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shwalter's Avatar shwalter 08:49 PM 01-26-2005

Originally posted by easternncnewswat
Remember you may have to play around with the location of your antenna. I had to try mine in a lot of different spots before I found the place that allowed me to receive the RDU market (WRAL, WRAZ, WTVD, WLFL, WNCN, WRAY) as well as Greenville/Washington/New Bern (WCTI, WNCT, WITN, WUNK). Mine is actually positioned behind a loveseat on the floor on the East side of the room oddly enough.

I'm just glad I can get the stations though. You might find yourself surprised with better pq than what you get on cable. That depends on whether COX cable compresses their signals. I don't know myself. I have satellite and I can tell you from watching ota, Dish Network compresses the hell out of it's channels.

Anyway, Good Luck to you!

OK...purchased the RCA Amplified Indoor Antenna. Before I purchased the HD box, I wanted to be sure I could get reception with the antenna. Well, I can't get squat. WNCT, which is right down the street, comes in extremely fuzzy, and I can't get anything else. Do I have to have an HD box to get any signal at all? I wouldn't think so. But, when the antenna is hooked directly to my tv, i get nothing. Any suggestions? Also, the antenna instructions show that installation should go from HD box to Antenna to TV. Seems like it would be from antenna to HD box to TV. How is yours hooked up?

easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 09:46 PM 01-26-2005
Sorry, I just got home from work.

Ok... My RCA Amplified Indoor Antenna is first and foremost plugged into the wall outlet. There is a switch on the back of the antenna for Bypass, Amp, and Cable In. Mine is set for amp. The antenna coax is plugged into my set top box. My set top box is connected to my tv. The amp controls on the antenna are set to the highest setting.

Yes, you need a stb to get HDTV/digital signals from the stations unless your television has a built in tuner that will decode them. You should be able to get analog stations though. With this antenna I received analog, WRAL, WITN, WNCT, WTVD, WCTI, WYDO, WNCN, sometimes WLFL, WUNK, WRDC, WRAY, WEPX, WRAZ and a couple of others. Something is not right in your set up if you're not getting anything at all especially with WNCT, WITN, WYDO, and WUNK.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 07:02 AM 01-27-2005
Ken12, is there a way you can get the current temperature reading under the clock at the bottom of the screen during Good Morning America? I really miss it when I first tune in in the morning.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 07:07 AM 01-27-2005
shwalter, is that antenna for both UHF and VHF? If it has no antenna rods then it won't pick up anything between channels 2-13.

Directv just left out of here and no luck getting a signal due to trees. I told the guy of my FOX troubles and he thought it was funny. I am aggravated to say the least. He told me I could get New Yorks FOX. I call in and they say no go. SO I told them to take WB off my bill. I was not going to pay 6 more dollars to see just 1 channel. I can't get WB on local cable because they have it in the Expanded cable area. This is crazy!!!!! I am so frustrated with this market I could scream.
WNCT please bring us the WB>
Ken12's Avatar Ken12 12:54 PM 01-27-2005

The box that did the temperature (it also does a couple of other things)during GMA failed about a year ago it was quite old We talked about buying a replacement but ABC is developing a new system that was supposed to be ready approx 9 months ago but is still not ready so we have been hesitant to purchase a replacement only to have to purchase another on in a few months. We do have money in the budget for a new one as soon as it is decided.

jspENC's Avatar jspENC 01:00 PM 01-27-2005
Sounds good Ken! Looking forward to it.
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 03:32 PM 01-27-2005


Originally posted by easternncnewswat
Neither... After stripping a coax, I threaded that through the sockets where the lnbf arm would attach to the dish. From that point, I added a coax to the threaded wire via a connector. No arm and no lnbf are attached to my dish. I'll have to take a pic of it and post it so you guys can see it. The dish actually sits on the floor or rather a box on the floor (in position) so I can get my signals.

Did you ever get the picture of this, Im interested in trying it out.
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 06:18 PM 01-27-2005

Did you ever get the picture of this, Im interested in trying it out.

Sorry, I haven't... I was out of town a couple of weeks for a family emergency, etc. I never got around to getting a picture of it. I have to use a friend's digital camera to get a shot of it; right now the card is full.

I'll see about getting the picture taken this weekend and maybe post it saturday night since I work that day. Sorry for forgetting about it.
foxeng's Avatar foxeng 12:52 PM 01-30-2005
Weird question, and I have my reasons for asking, but to those who get WCTI-DT OTA, how far out do you see program information on the program guide? Hours? Days? Weeks? Do you see any of the specific information about a program listed? What receiver do you use to look at the guide with?
2Scoops's Avatar 2Scoops 07:50 PM 01-30-2005
I'm not seeing any guide info on my Hughes for any of the dt locals(WITN, WNCT, WCIT).
Ken12's Avatar Ken12 06:36 AM 01-31-2005
I am trying to keep at least 3 days of guide data up

easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 06:50 AM 01-31-2005

Originally posted by foxeng
Weird question, and I have my reasons for asking, but to those who get WCTI-DT OTA, how far out do you see program information on the program guide? Hours? Days? Weeks? Do you see any of the specific information about a program listed? What receiver do you use to look at the guide with?

