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puck71's Avatar puck71 03:16 PM 08-03-2005
Responding to Brian Glaeske on CableONE's HDTV:

I thought it was just me who had problems with the DVR. Mine worked pretty well when I first got it, but now some of my recordings either don't play at all or play only part of the show (it just kind of jerks for a few frames or goes black, then brings up the prompt to delete the recording or not). And sometimes when I'm watching something the screen just blacks out completely. I've gone to mostly just watching everything via direct connection to my TV, except for HD stuff.

As for the guide, I think it's more than 2 days of programming...I saw more like 3 or 4, but it could still be better.

I'm curious what problems you have with the DVR.

Brian Glaeske's Avatar Brian Glaeske 07:13 PM 08-03-2005
Disappointing news. From Charley Johnson at KVLY.


...we are set to go, but are waiting for our STA (Special Temporary Authority) from the FCC. When it arrives we will be begin over the air testing-- probably just in prime time to begin with.

I can't anticipate the FCC's sped, although our DC lawyer says they're being kind of slow... whatever that means. Unless we're doing maintenance/tweaking, we will simulcast everything during the day. I caution again, though, that early n [sic] our experience we anticipate taking the signal down for some work during the day. Prime time is 7:00-10:00, but we will also stay on for Leno and Conan, which are also in HD.

As always status is updated at http://brian.glaeske.name/ht/Fargo-HDTV/index.html

Brian G.
dandeson83's Avatar dandeson83 07:18 PM 08-03-2005
My $.02 on CableOne's HD/DVR :

Mine has worked pretty well, actually. For a while, I had the 6208 model, and now for a couple months, have had the 6412 model. I have not had any major breakup issues, or failed recordings. Every once in a while, the occational pixelation, and ESPNHD was acting goofy a couple nights last week, but hasn't happened since, so I figure it might have been a network issue. If it has made any difference, CableOne did run a new connection from their tap to my house a couple years ago, and also replaced a couple splitters, so that may be helping. I did see a news article a couple weeks ago, that CableOne (nationally), had signed an agreement to deploy the new TV Guide i-Guide software, and it sounds like from other web sites, that the software has added functionality for DVR options/functions, including enabling the 2nd tuner in the 6412 model. Let's hope so!! I get 4 days of programming on my box, usually. Too bad it didn't go out 10-14 days. That would be nice for scheduling recordings.

My biggest complaint is the lack of HD programming. I really wish they offered Discovery-HD. I've heard it is an expensive channel, and they are trying to keep rates down, but maybe some sort of HD tier, for $2-3 / month, or so. I for one, would be willing to pay a couple extra bucks a month for some additional HD channels, like INHD, HDNet, DiscoveryHD, etc..
Brian Glaeske's Avatar Brian Glaeske 07:22 PM 08-03-2005
Originally Posted by puck71 View Post

I'm curious what problems you have with the DVR.

I'm disappointed in the poor user interface (I design user interfaces for a living). The speed of the UI is pathetic, partially to amlerilorate cable companies who want to push more advertising. The guide has only 2 days of programming.

In contrast, my ReplayTV has an excellent UI. The guide is quick and responsive, stores 2 weeks of programming and of course has no advertising and lets me skip commercials. To be fair, I hear you can program a universal remote to do a 30-second skip on the Motorola boxes. ReplayTV and of course TIVO are the best PVRs out and no piece of cheap software from Motorola will beat them.

Also, I never watch standard definition on this box just HD.

Wow, we're up to 5 pages on this thread. Who would've thunk that Fargo/Moorhead has that many home theater owners interested in HDTV

Brian G.
b r i a n @ g l a e s k e . n a m e
dandeson83's Avatar dandeson83 07:34 PM 08-03-2005
Thanks for the update on KVLY, Brian. Too bad their stuck waiting on the FCC. Leave it to the Feds to muck it up. I hope they have a successful testing period, and get to full time, for all NBC HD programming fairly soon. I am a huge NASCAR fan, so hopefully we'll get to see at least a few of the NBC races in HD this fall. It least there is TNT-HD for the Saturday night Bristol race in 4 weeks.

