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SFjr 04-21-2004 09:12 PM

Curious if anyone else on this forum is receiving HD OTA in Jackson, MS.

I am in Ridgeland and have a Jensen TV930 indoor antenna, hooked up to a Hughes HTL-HD D* Receiver, pointed just west of south. I am able to pick up CBS (WJTV-DT), ABC (WAPT-DT), PBS HD, PBS Digital (WMPN-DT), and WB (WDBD-DT). NBC is currently awaiting FCC approval for their digital transmission.

I only have a week's worth of history to go by, but up until tonight I was able to lock onto every channel with out any drop outs. Tonight (4/21) ABC has been very sporadic. The signal strength on the HTL-HD for my OTA ABC channel has been fluctuating like crazy all night. It will go from Good, hover around Normal, dip down to Bad and then go right back to Good. Tonight is the first time I have seen it do this.

If anyone else here is in Jackson, MS and receiving HD OTA please let me know your experiences.


MimsFamily 04-23-2004 08:18 PM

I live in Brandon, MS by the resevoir. I have a nice hdtv plasma but no hdtv receiver yet. However, I should be getting a high def tivo within the next 2-3 weeks, so I have been researching antennas. I'm 25-30 miles away and within a few degrees compass orientation according to antennaweb.org. Based on research, I was intially leaning toward a multidirectional antenna - channel master 4228 or Winegard PR8800. However, since I'm only a few degrees directionally from each tower, I'm now considering a directional antenna. It was recommended to me that because I plan on an attic installation, I should go for a more powerful directional antenna, such as the Yagi XG42 available on antennadirect.com. I have'nt really decided yet. When I get my receiver and antenna, I'll post my experience.

SFjr 04-23-2004 10:19 PM

I'll be interested to hear how successful you are with your attic installation. I may go that route myself. ABC continues to give me fits. It is one of the closer towers, but their signal strength continues to fluctuate wildly - no rhyme or reason. They may be having transmission issues with their digital signal.

WB (WDBD-DT) is one of the furthest away - 19 miles - but their signal is by far the strongest. Too bad they have no HD programming.

CBS (WJTV-DT) - 11 miles - continues to have a lip synch issue. The audio is just slightly behind the video - enough to be distracting at times. The picture is incredible. CSI-Miami in HD was quite an experience.

ABC (WAPT-DT) - 12 miles - has been pretty good. I have not noticed any lip synch issues. The picture has been great when the signal is good. I've got to get the signal situation worked out prior to Monday Night Football.

PBS-HD - 21 miles - shows all HD all the time. There's been a lot of opera and ballet in HD this week. Not my thing - but the picture is great.

Good luck with your install. I just got my Samsung HLN467W DLP TV last week. I got the $99 HD special from DirecTv - which included the Hughes HTL-HD DirecTv and OTA Receiver, triple LNB dish (which I already had) and professional installation (not needed - but I had the guy run me an extra line from the dish). I have two lines going to my DirecTivo and one going to the Hughed HTL-HD. DirecTv was asking $350 for the HD setup, but as a long time subscriber I was able to qualify for the $99 deal. It was worth it just to get the receiver. I have watched more TV this past week than I can ever remember. The "wow factor" of HD has not quite worn off yet. You are going to love it.

I look forward to hearing from you after your install.

SFjr 04-28-2004 09:23 PM

Jackson, MS viewers...an update about NBC.

I have some information from the station manager at NBC (WLBT).

He told me that they are currently awaiting FCC approval to broadcast their digital signal on Channel 9. That is the current hold up. They were allocated Channel 51, I believe, and they want Channel 9.

In the meantime, they are going to begin sending a digital feed to Time Warner Cable over fiber optics. So TWC users with the HD package will be able to see HD programming from NBC before they send it OTA.


MimsFamily 04-30-2004 06:50 PM

Thanks for the update. I guess they want to use channel 9 to broadcast in VHF. This means I should probably start looking for a vhf/uhf antenna instead of getting the uhf only antenna I intended to buy. VHF, I believe, is also harder to pick up at longer distances.

