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dogmanky's Avatar dogmanky 08:09 PM 03-24-2005

Originally posted by Trevor L
its back on btw


w9wi's Avatar w9wi 09:19 PM 03-24-2005

Originally posted by mr2828
BTW, also have black screen (but antenna signal) on channel 8.1 - does it broadcast from same place as channel 5? [/b]

Nope. Channel 8 is on the same tower as channel 2, on OHB on the Nashville/Brentwood line. Channel 5 is on the other side of town -- also on OHB but where it meets I-24 northwest of town towards Joelton.
lilyarbie's Avatar lilyarbie 08:43 AM 03-25-2005
Did Fox 17, Channel 50, and Channel 5 increase their tower power last night? I was getting 90% signal quality off of these stations here in Fayetteville, TN. I've tried numerous times in the past to acquire these stations to no avail. This morning around 8:30 I tried these stations and they were working fine, but I just tried them about 9:10 and they're not coming in at all. Could it be the increase in power in the early morning and late evening or could it be the fact of atmospheric conditions, or the fact that there is less activity on these frequencies during these times of the day and therefore they have nothing interfering with them? Also, I was getting 90% signal on channel 21 which is UPN 30 out of Nashville on my Voom Box, but everytime I tried to scan in channels it would make a momentary pause on RF 21 and then progress onto the others without adding that channel in. Is this a problem with my box or could it be that the signal was messed up on the data portion that the box uses or that the PSIP data that the station is sending out is corrupted and therefore the stream cannot be translated into a channel? I don't believe it is the box since I tried it on both of my Voom receivers and they both responded in the same manner. Also, on channel 8 at RF 46 I was getting a strong signal but neither box could add it in on channel scan, even though it is already added in on one but I wanted it on the other since my reboot the other day lost that channel for some reason. Could it also have bad PSIP transmission or could it be that the portion of the signal that this data is on is corrupted and the box sees a signal on that frequency but cannot get a translation due to that? By the way, I'm using two Voom receivers on one 8-bay antenna with a pre-amp installed and a line distribution amplifier with only the signal being split once for each individual line that goes to the antenna portion of the boxes. Also, there is no duplex at either box splitting the signal again since the satellite lines from the LNB are totally separate from the antenna lines.
Thanks for any help guys on this issue.
jdm1's Avatar jdm1 09:13 AM 03-25-2005
In Fayettville, it's amazing you can pick up anything on UHF from Nashville. That's long haul for UHF.

My guess is the sporadic improved morning/late evening reception is atmospheric conditions, not increased power. There are various propagation effects including "atmospheric ducting" that can infrequently improve your signal.

Here's a simple line-of-sight antenna height calculator. I don't know the height of the Nashville broadcast towers, but plugging in various numbers shows you need very tall towers on both ends to reach Fayettville:

Don't know about your PSIP issues.
jl1718's Avatar jl1718 06:46 PM 03-25-2005
Any voomers around here pick up any new channels after the super dma was done?
mossie's Avatar mossie 07:58 PM 03-25-2005
I've lost the CBS HD feed on my cable system. Is the station on the air?

It's back on again. I've lost the feed 2 or 3 times the last couple of hours.
lilyarbie's Avatar lilyarbie 10:35 PM 03-25-2005
Since I'm listed under the DMA of 0083, which is Huntsville, Alabama, they only gave me channels for Florence and Birmingham on my Voom receiver which I cannot pick up at all. I wrote on the SatelliteGuys forum under the thread report missing channels on my DMA for my area that I can receive out of Nashville, but they haven't added them in. I'm thinking by this time they won't since my DMA is concentrated in Alabama. I don't know why they put this stupid DMA in for me because I live in Tennessee even though I am only 30 minutes away from Huntsville.
dogmanky's Avatar dogmanky 04:28 PM 03-26-2005
I use a ATi HDTV Blunder for my HDTV on a X1. I use a CM7777 with a DB8 UHF antenna. Everything actually works great, except I have this weird reception issue with WTVF. I get ~80%+ signal strength and Live Sports are fantastic with no issues... but commercials and any normal broadcast shows have a video glitch every 30 seconds or so... sometimes less often... sometimes more frequent. Audio is fine. It's obviously interference of some kind.

Anyone else ever see this type of issue with Channel 5?

