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N5XZS's Avatar N5XZS 10:55 PM 03-17-2004
It's must be sloppy work on their work on covereges maps!!

They must be updating their website at this very moment!!!

In reality no matter what digital sub channels or not they are the same radio digital carrier at least about 100 + or - miles, the covereges broadcast areas from the Sandia Crest mountain.


moonhawk's Avatar moonhawk 11:18 PM 03-17-2004
I don't really care about WBHD anymore, since "Angel" is being cancelled...
guruka's Avatar guruka 08:39 AM 03-18-2004
On my DishPVR 921 they currently show up as ATSC channels 99-1, 99-2, 99-3 and 99-4 and I'm up here in Espanola.


BGLeduc's Avatar BGLeduc 11:07 AM 03-18-2004
I may have mentioned this before, but the PQ I am seeing from KASA is outstanding when they are showing Fox WS stuff.

Last night, I caught a few minutes of the sitcom staring the gal from Seinfeld (Julia Marie Dreyfuss, IIRC???). The PQ I am seeing from my Sammy 160 is as good as any of the film based HD programming (CSI, Alias) that I am seeing on KRQE or KOAT.

I know that KASA is and has been broadcasting a 1080i signal. What I am wondering is Fox may be doing a stealth HD test with these shows.

I remember watching some of the World Series games that were in Fox WS, and I really thought they looked like crap. These new shows, if they are in fact 480P unconverted to 1080i, are damn good.

bkzoller's Avatar bkzoller 11:47 AM 03-18-2004
The Fox WS programming is about on par with an anamorphic DVD. Earlier in this thread, someone suggested that it was a 480i source that was easily deinterlaced. There is definitely a jump in quality when they switch to widescreen mode. KASA-DT tends to show the 4x3 mode for the first few seconds after a commercial break before they "flip the switch" to make it widescreen again. If you look closely at the amount of detail in say Malcolm in the Middle or The OC versus Alias or CSI, the latter two have the edge in quality. There isn't a huge amount of difference, but it is there.

moonhawk's Avatar moonhawk 02:28 PM 03-18-2004
"24" is in Widescreen and is definitely a step up from SD.
IAM4UK's Avatar IAM4UK 08:06 AM 03-19-2004
Fox will broadcast HD in 720p mode, so KASA had better not interlace it at 1080i. 720p is superior on my fixed-resolution monitor, and handles motion better as a matter of course. I cannot wait until Fox rolls out HD this Summer!

Then our local NBC affilliate needs to get with it as well.
fjerina's Avatar fjerina 08:21 AM 03-19-2004
Albuquerque UPN and WB may have sold us out !!!

There is a good possibility that our local UPN and WB stations (owned by ACME) have sold-out to the new USDTV that is coming to Albuquerque. They may be the ones that sold/leased a large amount of their digital bandwidth so USDTV can broadcast from the crest. This means that they (UPN and WB) will never be able to broadcast their own programming in high-definition because they gave it up.

I am waiting on confirmation on this from an engineer that can easily test for this and will let you know the facts as they emerge.

If this is the case, we should start a letter writting campaign to the UPN and WB network execs to let them know what their affiliates are doing (basically robbing us of network programming in high-def). We would also write letter to the FCC and various news organizations.

I will keep you informed.

The citizens of Albuquerque deserve better !!!
jerrich's Avatar jerrich 10:35 AM 03-19-2004
I agree Fred, and as we discussed last night at the DTV meeting, the FCC needs to enact a ruling that if the network sends HD, then the affilitates must pass it on. We just need to know who to contact. Jerry
mdamberger's Avatar mdamberger 11:47 PM 03-19-2004

Originally posted by bkzoller
The USDTV coverage map for Albuquerque seems curious to me. I cannot access it right now, but earlier I found the link here. Their coverage area was basically Bernalillo County. How can that be the case, when they are really using subchannels of KWBQ-DT and KASY-DT? Wouldn't the USDTV coverage map be the exact same size as the coverage map for subchannel 1 of both stations?


They are probably only interested in the metro market, not the furthest possible viewer. Plus I believe that the idea is supposed to be simple setup with minimum antenna. As in, an attic antenna or a rabbit ears. They might put the antenna outside too, but I have a feeling that home owns associations and the wife factor would be an issue. They are advertising for installers, (for ABQ, then the map makes sense, it's their service area) so the simpler the better, and the more you can hit in a given day. Cable has this down pat, they know certain setups take how many minutes etc.. (They run the installers ragged, adding bonuses with the more they install) Anyway, here is a press release from USDTV, ABQ is listed as one of the first markets. I cut up the press release somewhat. See the link above.