SFjr 05-03-2004 09:25 PM

WUFX (FOX-35) has started transmitting a digital signal (as of 5/3). I hope this is in preparation for the lineup of HD programming starting this fall on FOX.

Once NBC gets approval from the FCC for channel 9 we will have access to all of the major networks in HD.

MimsFamily 05-03-2004 10:34 PM

Good news about FOX! Fox is probably one of my most watched networks. I'd like to see UPN go digital as well.

MimsFamily 06-18-2004 10:08 PM

Finally, I now have high definition ota and via directv. I'm picking up at least a few digital locals from the Jackson towers but have not had a chance to look them over. My wife is finishing up watching shows off the old tivo. I'll try to report something this weekend.

I ended up buying a large RCA directional antenna from Home Depot that I put in the attic(cost like 60 bucks but I used a gift card someone gave me last year) ; I guessed the general direction to aim and have not finished positioning it, but I built a little platform for it so that I could easily move it around the attic.

MimsFamily 06-19-2004 11:39 AM

These results are without positioning my antenna.
Hopefully the results will be much better.
I was picking up CBS last night, but not today.
PBS is coming in fine.
ABC is okay.
CBS is mostly no picture.

20-1 20 PBS 78-83
16-1 21 ABC 68-71
41-1 41 WB 60-65
12-1 52 CBS 8-43

I did'nt know they would be using a 4:3 ratio for digital programming. ABC and CBS are showing 4:3 programming and I have no way to widen it for my tv. Hopefully most digital progamming will be in 16:9.

No programs are on WB right now, or either I'm just not picking them up.

arxaw 06-20-2004 06:15 AM


Originally posted by MimsFamily
Thanks for the update. I guess they want to use channel 9 to broadcast in VHF. This means I should probably start looking for a vhf/uhf antenna instead of getting the uhf only antenna I intended to buy. VHF, I believe, is also harder to pick up at longer distances.

Antennas designed primarily for the UHF band will usually work ok for highband VHF (highband VHF = channels 7 thru 13).

For towers less than 40 miles away, the Channel Master CM 4221 usually works well for channels 7 thru 69. If the signal strength is weak on VHF, add a CM 7777 preamp. There are several good online sources for Channel Master antennas & preamps. Three reliable sources are:

FWIW, VHF channels usually travel farther with significantly less transmitter power than UHF.

--Sam in Little Rock

arxaw 06-20-2004 06:20 AM

Jensen and TERK antennas are mostly over-advertised, overpriced junk. Avoid both, as they seldom work well.

MimsFamily 06-26-2004 01:55 PM

These are my updated results with the large rca directional antenna. I also tested a small indoor directional antenna w/ amplifier. With the amp turned off, the reception is bad on the indoor ant. With the amp on, reception is good but only if I aim high while holding the antenna high in a certain direction. Still, not as good as the large antenna in the attic. I'm guessing that if I shorten the coax cable - I have several spare feet - that reception might be a little better-I'm not sure if its the best quality coax either. Or I could add a pre-amp, which might boost the signal strength-this might be worth a try. Otherwise, there are no drop-outs, so I guess that's what counts with an all or nothing digital signal.

20-1 20 PBS 86-89
16-1 21 ABC 71
41-1 41 WB 61-68
12-1 52 CBS 67-70

I'm picking up the WB but there are no hd programs on the WB for now. Programming on the WB and one of the PBS channels looks no better than the local on satellite. Looks like the playback source is probably something less than 480i. CBS and ABC HD programs are fantastic.

arxaw 06-27-2004 06:27 AM

Those signal strengths are more than adequate. On some tuners that might be the maximum you could ever expect to receive.

If the signal's over a certain threshold (as low as ~20-30% on many receivers), and steady, you should be able to get a dropout free picture. A stable signal is what counts.

