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jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 02:59 PM 11-30-2004
is the coax stuck out the top of the LNB arm that the LNB fits into or inside the arm that the lnb sits into?

jspENC's Avatar jspENC 03:05 PM 11-30-2004
The ducting is supposed to be moderate across NC tonight.
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 03:06 PM 11-30-2004
Neither... After stripping a coax, I threaded that through the sockets where the lnbf arm would attach to the dish. From that point, I added a coax to the threaded wire via a connector. No arm and no lnbf are attached to my dish. I'll have to take a pic of it and post it so you guys can see it. The dish actually sits on the floor or rather a box on the floor (in position) so I can get my signals.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 03:12 PM 11-30-2004
When you really get it working, take it outside and put it as high as you can and see what it will do, if it works better than an antenna you might want to patent it!
I'll buy one!
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 03:18 PM 11-30-2004
LMAO, jsp! That's exactly what my roomate said last night! He said to sell 'em on Ebay.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 04:41 PM 11-30-2004
Does it work for VHF too?
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 05:42 PM 11-30-2004
Haven't given analog much thought since I've been using digital. It does pick up WNCT's vhf digital signal.
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 06:45 AM 12-01-2004
With the new psip will we get titles or just a station ID?
Will ABC/UPN move to 12.1 / 12.2?
What date do you expect to have it up?
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 11:11 AM 12-01-2004
How is the directv UPN signal doing today with the wind blowing?
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 12:18 PM 12-01-2004
I have not really watched it today, Ill monitor it and get back in a few.
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 12:21 PM 12-01-2004
anyone no how I can get a old primestar dish?
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 01:18 PM 12-01-2004
the last hr I havent seen any problems
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 01:51 PM 12-01-2004
I am on a list now to get DTV 72.5 dish installed.
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 02:35 PM 12-01-2004
Did see the green lines flicker a few minutes ago, but know where as bad as it once was.
You can go ahead to account management and add the locals, it will ask you if you can see chs 495 496, select yes, then add the locals and the WB from Miami will appear on channel 15. the rest will appear black or with other channels showing in its place until 72.5 is hooked up.

this is if you have a new reciever capable of getting 72.5
But even if not you should still beable to get WB 15, its coming off 101w.

Directv locals
72.5 101W**

jspENC's Avatar jspENC 04:16 PM 12-01-2004
I have a compatible receiver, because those stations are lit up on my guide, but was worried directv would penalize me for activating the stations before they hooked up 72.5
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 05:13 PM 12-01-2004
NOPE I hooked mine up by unhooking 110 119 and usung 4x4 to add 72.5, they came out the next day to hook up 6x8 and 110 119 back up.

jspENC's Avatar jspENC 05:28 PM 12-01-2004
I ordered it and it lit up within a few seconds! WB 39
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 10:08 PM 12-01-2004
Weather Plus is up and running on 17.3 on WNCN. If you guys can pick it up, you might want to check it out! Looks like it's in semi-demo mode. Pretty neat though!
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 06:41 AM 12-02-2004
Yea I saw it here in Washington. last time I spoke to Mike Weeks at ch 7, he said NBC wanted alot of money for weather plus and they would not do it. We got live dop 7, they should air break in weather updates.
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 07:08 AM 12-02-2004
NASCAR / NBC release due out today.

NBC will air all its 13 NEXTEL CUP and 5 BUSCH races in 1080i and 5.1 SS HD in 2005
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 09:54 AM 12-02-2004
Agreed Jamielee. I'm surprised that WITN hasn't experimented with it a little more by doing weather break in's, etc. Didn't you say that Mike said they were going to try and launch a local news/weather channel on 7.2 around the first of the year? I wonder if this will be contingent upon pick up by the cable systems around here? A lot of stations, from what I read, aren't really interested in spinning off new channels unless viewers on cable are going to be able to see them. Although this hasn't exactly stopped upper tier markets from doing it. I suppose that's because the HDTV penetration is higher than here in eastern NC. Although, I can say that we've been selling a lot of HDTV's at Wal Mart. I think our local stations need to promote their HDTV offerings more on air to get viewers. After all, people aren't going to watch something that they don't know is there or don't know how to get.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 10:47 AM 12-02-2004
your right that most people don't have a clue how to get HDTV or what it is! I have talked to people about it and they actually thought they were getting it through a cable signal with just digital cable! They had no HDTV or HDTV converter. When I explained the process of abtaining a real HDTV signal, they said the cable company led them to believe that what they had was just like HD...
Also the cable company down here is running ads, making it sound as though having an antenna is a terrible thing. You may have seen them on our local channels. Also they are running an ad with a man taking a sledge hammer to his dish because he couldn't get HD from it. That is so LAME.

I wish our local stations would explain to people all they need is an antenna, and an HDTV integrated set or a box. NO monthly cost.
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 11:34 AM 12-02-2004

It's interesting that you mention this. I just recently visited a friend that has an HDTV. I asked him if he was receiving his signal ota or via cable. He is using Cox cable here in Gville. He had no idea he could receive signal via ota. Likewise, he had no idea about the various channels being broadcast along with the main HD signal. Cable companies don't want people to know that the average consumer can receive these signals because that would force them to add them if enough people complained about it. I switched to satellite long ago and have never looked back at cable. The few times I have lost satellite signal is during intensely, severe thunderstorms. When I lived on the OBX, I went through entire hurricanes without losing my satellite signal. It such a crock the stuff cable puts out. They lie, but the really sad thing is that most consumers have no clue that the info their being passed is bogus.
jamieh1's Avatar jamieh1 04:20 PM 12-03-2004
Ken12 any update on the psip?
Will 48.1 48.2 move to 12.1 12.2.
jspENC's Avatar jspENC 10:39 AM 12-04-2004
Does anyone know if Gary Dean is going to be doing Fox 8 news at ten? I just saw an ad with him on it for fox at ten news!
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 10:15 AM 12-06-2004
Looks like WCTI has it's psip equipment up and running. WCTI is now 12.1 and UPN 48 is 12.3. I'm not receiving any a/v signal on 12.3 as of now. I assume the guys are still working on this. I just woke up so I'm not sure how early this happened this morning... *LOL* Cool deal though, glad to see WCTI as it's normal call sign and letters!
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 12:19 PM 12-06-2004
UPN 48 is now up and running (broadcasting audio/video) on 12.3 (48.3). Thanx to WCTI's engineering staff for their hard work! Good job guys!
easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 12:25 PM 12-06-2004

Originally posted by jspENC
Does anyone know if Gary Dean is going to be doing Fox 8 news at ten? I just saw an ad with him on it for fox at ten news!

Hmm... I haven't seen this commercial, but maybe this explains why Fox 8/14 can't shell out the money to get on the air digitally (even if not in hi def). Anybody heard anything new about them getting any kind of signal on the air? I saw on Titantv too that it said WYDO 12/05... So, so, so, sad! Maybe they should negotiate to get on somebody else's stick to save costs.
Ken12's Avatar Ken12 12:37 PM 12-06-2004
Just turned on PSIP this morning. Seems to be working fine I am not providing guide data through PSIP yet. ABC is 12-1 and UPN 12-3.

easternncnewswat's Avatar easternncnewswat 12:40 PM 12-06-2004

It looks terrific! Congrats on the great install and for the hard work you guys have put in to doing this!
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