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Originally Posted by mvcg66b3r View Post
Quincy buys ABC, CW affiliations from Sinclair

Will all three subchannels be in HD? And what happens to WHOI?
Since WTVP at RF 46 will be affected by the repack/spectrum auction (in addition to WAOE at RF 39), any chance WTVP might opt to move to the soon-to-be-vacated RF 19? While still broadcasting as virtual 47, or even choosing to remap as: 19.1 PBS/WTVP feed, 19.2 World, 19.3 Create?

Or do you think WAOE gets a hold of RF 19, or could they eventually find themselves heading to WEEK's RF 25 signal too?

And any possibility that Nexstar might buy WYZZ's Fox affiliation from Sinclair and move it to a subchannel of WMBD? Or do you think Sinclair can survive in Peoria/Bloomington with owning only a Fox affiliate?

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Interesting that Sinclair and Quincy do a little programming swap in 2 markets

Quincy buys the programming from Sinclair here meanwhile in South Bend Sinclair bought the FOX affiliation from Quincy and is moving it to their (Sinclair) own station
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Odd that they'd do this right after Sinclair spent money replacing WHOI's antenna. Maybe they'll be moving the Fox programming to the WHOI signal?

This is a strange move to me, but unclehonkey is probably onto something; my guess is that this was probably a swap between Quincy and Sinclair with little or no cash involved.

- Trip


Comments are my own and not that of the FCC (my employer) or anyone else.


"Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand..." - Rush "Witch Hunt"

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Originally Posted by Trip in VA View Post
Odd that they'd do this right after Sinclair spent money replacing WHOI's antenna. Maybe they'll be moving the Fox programming to the WHOI signal?

This is a strange move to me, but unclehonkey is probably onto something; my guess is that this was probably a swap between Quincy and Sinclair with little or no cash involved.

- Trip
I do find it strange, though Sinclair can easily turn right around and sell it or reuse it somewhere else. Don't forget WHOI was taken over by WEEK just 2 years after WHOI spent $125,000 on a WSI weather graphics system.

Well over a year ago, it was announced up this would happen in one of the markets affected by the Quincy Purchase. But nothing was said about WHOI. So I didn't see this coming.

My speculation is that Peoria's second-oldest tv station will probably be going dark with it's license relinquished to free up space for the upcoming spectrum crunch. But there is no comment on 19's future, even when asked. That being said, perhaps even the people in charge have yet to totally decide it's fate.

At the very minimum, the FCC is wanting to Squeeze UHF TV stations down to 14-44, which would only affect WTVP-47, which operates on digital channel 46. In this scenario, I can see WTVP moving to digital channel 19 sometime soon. That is, if they can afford to make the move.

But if the FCC is going to try to go a little further than that. If they are able to free up all of the UHF space they are targeting, the UHF tv band will be reduced to channels 14-26. That being said, WYZZ (digital channel 28), WMBD (digital channel 30) & WAOE (digital channel 39), would all have to relocate to lower frequencies. And I don't think there will be any free frequencies left in the Peoria Market except maybe 19.

In this scenario, it could very well be that WMBD moves to digital channel 19-1 and the WYZZ & WAOE facilities go dark as well while moving to 19-2 & 19-3.

It's all a very sad state of affairs. WHOI has been serving central Illinois for over 60 years. And I've found the sub channels on all of our stations to be rather entertaining. Now we may see WHOI go dark (and possibly WAOE and WYZZ), which would bring us back to the same OTA choices we had before the digital conversion. I have never been to WHOI, but I've heart the facility has been in poor shape for years, so I imagine it has continued to decay, hence part of the reason why Sinclair may be wanting to just give up on it. Though with Sinclair being fairly wealthy, I have to say I'm disappointed in them for not putting more effort into 19. But the same time, if there's no channel space, than it wouldn't make good business sense to invest in their facility when there's other stations, which are in better shape, that can move to their frequency.

I just hope the cell phone and wireless companies really need all this space. A lot of people don't get it, but broadcast stations are free for the people. And they provide news and emergency alerts which make it to everybody with an antenna. Any use of this spectrum, other than OTA, demands a subscription fee. There are way too many people in this country who don't know how to live within their means. I know people who can barely keep their family fed, yet they are paying for cable and other things that are not considered necessary. By continuing to chomp away at tv channel space, they will be forcing people subscribe to cable and wireless services. And speaking of bad service, when something goes wrong, all of these have very bad service in my opinion. I, personally, would never pay for cable tv, or satellite, for that matter. Internet & cell phones is a different story, but they can't replace OTA TV. For one thing, we've all seen how bogus some of the internet news sources are. And how many people blindly post some of this crap to Facebook, and other social media. The internet was to make this entire nation more informed. And, for the right people, it has. But it has only managed to make a lot of the misinformed only more misinformed. Because they search for bogus material that panders to their fantasies. There's no standard of accountability in social media.

I see so many people making this political by blaming president Obama. But this was in the works long before he took office. And it has just as much to do with congress as it does the president. There doesn't seem to be very many people in either party speaking out against it.

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