SFjr 06-28-2004 05:27 PM

Using my internal Jensen TV930 hidden on top of my entertainment center I get

20-1 PBS
20-2 PBS-HD
29-1 20 PBS 84
16-1 21 ABC 71
41-1 41 WB 67
41-2 41 FOX 67
12-1 52 CBS 60

Those numbers are on the low side tonight. CBS and WB/FOX are usually about 4-5 ticks higher on the scale.

I appears that 41 (WB) has quite a bit of multi-casting going on. I get 3 channels on 41 (40-1 WBDB-DT, 41-1 WBDB again, and 41-2 FOX 35 WUFX).

Also, PBS-HD has gotten really pixellated the last week or so. They may be doing more multi-casting also.

It's nice to have someone else in this area to bounce experiences off of. It sounds like you are really enjoying your new HD. I have the Hughes HTL-HD and I am able to change the aspect ratio to Expand on the receiver to fill the 4:3 image on ABC and CBS digital. I have a DLP TV (no burn-in issues) so I keep my picture at whatever aspect ratio they are broadcasting in.

CBS does have some awesome HD.


MimsFamily 06-28-2004 06:55 PM


Originally posted by SFjr

41 (WB) has quite a bit of multi-casting going on. I get 3 channels on 41 (40-1 WBDB-DT, 41-1 WBDB again, and 41-2 FOX 35 WUFX).

Also, PBS-HD has gotten really pixellated the last week or so. They may be doing more multi-casting also.

I'm getting the same channels on my hughes hd tivo.
I was wondering what 40-2 was. The wb and fox are both wide screen, but not hd. I can't really tell much difference between those and my satellite locals. The picture does look a little brighter and the color a little better.
I get a little pixelation sometimes on 41-1 and 41-2. I don't pick up the first 41-1, but I assume they are not broadcasting on that channel.

You may know, but Titantv.com is a great website to look at regarding upcoming hd programming that has guide data for all local hd stations. Neither antennaweb nor titantv show fox as a local digital.

I like the DLP sets. I probably paid more than I should have for a plasma, but I enjoy it. I play games and don't have burn-in problems. I do have slight image retention on an all black screen when I leave a static image on for too long, but it goes away immediately when I change channels or use my screensaver.

SFjr 07-06-2004 06:32 AM

Anyone else here having trouble picking up CBS-HD WJTV-DT yesterday and this morning?

I show very little signal strength for them only. I could not lock onto a signal last night and this morning the signal is still very low.

MimsFamily 07-06-2004 09:23 PM

I watched "two and a half men" on cbs hd monday night with no drop outs.

jeffmc 08-04-2004 01:32 PM

Another Jackson, MS user here. I set up my antenna for local HD about 1.5 years ago. Not much has changed as far as OTA HD broadcasting since then except for the addition of Fox on channel 41-2. Here is what I use:

VU-90 XR Radio Shack antenna mounted in attic
Zenith DTV1080 HD receiver

I live in Brandon, about 2 miles from the downtown area, and I'm about 25 miles from the farthest tower. My channels and signal strengths are as follows (note that my receiver displays a meter bar rather than a numerical readout, so I'll just post my best numerical guess):

WJTV-DT CBS HD 65-75 strength
WAPT-DT ABC HD 75-80 strength
WMPN-DT PBS HD 75-80 strength
WDBD-DT WB ED 55-65 strength
WUFX-DT FOX ED 55-65 strength

All channels come in good at anytime of the day although I do get the occasional audio and video break-ups on the CBS, WB and FOX channels, but nothing I would consider annoying or distracting. ABC comes in the best of all channels and with DD5.1 audio. All others are DD2.0 audio. I noticed WJTV was sending DD5.1 according to my receiver at one point several months ago, but I haven't noticed it since then. The WB and FOX channels are broadcasting digital only, no HD. AFAIK the FOX channel is not even doing widescreen, since every show I've ever seen on it, including the primetime shows that are supposed to be widescreen, show up as 4x3 standard def. Hopefully, the WB and FOX channels will begin HD soon.

Does anyone know if WLBT will be doing HD when they start broadcasting digitally (finally)?