More on USDTV... and there are more press report links at:

March 16, 2004 10:30

USDTV Unveils First U.S. ''Over-the-Air'' Subscription TV Service Using New Digital TV Spectrum of Broadcast Partners

USDTV's Digital Terrestrial Service Offers Low-priced TV Service in Digital-Quality Plus HDTV Reception of Local and National Broadcast Channels

NEW YORK, Mar 16, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- U.S. Digital Television, Inc. (USDTV), today unveiled the first ever "over-the-air" digital subscription cable channel service in the United States. The service is priced under $20 per month and broadcasts local, national and popular cable channels "over-the-air" in digital and high-definition formats utilizing unused digital spectrum from broadcast partners. USDTV's proprietary technology will enable subscribers to receive "Best-of-TV" as the company's innovative service is launched in 30 major markets by the end of 2004. USDTV is currently available in Salt Lake City and will be introduced in Albuquerque, N.M., and Las Vegas in the next 30 days.

USDTV's unique television subscription service is the first of its kind in the broadcast industry. The company bundles multiple cable channels to enable broadcast partners to deliver the service to subscribers' homes through standard VHF/UHF antennas. Customers view these digital and high-definition broadcasts via USDTV's proprietary set-top box instead of a direct cable connection or a satellite dish. The USDTV service offers 12 of the most popular cable channels and also receives the digital and high definition TV channels of local and national affiliated broadcast stations.

"USDTV's service has created a new category in the pay television marketplace," said Steve Lindsley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USDTV. "Our high-quality service provides consumers a compelling low-cost alternative to cable and satellite with all the benefits of the digital and high-definition viewing experience. Broadcasters will also benefit from larger digital TV viewing audiences and a share of our subscription revenues."

Broadcast Partners

The USDTV "over-the-air" subscription television service represents a new business model for television broadcasters across the country. The company partners with national and local television broadcast entities to carry its service of popular cable channels over the station's unused digital spectrum. Broadcasters share in monthly subscription fees and can also benefit from additional recurring revenue streams generated by on-demand content that will be stored on a hard drive to be incorporated into the USDTV receiver by Q4, 2004.

Content Partners

To complement its local broadcast strategy, USDTV adopted a "Best-of-TV" approach to gather a wide variety of content for its service that includes many of the nation's most popular cable channels. Most recently, the company signed the FOX News channel and added STARZ! as a premium movie service. USDTV's channel roster currently includes ESPN, ESPN 2, Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Discovery Channel, TLC, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, HGTV, Food Network, FOX News and STARZ!.

Funding Partners

In addition to its service, broadcast and content strategy, USDTV announced today that it closed on $8.5 million in private equity funding from NexGen Investments and a private investor group led by Stonebridge Capital. The company also announced that investors will fund an additional $12 million based on USDTV's successful completion of strategic company milestones.


The service's nationwide rollout will be accompanied by a market-by-market advertising campaign developed from a concept created by Grey San Francisco. The campaign centers on an open casting call where more than 100 participants try out to become the perfect USDTV spokesperson. Each participant attempts to top the others by describing what he or she loves about USDTV's low price, best channels and HDTV quality in simple, funny and zany ways. The campaign starts this week in Salt Lake City.

Strategic Partnership with Hisense


The USDTV service receiver can be purchased at all Wal-Mart stores nationwide, as well as at regional electronics chains, for $99 with a $19.95 per month subscription fee where USDTV service is available. Prior to service availability in a given area, a set-top-box, also sold in Wal-Mart stores nationwide under the USDIGITAL(TM) brand, can be used as an HD Tuner to receive high-definition television programming and is USDTV Ready(TM). In the Mountain West, the service is also sold at RC Willey furniture and electronics stores. RC Willey is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. As USDTV service becomes available in each market, customers can activate the service with a simple phone call.

About USDTV: U.S. Digital Television, Inc. is introducing the first "over-the-air" terrestrial digital subscription TV service in the United States using the new digital broadcast channels of local television stations. USDTV provides subscribers with cable channels and local broadcast channels in digital-quality picture and theater-quality sound, including HDTV, at unmatched prices. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

SOURCE: U.S. Digital Television, Inc.

Coltrin & Associates for USDTV
Troy McCombs, 212-221-1616
Coltrin & Associates for USDTV
David Olsen, 212-221-1616

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moonhawk's Avatar moonhawk 07:27 AM 03-20-2004

That's interestin...Wonder what kind of connections they use...(DVI?)...and is/will there there be a PVR available, or might it work with the upcoming HD TIVO?

If they provide enough content I could see dropping the Dish.