Jon J's Avatar Jon J 06:56 AM 03-29-2005
I've lost the digital remap channels of WKRN and WNPT. Both of WKRN-DT's digital channels are completely gone but WNPT-DT sometimes shows up as 46-3. Repeated rescans are fruitless.

Am I alone with this problem?

McTNN's Avatar McTNN 07:53 AM 03-29-2005
They were down earlier today when I checked...didn't attempt a rescan. Everything looked normal on cable FWIW.
Jon J's Avatar Jon J 09:19 AM 04-01-2005
More help needed, please...

Need to know if last night's (3/31) Without A Trace on WTVF-DT from 9-10PM was actually transmitted in HD both OTA and/or cable.

Can you please help? Thanks.

tanasi's Avatar tanasi 05:11 PM 04-01-2005
OTA was not HD until the second half of the show or thereabouts. I didn't mark the exact time.
Paul Rich's Avatar Paul Rich 11:37 PM 04-11-2005
Is WZTV going to fix these problems they keep having during 24? I don't care if it happens during other shows.

I'm not the only one seeing this am I?
Ronnie Ferrell's Avatar Ronnie Ferrell 08:33 AM 04-12-2005
I see it too. Last night was not as bad as it has been in the past. I only saw glitches once or twice. I use to think it was my OTA location, but I'm now watching 17 via Comcast and I still get the audio drop-outs and video artifacts like I did with OTA. Must be the network feed. I also seem to think it happens more during 24 than any other show. About 4 weeks ago it was so bad that I finally switched over and watched the SD feed...

durl's Avatar durl 09:18 AM 04-15-2005
Did WSMV change something in their digital transmission?

I have 2 basic positions for the antenna, one for WSMV, the other for every other channel. The other night, I went to tweak our indoor antenna like I usually do in order to make WSMV come through, but the signal strength was the strongest it's been in a long time.

Are they doing something different?
w9wi's Avatar w9wi 04:47 PM 04-20-2005

Originally posted by durl
Did WSMV change something in their digital transmission?

Nope, we haven't changed anything since we activated the program guide, what, a month - six weeks ago...
dogmanky's Avatar dogmanky 05:31 PM 04-20-2005
a little off topic ... but... can anyone think of a reason why on my cable, channel 4 program info appears multiple times a broadcast? I have to manually clear it with the remote to get rid of it.

I have Charter cable (yuk!) and have it running through a Sony DVD recorder, albeit the cable box is the tuner. Just have it passing through the recorder right now. The info picked up by the dvd recorder at the top of the screen is what I'm referring to.

Seems weird because Channel 4 is the only channel that does this out of 200.
logjammer514's Avatar logjammer514 07:16 PM 04-20-2005
anyone having sound issues with WTVF? the picture is still crystal clear, but the sound produces static in my surround sound. everything used to work fine, and all other ota channels still come in strong with clear picture and sound.
nova350ss's Avatar nova350ss 06:07 PM 04-21-2005
Yes I do as well I thought it was my set up but it is happening again tonight I hope they fix it soon, I am going to try and call tech tomarrow!

volfan's Avatar volfan 10:30 AM 04-22-2005
Originally posted by logjammer514
anyone having sound issues with WTVF? the picture is still crystal clear, but the sound produces static in my surround sound. everything used to work fine, and all other ota channels still come in strong with clear picture and sound.

I noticed this last night while watching survivor. I switched to stero but then the static started coming out the front. I ended up switching channels to channel 5 from dish and the problem went away.

I don't understand why all of the local channels are still have all of the periodic problems.
durl's Avatar durl 08:28 PM 04-24-2005
Over the past few weeks, I've had a lot of problems with signal strength. I have a Silver Sensor indoor antenna that has worked very well for the past year...until lately.

I live near the Rivergate area and for a long time, every station had a very good strength except for WSMV. Even so, channel 4 still had enough power to be watched without many freezes after moving the antenna a bit. Now things are very different. Channel 2, which used to max out my strength level meter, has almost ZERO signal. Channel 5 freezes so much we can hardly watch it. Channel 4 now is the strongest, most consistent signal among those three and I no longer have to move the antenna for it to come in strong. (Fox and WB have remained strong and consistent.) There have been no changes in the environment outside our home (except for a lot of road construction a mile or so away), and nothing's changed indoors either.

