot takes over I dont want it

FYI, Munky788 had a 38310 from circuit city and his broke as well.... you might get some better info from him.
elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 12:29 PM 07-16-2004
Do you know if he was able to get his money back or a credit?
jagouar's Avatar jagouar 12:46 PM 07-16-2004
I beleive it was only a credit but Im not sure... I know he got another tv from there.
mwesson's Avatar mwesson 08:22 AM 07-19-2004
WOOHOO!!! A&M vs. Utah in HD on ESPN!

labmansid's Avatar labmansid 08:27 AM 07-19-2004
You know what they say on this forum, post a link or name your sources!!
mwesson's Avatar mwesson 08:30 AM 07-19-2004
Sorry about that. ESPN's main HD webpage tv listings...

elspankdog's Avatar elspankdog 08:30 AM 07-19-2004
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