SFjr 08-06-2004 08:51 PM

Hello Jeff - it's nice to know there are other HD enthusiasts around here. This thread is pretty quiet most of the time.

The station manager for NBC told me that they would be going HD via Time Warner Cable before they began sending a signal OTA. I figured they were prepping for the NBC Olympics HD feed. As of now, it is looking like we will not have any HD from NBC any time soon. I cannot get anyone to respond to my questions about the olympics. And since we are not an O&O market, and TWC is not carrying an HD feed of the olympics, DirecTV will not allow me access to their HD olympic feed.

NBC has really been a HUGE disappointment locally. On the other hand, CBS and ABC have been awesome. I will be getting FOX HD via DirecTV starting in September (I have a waiver for them). I wonder if/when WB is going to go HD here.

Update: TWC is carrying the HD feed of the olympics - and because of that DirecTV is also able to show it on Channel 84 for our area.

Sc0rp10n 09-14-2004 05:38 PM

just wanted to add one more person to the list of HD enthusiasts in brandon mississippi and get myself subscribed to the thread. i've ordered a samsung dlp, directv HD package, hd directivo, among other things. i'm researching antennas for ota HD and really don't know what to get. all of my stations as reported on antennaweb.org are within 9 degrees of each other and the farthest antenna is 26 miles away. any suggestions? it really needs to be outdoor and somewhat asthetic. it can't be some huge waffle type above my roof. i can put it the height of my satellite (near it) and my satellite is on my southwest wall which is good...

MimsFamily 09-14-2004 08:23 PM

If I had not been able to get a big antenna in my attic, I would have spent the extra money for a winegard squareshooter. They are small square outdoor antennas that are supposed to have excellent reception and they look nothing like the ugly traditional antenna. I've read bad things about terk and antennas that attach to your satellite dish.

MimsFamily 09-14-2004 08:37 PM


Originally posted by SFjr

I will be getting FOX HD via DirecTV starting in September (I have a waiver for them). I wonder if/when WB is going to go HD here.

I watched the olympics via nbc's temporary directv hd channel. Also watched some of the us open via Bravo HD. It's great having the hd tivo receiver to record hd.

How did you manage to get a waiver - must be through our local fox affiliate. I would like to sign up as well for fox hd via directv.

Still no word on NBC. I was hoping they would get their act together before any of the fall premieres.

SFjr 09-21-2004 06:34 PM

Go to this website and enter your address - it will tell you if you are eligible for any of the distant network feeds.

Am I Eligible

It shows that I am eligible for FOX. I currently get the standard definition East and West coast feeds of FOX now (in fact, I have had them for years). The HD feed on D* should be up quickly after 10/1.

I am not holding my breath on NBC, WB or WUFX FOX. Pretty sad...

jeffmc 10-06-2004 10:15 AM


I noticed you mentioned having a waiver from WUFX for FOX. Who did you contact at WUFX to get a waiver? Feel free to private message me their name. I tried that link you posted and I am Grade B for WUFX, so I wonder if they will give me a wiaver to get FOX-HD via Directv. Have you tried getting a waiver from WLBT to get NBC-HD?

Also, do you have any more info about WLBT, WB or WUFX going HD? Surely they'll be doing HD within the next year, though I won't be surprised if they aren't.



SFjr 10-12-2004 06:29 PM


Sorry for the delay in replying. This thread is usually quiet so I don't check it often. I wish it had more activity...

I have been receiving the national FOX feed from D* since 1996. In fact, as of my last post, D*'s web site was showing me as eligible for FOX only. After seeing your post, I went and checked it again and now it shows me as Grade A for WUFX. Real bummer - they must have recently updated their database. It's probably just a matter of time before D* shuts me off. The D* FOX-HD channel was supposed to start today, but they shut it down at the last minute.

I have been emailing the station manager at WUFX, Mike Madigan, to see about getting a waiver so I can watch the HD programming on FOX. I will let you know if this is successful or not. I haven't been able to see a single Saint's game in HD because the NFL Sunday Ticket on D* blacks out the HD broadcast forcing me to watch it on my local FOX affiliate. Plus, we're missing MLB playoffs in HD.

