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eman6880's Avatar eman6880 11:51 AM 08-22-2003
This is awsome news i already have limited basic along with my internet, and now for 5 more dollars i can have my locals in hd, now will have to see how much they charge for the full boat. Directv charges 10 for there hd package wich includes about 8 premium HD channels and since I have already dropped $500 on my hughes E86 and another $50 on my ant. i doubt it will be worth it for me. I am getting off topic here bottom line is HD is awsome no matter how you get it and for us in this forum it was a "must have" and i would spend whatever it took to get it, and now people that cant afford to spend the money can have it cheap. Props to comcast for providing a soulution to abq's hd needs!

P.S. People get these letters out to KOB and let them know how critical it is for them to get this done!

BGLeduc's Avatar BGLeduc 11:59 AM 08-22-2003

P.S. People get these letters out to KOB and let them know how critical it is for them to get this done!

Good luck.

I have contacted them three separate times because I can not pull in their OTA Digital channel. I got one reply, telling me that they were off the air at the time I e-mailed. I replied that I have not been able to get their station since February. No reply. Nada. Zip.

Of course, I can get every other channel that we have here, but not KOB. I suspect they are doing something in their PSIP data that does not play well with my Sammy 151. I even upgraded to a better UHF antenna (Channel Master 4221) but still nothing.

I have posted this a few times, and it appears that there are no other Sammy 151 owners in ABQ, or none that are having the problem.

Oh well, as I said before, there is absolutely nothing on KOB that I care to watch, and since I can't receiver them, that is not likely to change! And FWIW, their PQ on basic cable is without a doubt, the worst of any local channel.

Rant mode now off.

petew's Avatar petew 05:27 PM 08-22-2003
I heard that if a letter is sent to Hubbard's attorney, Mr. Hubbard WILL see it. Anyone know how to find out an address??

Found this match on Google, not sure if it's the right firm though.

Leonard, Street and Deinard

150 South Fifth Street
Suite 2300
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 335-1500
(612) 335-1657 FAX

The Army and Navy Club Building
1627 Eye Street NW, Suite 610
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 974-6101 FAX
fjerina's Avatar fjerina 10:04 AM 08-25-2003
Petew, thanks. I will also send a copy to the lawyers. They love to get involved in everything. Fred.
fjerina's Avatar fjerina 12:03 PM 08-26-2003
Well, I sent out the letter to the lawyers today !!! Let's kick some ass !!!
Osoman's Avatar Osoman 03:25 PM 08-26-2003
This is for BGL:

I have an SIR-T151. I can get KOB (4-1) all right but, of course, there's no HD to watch anyway with them.

Other stations come in all right. KNME is great but I'm getting a little bored watching the HD demo. Sometimes I switch to 5-1 just to remind myself what a beauty HD is.

BGLeduc's Avatar BGLeduc 04:41 PM 08-26-2003
Thanks Phil.

Finally, confirmation that the box is at least capable! Do you mind if I ask the general area of your location? I am a bit southwest of Tramway and Academy.

As I mentioned, I recently bought a CM 4221, but still no joy. I have read that even minute movement of the antenna can pay big dividends. I suppose I need to climb up in the attic, and slowly move it around while someone watches the set.

BTW, they are on channel 26, right?

Thanks again!

fjerina's Avatar fjerina 04:53 PM 08-26-2003
I am not getting out local PBS or ABC digital station last night or today on my Dish 6000 unit. Is anyone else getting these stations??? Thanks, Fred.
eman6880's Avatar eman6880 07:54 PM 08-26-2003
still getting all the channels abq has to offer as of 7:54 pm.
On my hughes e86.
Osoman's Avatar Osoman 07:58 PM 08-26-2003

I'm near Indian School and Morris. Have a semi-clear shot at the crest. Semi-clear because there's a tree in the way. I'm using a regular Radio Shack antenna that has to be at least twenty years old. I did raise it another eight feet but didn't improve the signal strength which is still a little above 50%.

Could be you're in an RF shadow since you are much closer to the base of Sandia Mountain. I don't know what you would do to solve that.

KOB is 26-1 but the 151 displays it as 4-1. Same thing with KNME (35-1 is 5-1). And so on with the other channels.

N5XZS's Avatar N5XZS 11:27 PM 08-26-2003
I am getting all the channels except channel 24 KNAT-DT REL, TBN "Running at 600 watts ERP" with my Terk TV-50 indoor antenna here in 4 Hills areas.

The receiver that I am using is the RCA DTC-100.

Only 2 more stations to go on the air......

KCHF-DT channel 10 "REL" and KAZQ-DT channel 17 "REL" sad to say both stations are junk IMHO, no real independent station in this Albuquerque's TV market "KTVK or KCAL and many others around in the country"

Sure wish Hearst Argle and others broadcasting companys would buy out KCHF,KNAT and KAZQ and that woulds help out the Albuquerque's TV market.