Can anyone please give me some hints as to what's going on? I'm getting very frustrated since I'm missing out on a lot of HD.
Sevenfeet's Avatar Sevenfeet 12:44 PM 04-25-2005
Hey Jon J,

How's your reception now that the leaves are back on the trees? I have an XG-91 from AntennasDirect and I'm trying to decide whether to put it up or send it back. With Voom dying, the need for it has lessened.
Jon J's Avatar Jon J 02:09 PM 04-25-2005
Thanks for asking, 7ft...

I've hardly noticed any change with the leaves.

The Hughes/4228 combo still locks solid on everything but WTVF-DT.

The HD DirecTiVo/RS Yagi still locks on only WSMV-DT, WKRN-DT and WNPT-DT. I don't even get a meter wiggle on anything else. Must be the least sensitive receiver on the market!

w9wi's Avatar w9wi 07:50 PM 04-25-2005
I think WTVF changed some protocol IDs in the last few days. Noticed last night when I hit "up" from WSMV, I got a blank screen. Hit it again & got WTVF - one more time & I ended up on WNPT. (instead of getting that still frame where they used to have 5+)

I rescanned channel 56 & all is back to normal.
dogmanky's Avatar dogmanky 10:14 PM 04-27-2005
I'm bummed... I haven't had Channel 4 on in a couple weeks, haven't really watched any TV in past couple weeks (HDTV that is...)

Thought I'd stay up late and check out Conan. Signal is horrible for channel 4. 0% - 50% bouncing all over. Typically its been solid 64% with antenna in current position. Everything else tonight was bOOming!

Fox and WTVF were better than normal.

Anyone else in Spring Hill area notice this?
w9wi's Avatar w9wi 03:39 PM 04-28-2005
Weird. My guess would be it was foliage-related. We certainly had some HDTV grief last night but it was fixed well before Conan & in any case wouldn't have affected your signal strength.

I've also noticed tropospheric conditions are up a bit - maybe you're getting some interference from PBS-analog in Memphis or Birmingham? (a bit of antenna adjustment *might* fix that)
dogmanky's Avatar dogmanky 06:29 PM 04-29-2005

Originally posted by w9wi
Weird. My guess would be it was foliage-related. We certainly had some HDTV grief last night but it was fixed well before Conan & in any case wouldn't have affected your signal strength.

I've also noticed tropospheric conditions are up a bit - maybe you're getting some interference from PBS-analog in Memphis or Birmingham? (a bit of antenna adjustment *might* fix that)

Thanks for the reply. I tuned in last night and it was better. Still not optimal but better. I may have to adjust the antenna. I just hate to have to move it for 1 channel, and then the rest not come in as strong. I guess I could maybe hook up another antenna for Channel 4 if must be.

Maybe I can find a happy medium.
lilyarbie's Avatar lilyarbie 10:04 AM 04-30-2005
Why not get a rotor? That way you want have to turn the antenna every single time. You can use a dial or even a remote control. Also, you can even experiment with different directions and see if you can pick up more stations. I've tried this when the atmospheric conditions were best and was able to pick up stations I ordinarily can't receive.
dogmanky's Avatar dogmanky 12:43 PM 04-30-2005
Any suggestions for an inexpensive rotor ? I have a DB8 on a tripod in my attic. I only need to control it from the room directly below.

lilyarbie's Avatar lilyarbie 12:54 PM 04-30-2005
Probably the best place to find them at a cheap price is on Ebay. The rotor I've got is a channel master that comes with a remote and can be programmed for up to 69 channels. It costs $80.00, but it does come in handy here in Fayetteville. I'm able to watch both Nashville and Huntsville channels. WKRN, the Nashville's WB station, and PAX out of Cookeville come in great most of the time. Under certain atmospheric conditions I can even pick up Fox 17, WNPT (PBS), and Channel 5 (CBS). My channel master is hooked up to an 8-bay UHF antenna that is running separate from my satellite line and is separated out to two receivers. One receiver is hooked up to a 35" analog television and the other goes to a 52" Mitsubishi Projection HDTV. The only thing I dread is the possiblity of losing both of my receivers after tonight when Voom shuts down. There's been speculation that they'll start collecting them within the next week or two. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the time being.
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