Wow, 5 pages. That is great. The more people in the F-M area that are interested in HD, the more pressure there will be on the other locals to go HD, and for more HD on cable. And that is a win-win for all of us HDTV owners.
puck71's Avatar puck71 05:56 PM 08-08-2005
I don't know if I just got my mail before everyone else, but I got a flyer today announcing that CableONE will be launching i-Guide on 8/17/05! I can post more of what it said, but it's basically what was mentioned a few posts back. It also says to tune to channel 46 for more information.
dandeson83's Avatar dandeson83 06:41 PM 08-08-2005
I got my flyer today too, about the launch of i-Guide. Like puck71 says, mine also states a launch date 0f 8/17/05. I wonder if they will just update the 6412 boxes, or if my 2nd digital box, a DCT2000, will also get i-Guide.
Addicted to HD's Avatar Addicted to HD 02:58 PM 08-09-2005

I just wanted to say thanks for posting all of this information. For a while there, I thought I was the only one who really cared about HD in this area. Everyone, I do have a few questions for anyone willing to respond. First, who uses a rooftop antenna, and what is the picture quality like? Is it better or worse than cable? Do the digital stations like FOX and ABC that broadcast in 480i come in widescreen? The only two broadcast shows I want to watch are Alias and 24, so if I could at least get those in digital widescreen, an antenna may be worth the trouble. Second, in your opinion is cable or satellite better in terms of channel offerings, and picture quality? Last, can you just go and exchange your DVR at Cable One for one of the dual tuner boxes? Is the second tuner currently functional?

Also, I would like to start a poll to see what everyone has under the hood...so to speak. TV type/brand, speakers, DVD player, etc. Also, list who your provider is (Cable One, Direc TV, or Dish Network), and you satisfaction with that provider.


Panasonic Plasma 42 EDTV Industrial 7th generation
Bose Acustimass 5.1 Surround
Sony DVD (2 years old with progressive scan), but may be switching to Panasonic with HDMI out
Sony receiver with DTS and Dolby Digital (fairly basic 100W/ channel)
Cable One Digital DVR

As you can see, I have a fairly basic and inexpensive setup. I love my plasma. The PQ is outstanding for an EDTV. Eventually I would like to move up to a higher end receiver and get some serious speakers. Maybe even bump up to a 50 plasma, and sell the one I have on Ebay. I will probably do this when the amount of HD programming in this area makes it worth the cost.

Cable Onethe good and the bad (in my opinion).

The Good:

HD lineup is solid. I know that there is no Discovery HD, but TNT HD and Universal HD make up for it. Looking at Satellite, no one provider has both channels in their lineup. Anyway, I figure it is only a matter of time until they do add it in. I also have HBO HD. My wife and I watch all of the HBO Original Series, so this was a no brainer. Quality is high with HD channels. It looks just like a DVD.

The Bad:

The DVR is pathetic. I need not say anymore. But, it was free so I can not complain to loudly. Hopefully the upgrade to i-Guide improves things. Picture quality with the standard channels needs improvement (with exception to the HD channels). I have never been a fan of Cables PQ. Satellite is usually better.

dandeson83's Avatar dandeson83 07:47 AM 08-10-2005
Welcome "Addicted to HD",

Glad to see another HD junkie in the forum. I think I can answer a couple of your questions. Yep, I exchanged my single tuner DVR, for the dual tuner a couple months ago. I just stopped in to the CableOne office on one of my afternoons off, with my box, and they exchanged it for a dual tuner model. As for the functionality, the second tuner won't be active until they do the i-Guide update next week (8/17 - hopefully). Right now my dual tuner looks and acts just like the single tuner model. If it has model type DCT-6412 on the bottom, that is the dual tuner. The single tuner is model DCT-6208. I do not have a rooftop antenna or sattelite. I get all of my programming on cable.

My setup:

Zenith 44" LCD projection HD display - native 720p resolution
Philips FR965 350W dolby digital surround receiver
Philips 642 DVD player - will also play DivX movies.
CableOne DCT6412 DVR box

Like you, I have a pretty basic setup also.