Anyway party on!!!

N5XZS's Avatar N5XZS 11:02 PM 08-29-2003
I am little concerned about KRQE-DT's broadcast's of U.S. open on September 1st being replaced by telethon coverages!!

I just E-mailed to Bill Anderson GM of KRQE-DT about will be they sending U.S. open on digital channel 16 at the sametime showing telethon on analog channel 13?

Stay on yours toes guys!!

This is semi Red Alert!!

N5XZS's Avatar N5XZS 09:45 AM 09-01-2003
Well I am very disaponted that KRQE-DT is NOT carring the HDTV covereges of U.S. open tennis!!

What we get is the telethon crap years after years and why can't they put U.S. open on the digital channel 16 and at the sametime show telethon on analog channel 13!?

Lucky for some people who get Comcast cable will able to get SDTV U.S. open but not for free OTA digital channel 16!

I'e E-mailed to Bill Anderson GM of KRQE-DT, few days ago and still haven't got a word from him!

I thought he was a nice guy!?

Have you guys had any luck getting hold of him?

So much for the good tennis covereges today, now is all wasted....

N5XZS's Avatar N5XZS 11:16 AM 09-02-2003
Minor news update......

K17DD channel 17 3ABN, "Now off the air" has filed to the FCC, moving to a new channel 38 and move the transmitter to the Sandia Crest Mountain not only that they also plan to upgrade the TX power to 45.4 KW ERP.

Channel 17 will be a new home for KAZQ-DT.....

Last I heard they plan to run 8 KW ERP under STA unless they updated on the FCC's website...

No news on KNMD-TV channel 9 or soon to be DT,KCHF-DT channel 10....

The FCC is making final touchs on digital lowpower rulemaking so it's might take few more weeks.

That's the news!!

Osoman's Avatar Osoman 08:58 AM 09-05-2003
I don't want to start a new thread for this question. Figured this thread would do.

I tuned in to the NFL football game last night (9/4). Great picture but absolutely lousy sound. I ended up using a little radio that tunes to the TV channel audio.

Did anyone else have the same audio problem? I am using a Samsung SIR-T151. Previous ABC football games had good sound.

My brother, who lives in the east mountains, also had lousy sound. He is using a Samsung also, either a T160 or a T165.

I wonder if it's the Samsungs? But I tuned into KNME (5-1) and its sound was great.

I called KOAT this morning but the Chief Engineer wasn't aware of any problem last night. I treid calling KOAT last night but the phone just rang and rang.

Any comments?
jerrich's Avatar jerrich 09:02 AM 09-05-2003
I noticed it too with my Sammy 150. It sounded like someone was playing with it. The audio on 7-2 was ok though, as was all the other channels. JR
BGLeduc's Avatar BGLeduc 09:14 AM 09-05-2003
It appears to be a KOAT issue. I have a friend with a Sony that I rang up; same issue. I have a Sammy 151. I note that it affected the game and the commercials.

Funny that KOAT had no idea about the problem. You would think that someone is monitoring their broadcast with consumer equipment somewhere? Not counting us.

During the NHL and NBA playoffs, there was a problem with their picture; it kept loosing focus. I e-mailed, and got a quick reply saying they were unware of the problem. A short time later, I got another e-mail saying that they (KOAT) got an e-mail from ABC, telling them to tweak a setting on one of there devices. Oooops.

On the plus side, Soundstage last night (Tom Petty, The Last DJ) was in 5.1. IIRC, the previous shows had been in 2.0. FWIW, even the 2.0 shows were fantasic when decoded in Pro Logic.

In fact, I was not really impressed with PQ or Sound quality of Tom Petty. From the looks of it, it appears that this was shot on film. Compared to the previous shows that were shot on HD video, it had a certain "look" to it that seemed lacking in detail.

And the sound was not that great either. The bass/drums were OK, but the cymbals had a harsh quality to them. His vocals had a certain raspiness as well (OK, I know, it IS Tom Petty!).

I did have one brief incident of pixelization. Don't think I have gotten through a single episode of Soundstage without some sort of audio or video problem, minor as they are.

galpita's Avatar galpita 09:52 AM 09-05-2003
With a panny OTA, the crowd drowns out speach and sound was "noisy". I was able to listen with
COMCAST but it seems like a strange problem to me.
eman6880's Avatar eman6880 01:27 PM 09-05-2003
I have noticed sound problems several times on KOAT and after talking with their engineers and some resets and fine tunning on there part they were able to fix it. Sounds to me like they need to adjust there DD sound for live broadcasts.