I can usually only see about a day out on ABC 12, then it goes to DTV program on my Samsung T-351. The only time I've seen program information is for TV 12 News and ACC Basketball. Likewise on UPN 48. Today, I'm not seeing anything on my programming guide for ABC 12 or UPN 48; the receiver is telling me, "No Title."
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 07:00 AM 01-31-2005

Originally posted by 2Scoops
I'm not seeing any guide info on my Hughes for any of the dt locals(WITN, WNCT, WCIT).

On my Samsung T-351, I'm getting WITN, WCTI (except for a burp with the show titles today), and WUNM. From RDU, I'm getting WRAL, WTVD, WNCN, WLFL, and WRAZ. The only stations on my guide showing, "No Data," are WNCT and WRAY (home shopping from Wilson).

Btw, the GM of WNCT never responded to my e-mail asking if their PSIP would be up and running by the Feb 1st deadline. Not sure what that means. I can't imagine they would just blow it off, but then again, you never know. *LOL*
Ken12's Avatar Ken12 07:48 AM 01-31-2005
I just checked on a DTC 100 and I'm showing guide data on UPN and WCTI

easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 07:49 AM 01-31-2005
I've got my show titles back for ABC 12 and UPN 48. If you did something, Ken12, thanx! If it's my screwy receiver, nevermind!

Off to Wally World for the day!

Later everyone!
Ken12's Avatar Ken12 06:45 AM 02-01-2005
Today at 3pm I will be making some changes to my digital streams to make them compliant with the fcc regs. If you are already receiving us on 12-1 and 12-3 you should have to do nothing on your end If you ar still receiving us on 48 then my signal will be on 48-3 for wcti and 48-5 for upn again the will be mapped back to 12 -1 for 48-3 and 12 -3 for 48-5. What I'm going to do is turn off digital at 3pm make the changes and then bring it back up should take less than 5 min. I may lose my guide data when I bring us back up if I do bare with us I have somebody standing by to reenter it as quickly as possible.

easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 07:38 AM 02-01-2005
Thanx for the head's up, Ken12!

Btw, since today is the day, has anyone been able to receive programming guide information for WNCT? So far, I'm not seeing anything on my Samsung T-351. WRAY in Wilson is branding as 42.1 instead of 30.1 so I'm assuming they're working on their PSIP and programming guide data. All other channels I'm able to receive are up and running.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 08:41 AM 02-01-2005
I get info on channels 3,5,7,12,19,35,39
No info on 6 or 9
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 11:21 AM 02-01-2005
shwalter, did you get your set-up working?

Also I am looking for any store that you guys might know of that sells refurbished set-tops in ENC. I have a friend interested in dtv, but he does not want to spend over $200.00 for a new box.
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 11:49 AM 02-01-2005
Don't know of anyplace in ENC that sells refurbished stb's, but jamielee has mentioned getting clearance boxes from Best Buy here in Greenville. At least he did last summer. Beyond that, maybe give Ebay a try. Your friend might be able to find a decent one on there.
Ken12's Avatar Ken12 01:20 PM 02-01-2005
I would be hesitant in buying used settop boxes. Each new generation of boxes has new features that help with reception. I beleive walmart has some LG electronics boxes that are cheaper than 200

Ken12's Avatar Ken12 01:34 PM 02-01-2005
WE are back up I did lose guide data but we are reentering it at this time

easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 01:48 PM 02-01-2005
The Wal Mart here in Greenville sells the USDTV set top boxes. I'm not sure if this is LG Electronics or not. Yesterday there was only one left on the shelf.

Ken12, that was a quick reboot. Everything looks alright on my stb. I see the guide data is already entered.
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 04:15 PM 02-01-2005
According to the posted note about PSIP changes causing a need for a rescan, the FCC has given broadcasters an additional 2 weeks to get PSIP up and running. I guess that would put the new deadline at Feb 15th.

No comments... *LOL*
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 04:31 PM 02-01-2005
I'll pass on that good information Ken12. I didn't think a refurbished was a good idea either. I had no idea that Wal-mart sold the STBxes. I will have to go see if ours has them, if I can get in the place! The one here is always jammed with cars.
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 07:06 AM 02-02-2005
Got a email from WITN, Presidential state of the union will be in HD on NBC tonight!!! 9pm
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 07:09 AM 02-02-2005
Cool! I like how these live events are being broadcast in HD now. The inauguration was awesome in HD on ABC 12!
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 07:28 AM 02-02-2005
Looks like the DUCTING for Sunday is going to be high so hopefully WRAZ will come in good, for the Super Bowl.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 10:18 AM 02-02-2005
One things for sure, I will be watching the game from another market.
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 10:27 AM 02-02-2005

Are you able to pick up Fox from Wilmington or are you going to try for WRAZ out of Raleigh? I thought you could couldn't get either... Or are your crossing your fingers for ducting?
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