As for CableOne, I am mostly satisfied. My only real big complaint, is their HD channel offerings. They have said they are committed to delivering the HD locals, once available, which is great, but I am dissappointed in the lack of other channels, such as INHD, Discovery HD, HDNet, etc.. With i-Guide, the DVR quality and functionality should be improved greatly, at least from what I have read about it on the internet. Lets hope so.
puck71's Avatar puck71 12:10 PM 08-10-2005
Hopefully by improved functionality, it means it will actually work!
corman's Avatar corman 06:58 PM 08-15-2005
I have been reading your guys posts now for quite some time. I am from Grand Forks they are finally rolling out HDTV on Thursday. Midcontinent has finally stepped up to the plate and looks like they are going to deliver quite nicely. I have had the Motorola 6412 for about 5 months with I-Guide. I really like the DVR features so far. I have a couple questions regarding the cables you are using with your 6412 and Cableone. They are supplying us with component cables, but I was wondering if the dvi port has been enabled. Midco is keeping quiet on this and are just saying use the component cables we give you. I have already used both of my component hookups with my dvd player and xbox. Just looking for feedback from anyone regarding dvi vs component hookups. Channels we are supposed to be getting according to Midco reps (and it depends on which rep you talk to) are HDNet, HDNet Movies, PBS, TNT, HBO, Discovery, Showtime, FSN, ESPN, and according to the reps, FOX (KBRR), and ABC (WDAZ). I will only believe WDAZ when I see it after reading all about pathetic WDAY. Thanks for your input.
Feddie's Avatar Feddie 09:38 PM 08-15-2005
I realize this is off topic, but I don't think there is a GF thread. I have lived in GF, Fargo, and SD for another month. I can tell you that the DVI works with Midcontinent Communications. I never really compared the PQ with component cables and just went with the DVI because I was out of component connections. I know Midcontinent Communications has not carried TNT or FSN yet, but it would be nice.
Feddie's Avatar Feddie 09:48 PM 08-15-2005
Oops, I see now that they have added FSN and TNT to Sioux Falls, which is where they test everything first. I wish they would have done this sooner.
cbacklund's Avatar cbacklund 12:30 PM 08-16-2005
Hey guys-
I haven't made the jump to Cableone's HD yet, due to the fact that it's kind of a rip off. $10 / month for 4 channels?? Come on! The only reason they're charging that much is because you have to rent the DVR. I don't need the DVR, since I already have a Tivo, and I don't need to add another $10 charge for something every month. I really wish Cableone would offer HDTV service at a more reasonable rate without the DVR, at least until they get more channels. I assume CBS will be offered by them once they start broadcast HDTV some time soon, but the receptionist at cableone didn't seem to have any idea if that would be the case. Plus, if they started offering a better selection of HD programming, it might get the local channels a bit of push to get them moving quicker toward HD broadcasting. Oh well. Not the first time any of us have been screwed by cable one. :-)


Dedicated home theater room in construction:
Infocus 4805 with 100" 16:9 projection screen
Yamaha HTR-5860 7.1 Surround
Pioneer DVD progressive scan player
Cableone Standard Digital box
puck71's Avatar puck71 08:47 PM 08-16-2005
Not that I think Cableone is the biggest bargain in the world, but I do need to correct you on that one. You can get just HDTV without the DVR for $5 a month ... to get the DVR you pay another $5 for a total of $10 a month, but you CAN get HDTV without the DVR.

I've also tried asking the Cableone receptionists about more HDTV channels, but they don't really know anything. They do say sometimes that they're ready to go as soon as the locals light up their HDTV signals, but we'll believe that when we see it right?
Feddie's Avatar Feddie 09:48 PM 08-16-2005
Cable One should look at the table in the thread provided. They are the worst company on there. It is too bad that Fargo didn't get a different company.

cbacklund's Avatar cbacklund 11:16 PM 08-16-2005
Originally Posted by puck71 View Post

Not that I think Cableone is the biggest bargain in the world, but I do need to correct you on that one. You can get just HDTV without the DVR for $5 a month ... to get the DVR you pay another $5 for a total of $10 a month, but you CAN get HDTV without the DVR.

I've also tried asking the Cableone receptionists about more HDTV channels, but they don't really know anything. They do say sometimes that they're ready to go as soon as the locals light up their HDTV signals, but we'll believe that when we see it right?

Really? I had an argument with the receptionist recently about this. They didn't say anything about not needing the DVR. I'll call them tomorrow to check into it. Thanks for the info!
puck71's Avatar puck71 06:00 AM 08-17-2005
Originally Posted by cbacklund View Post

Really? I had an argument with the receptionist recently about this. They didn't say anything about not needing the DVR. I'll call them tomorrow to check into it. Thanks for the info!

Actually come to think of it, when I signed up I was planning to get the DVR anyway, but the person setting me up did say that they were out of the non-DVR HD receivers, and didn't know when they'd be getting more - so the only way to get HD at the time was to get the DVR. This was 7 or 8 months ago now, but the same thing may be true now...but it seems like the person at the desk would tell you that like they told me.

But the pricing information on the website does say that HD is $5 and DVR is $5 - that assumes that they have both kinds of receivers available, which isn't a guarantee.

Sorry I forgot about that when I was posting last night, but when I thought about it again today I remembered that detail.
dandeson83's Avatar dandeson83 09:15 AM 08-17-2005
Well, turned on my 6412 DVR this morning, and there was i-Guide. CableOne must have pushed out the upgrade overnight sometime. Looks like they also pushed out a firmware upgrade. My box now reports firmware 10.10, instead of 08.12. I'll have to play around with it more this evening, and see how it works.
xandypx's Avatar xandypx 12:19 PM 08-17-2005
Originally Posted by dandeson83 View Post

Well, turned on my 6412 DVR this morning, and there was i-Guide. CableOne must have pushed out the upgrade overnight sometime. Looks like they also pushed out a firmware upgrade. My box now reports firmware 10.10, instead of 08.12. I'll have to play around with it more this evening, and see how it works.