PS I agree, I dont think they have anyone monitoring the digital stations.
jerrich's Avatar jerrich 06:06 PM 09-05-2003
Couldn't get Petty in 5.1, just DD 2.0. Hmmm JR
fjerina's Avatar fjerina 03:55 PM 09-11-2003
A co-worker just called Albuquerque Comcast representative and he was informed that High Definition is available RIGHT NOW from them. Here are some of the details.

1. A $20 one time upgrade charge.
2. A $5 a month box rental (Scientific Atlanta 3100).
3. With the $54 basic digital package you get ...
all the local channels that are in high-def (ABC, CBS, PBS),
InHD1, and
4. If you get the total package for around $75 you also get...
Showtime HD
5. Suppossedly there are 10 HD channels Comcast will initially carry and I just listed 8, so, they are two unaccounted for. Will let you know the others when I find out.

You can go to their office on Montano and see the HD tuner with a plasma display that you can check out.
Osoman's Avatar Osoman 04:25 PM 09-11-2003
I got a call this afternoon from Comcast. They will install the SA3100HD next Tuesday. Comcast will supply the component video cable but that's the only cable they'll supply. If you want to use the digital audio out, you need to supply that cable. The SA3100HD has no optical audio output.

Anxiously awaiting next Tuesday.

GarAlb's Avatar GarAlb 07:04 PM 09-11-2003
Just called and have an appointment for next Wednesday. I asked them if I could just pick up the box but they said it was a new product and they would need to perform the install. When I tried digital cable I connected the box myself. I was hoping to see the Giants on MNF next week. Maybe I'll try going down to Comcast tomorrow and try begging .

If no luck, anxiously awaiting next Wednesday.
N5XZS's Avatar N5XZS 11:03 PM 09-11-2003
We now have 10th digital stations now on the air which is KAZQ-DT on digital channel 17.

This station's signal is pretty strong around upper 80's on the signal meter...

This station is not much to see other than the classic old TV shows in the late afternoon hours and the rest of other programs is junk.

This station is using 480i and may plan to multicasts in the future since I noted they seems to set their PISP to 17.1. "Gives you a hint! "

The last digital station to go on the air in digital is KCHF-DT or KNMD-TV "May go on the air in analog" or DT. "Which is more logical IMHO"

As for the Comcast Cable that is good new for some......

But for me I am happy with my Directv for now.

DanHouck's Avatar DanHouck 07:09 AM 09-12-2003
So the Comcast box has component outs for video? Now I gotta figure out how I'm going to route that through my Faroudja, which only has one set of component ins. The digital coax out for sound is no problem, that's what I'm using now with my digital cable box.

Where can I find details on this HDTV cable box without going down there?

Are they charging another $5 per month on top of what they're charging for the digital cable box? Damn, cable is just outrageously expensive compared to dish!

fjerina's Avatar fjerina 09:21 AM 09-12-2003
To get the info on the Scientific Atlanta 3100HD unit (Comcast's unit) see the link below:

Looks like it has component video output and coax digital audio output.
jerrich's Avatar jerrich 11:26 AM 09-12-2003
From what I've heard, the 3100 isn't so hot for a stb., there is a better one in testing. The Motorola isn't too good either, but they will never come to Abq. according to rumor. I read that there is a new Pioneer box that is supposed to be great, let's hope it becomes available. JR
Osoman's Avatar Osoman 12:40 PM 09-12-2003
I asked the CSR about upgrading to a newer STB (than the 3100HD). She said they have a bunch of the 3100s and had to use them up before any newer ones were introduced.

Also, don't we have to take what they give us? If Comcast's system is set up to talk to a particular STB (right now it's the 2000) for firmware upgrades or whatever, then using a different maker would not work. Or do I have it wrong?

moonhawk's Avatar moonhawk 07:04 AM 09-13-2003
For what it's worth, and a few days late, I've heard complaints on MNF sound quality on other threads from places other than Albuquerque...IOW, it may be an ABC issue and not a KOAT issue...

I've had sound problems everytime I,ve watched a MNF of Thurs night game on ABC. Usuaaly sounds like a center channel dropout, and that's what folks have reported on other threads.
Vergiliusm's Avatar Vergiliusm 10:39 PM 09-13-2003
I'm glad Comcast decided to go ahead and launch their HD package. One of the reps told me they were going to wait until they had some more channels available, but decided to go ahead and release it with what they had.

I just picked up my 3100 HD box from Comcast today(saturday). They must of had a policy change concerning the installation because I walked in, asked for one, and they gave it to me. Those of you who have an installation appointment should just go down there and pick one up. Hook-up was a breeze.

It looks good, but I haven't had a chance to compare the quality of the locals with my Samsung SIR-T151. HBO looks great which was the selling point to my wife(she loves The Sopranos). They are working on the INHD 2 channel, so it's not available at the moment.

Ah, I can't wait to watch some MLB & NFL games in HD on ESPN!

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