NBC is a different beast. I used to get each of the big 4's National East and West coast feeds (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) on D*. WLBT was the first station to have me shut off on D* - with a rather nasty letter. WLBT will not grant a waiver and they still have no estimated time frame for delivering HD. Since I have gotten my HD setup, I pretty much stick to HD programming - so I no longer watch WLBT. WAPT, WJTV and D*'s HD programming gets my viewing time.

I will let you know something as soon as I get more information. I hope by 'gently' prodding our local affiliates they will begin to realize that there is an audience here in Jackson looking for them to provide us with their HD programming.

SFjr 10-14-2004 01:26 PM

I was just told that WB (WDBD) will begin HD broadcasting in 2005. No exact date at this point. Still no word on FOX.

jeffmc 10-14-2004 03:27 PM


Thanks for all the info. That's good news about WDBD. Hopefully WUFX will go HD at the same time. I had thought they were both owned by the same company, but WDBD is owned by Jackson Television LLC and WUFX is owned by Mississippi Television LLC. Seems they are linked together somehow though since they are on the same website... www.gomiss.com/about_us.htm

Good luck holding on to FOX-HD through D*. I think I will start doing my part in badgering WLBT.


Kevin D 10-20-2004 09:48 PM

Damn your WB station has got some power.. Did they kick it up lately or something? I'm down in Hattiesburg and periodically tune the Jackson stations just to 'check'. I'm hoping to one day get your CBS feed, they own our station down here and we usually get the shaft.. The feed over cable is bad, their analog broadcast is almost as bad, and as far as HD; "As soon as they make us" was the last I heard.. I think we even lately lost some of our local news, getting feeds from the Jackson sister station.

Anyway, I was checking tonight and to my surprise locked on to 41 with about 62-70% on my Dish 811.. No dropouts what so ever so far. Glad to have a watchable Fox station again (even if it's not HD). The coast Fox25 is pretty weak on analog, and I have a hard time getting the digital signal when I'm doing jobs on the coast! I can get 16 (ABC) with about 63%, but only get a blocky frame every 10 seconds or so.. The coast ABC comes in fine though so I'm not missing out.

This gets me excited again. I might go ahead and add another 10' section to my mast and try for CBS.. I'm running a CM4228 on a 20' mast with a 28db preamp for reference.

I'm the lead installer for an AV company in Hattiesburg, and we just purchased Players up in Jackson. So I'm sure I'll be chiming in more often as I start doing some installs up north.

Kevin D.

SFjr 10-21-2004 10:36 AM

I've been lucky to pickup everything with an indoor antenna. I did finally get a Zenith Silver Sensor, and now I can successfully receive all the digital local channels without having to adjust the antenna.

That's pretty interesting about how you can pull in the WB signal. CBS and WB are about at the same signal strength for me - low to mid 70's with the new antenna. I very rarely have any dropouts anymore.

My biggest complaint with CBS (WJTV-DT) is their SEC Game of the Week in HD. The last three weeks I have had NO announcers at the beginning of the games. I think it was the Tennessee/Georgia game that only had crowd noise the entire game. The other two weeks they finally switched to a DD5.1 audio signal midway through the 2nd quarter, which allowed me to hear the announcers again. Other than that CBS has had some awesome HD. WAPT-DT (ABC) is top notch also (just no college football).

I hope WUFX comes through with HD soon. I would love to see the Superbowl in HD this season.

Player's is an interesting shop. I saw my first HDTV there years ago at their Ridgeland location. It was a Pioneer with a continuous loop of some college football followed by some nature scenes. Man we have come a long way...

Kevin D 10-21-2004 08:36 PM


Originally posted by SFjr
That's pretty interesting about how you can pull in the WB signal. CBS and WB are about at the same signal strength for me - low to mid 70's with the new antenna. I very rarely have any dropouts anymore.

Is the WB antenna on the south side and the CBS on the north? With you in the middle perhaps?


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