The one big thing that Firmware ver. 10.10 did was to remove the 30 sec Skip feature from the DVR.... very disappointing....
puck71's Avatar puck71 12:32 PM 08-17-2005
I tried turning my 6412 on this morning at about 6:30 or 7:00 and it wouldn't turn on, so I'm guessing they were pushing it out then. I'll try it again when I get home tonight...I don't use the 30 second skip feature at all so I don't care about that. I think just using Fast Forward is more efficient in most cases.
SpedInFargo's Avatar SpedInFargo 01:16 PM 08-17-2005
Aaaargh - when are they going to realize that the 30-second skip does not equate to "skip commercial"? I was pleased as punch when I programmed the remote for that.

I had heard that they were phasing out the non-DVR HD receivers - a friend of mine had a hard time getting ahold of one six months ago (only person that I know that didn't like the DVR - I guess it was mainly because of the crummy mpeg encoder on the 6412 esp. on SD channels).

Question: Did someone say that Sioux Falls CableOne and Grand Forks Midcontinent has FSN? Is this Fox Sports Network North or whatever? Jeese, I wouldn't mind getting to see a couple of the Twins regular-season games in HD before the playoffs start (in which we'll get to see them in the first two rounds on ESPN and then of course not get to see them on Fox in the World Series).

I wonder how long it will be for Cable One to pull that feed down for us - maybe a few Wolfies and Wild games in HD this winter (they still have the Wild rights, correct?)

Minor Edit: I guess technically speaking the MPEG encoder really only comes into play on the analog SD channels doesn't it?
dandeson83's Avatar dandeson83 02:06 PM 08-17-2005
I think the Twins still have a couple HD telecasts on Fox Sports Net North-HD yet this year. This was the one channel I was really hoping CableOne would have added this year. Hopefully they will up the number of HD games next summer, to the point where CableOne will find it fesable to add it. We should let CableOne know that Midcontinent has added FSN-HD, and that they are falling behind in the valley region, as far as HD channel selection goes. Not sure if it would help, but what the heck.

Yea, as far as I know, FSN will have Wolves and Wild games this winter.
puck71's Avatar puck71 02:10 PM 08-17-2005
I didn't hear they were phasing the non-DVR receivers out...I just heard that they couldn't get anymore from Motorola, which may have just been the company line. If they were really phasing them out, it would seem like they would update their website and pricing information to reflect that...

Just to clarify to SpedInFargo, I believe the earlier post said that Midcontinent in Grand Forks and Sioux Falls got FSN-HD, not that any Cableone affiliates got it. That was how I read it anyway.
Feddie's Avatar Feddie 04:57 PM 08-17-2005
High Definition TV Services
510 Discovery HD
516 Universal HD
517 TNT HD
521 ESPN2 HD
524 NFL Network HD
526 The Outdoor Channel 2 HD
536 HDNet
537 HDNet Movies
540 HBO HD - West
541 HBO HD - East
544 Showtime HD - West
545 Showtime HD - East
548 Cinemax HD - West
549 Cinemax HD - East
554 Starz! HD - West
555 Starz! HD - East
556 TMC HD

If you can get this kind of lineup in South Dakota, why can't Fargo do anything?
puck71's Avatar puck71 06:50 PM 08-17-2005
Because Cableone is cheap....

Anyway, how much does that lineup cost? I assume HBO and stuff is extra, but what are their HD package prices?
Feddie's Avatar Feddie 07:18 PM 08-17-2005
It is actually expensive on its own. It is $29.95 with a HD DVR, but your best bet is to get everything for $130 a month. That gives you all the movie channels and HD channels, cable internet, and phone service.
puck71's Avatar puck71 09:28 PM 08-17-2005
Argh my 6412 still won't turn on ... it was messed up before and now it's totally non-functional. I'll leave it unplugged overnight and see how it goes tomorrow. Otherwise I'll have to go and trade it in, which I was thinking about doing anyway. I think I might have overheated the sucker, since I don't have a shelf with like 4 inches on all sides. I figure if every other component in the world can exist on a standard-width shelf, so can a DVR. Might be overly optimistic I guess.

EDIT: After having it off for like 16 hours, then plugging it in for 3 or 4 hours, then turning it on, it seems to be working fine.
Brian Glaeske's Avatar Brian Glaeske 09:20 PM 08-21-2005
I got word this week from KVLY that they are starting testing. It is only test patterns right now with no set time. I received assurance that KVLY and KXJB's signal strength will be much better than KFME (PBS).

Brian G.
puck71's Avatar puck71 08:54 AM 08-22-2005
Originally Posted by Brian Glaeske View Post

In fact, KVLY indicated that OTA (over the air) will be the way to recieve these signals.

What do you mean by that exactly? I was expecting to get it on cable...
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