Not yet, though....
jerrich's Avatar jerrich 12:54 PM 03-20-2004
If you think sat. picture is bad, wait till you see theirs. My understanding is that they will use the absolute minimum bw necessary for each channel, maybe 1.x mb/s. This will be much worse than dvd quality. They are gambling that joe sixpack won't care, he'll only see the $20/month. Good bye WB/UPN HD. JR
cbearnm's Avatar cbearnm 12:56 PM 03-20-2004
From what I've been reading online, this is a key point a lot of people are missing

USDTV's Digital Terrestrial Service Offers Low-priced TV Service in Digital-Quality Plus HDTV Reception of Local and National Broadcast Channels

The 'Cable' type channels are Disney, Toon Disney, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie, HGTV, Food, ESPN, ESPN2, Discovery and TLC.
Locals are HD, 'cable' type channels are delivered in Digital SD, not HDTV.

From their FAQ, (at

Do I get all of USDTV's channels in High Definition?
No, you will get the broadcast (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX etc.) channels in high definition when they are broadcasting programs in high definition. You will also need to have an HDTV monitor or TV set to view HDTV picture quality.

This is definitely not a HD provider, just digital. The locals are the only part that is HD.

Also, my numbers may be wrong, but if each of the transmitters are able to deliver 20 mbs, (40 mbs total) with 10 channels being sent, they are sent at 4 mbs each MAX, not exactly HD. If they add channels, that will drop.

Now, an HD receiver at $99 is not bad (plus $240 for a 1 year committment), but supporting a company that is 'stealing' HD WB and UPN from us is not good in my opinion.
Dan308's Avatar Dan308 05:31 PM 03-20-2004
Hi Guys, I'm new here and I have HD through Comcast. I just picked up a SIR-T151 today at Best Buy for 89.00. What's the OTA line up here in Alb? Also what kind of antenna do you need for this setup?

petew's Avatar petew 06:04 AM 03-21-2004
Welcome Dan.

PBS HD 24/7; ABC and CBS do HD when the network provides it. The ABC schedule is not time shifted so our HD is on central time. FOX does widescreen 480p upconverted to 1080i at the affiliate. Picture quality varies from really crummy to better than DVD on FOX. I'm fairly certain we'll get FOX HD when it's available starting this fall. NBC will go HD sometime before the Olympics (late summer).

The Zenith Silver Sensor is the best indoor antenna. I think Circuit City has them but not sure. Any decent outdoor antenna will work great. If you're right up against the Sandias or in Placitas you may have trouble. Anywhere else in the city is easy.
fjerina's Avatar fjerina 07:37 AM 03-21-2004
Welcome Dan308,

An excellent guide for the Albuquerque digital channels and their program listings is in Put in your zip code and it will list all the locals for you. I refer to it on a daily basis.

Also, the Zenith Silver Sensor antenna can be had for $24.13 free shipping from See link below or do a seach on "antenna". One of the BEST digital antennas for indoors.

Happy high-def viewing.
Dan308's Avatar Dan308 10:13 AM 03-21-2004
Thanks guys, that sure is a limited line up. Comcast dropped CBS right before the SuperBowl so I'm wanting to get it back. The other channels you mentioned I get on cable. I live around Paseo and Wyoming and I have a clear view of the crest. Do you think I'll have any problems?


I forgot to ask, does Comcast pass through 8VSB?
moonhawk's Avatar moonhawk 12:23 PM 03-21-2004
Soon as NBC comes online, that will be ALL the majors.

Now if they can only get it to work consistently....
wilked's Avatar wilked 02:53 PM 03-21-2004

You will not have any issues, get the silver sensor and point it somewhat toward the mountain. I have perfect reception (Indian School and Juan Tabo).

HD programming is somewhat limited now. The best place to find out what is available is, they will give a lineup of all HD broadcasts daily.

Good luck
Dan308's Avatar Dan308 08:17 PM 03-22-2004
OK, I found all the channels except CBS. Titan lists it as 13.1. Am I doing something wrong?
wilked's Avatar wilked 09:08 PM 03-22-2004

Originally posted by Dan308
OK, I found all the channels except CBS. Titan lists it as 13.1. Am I doing something wrong?

Ya, I am getting it loud and clear

Are you using the Silver Sensor? Have you tried moving it around? Are you getting any signal (do you have a strength indicator??)
jerrich's Avatar jerrich 10:10 PM 03-22-2004
Tried watching Raymond tonight on 13, but the audio got so choppy, we gave up in disgust and went back analog. Are they ever going to get this fixed? JR
mdamberger's Avatar mdamberger 10:39 PM 03-22-2004

Originally posted by Dan308
OK, I found all the channels except CBS. Titan lists it as 13.1. Am I doing something wrong?

KRQE is on 16.
Dan308's Avatar Dan308 11:55 PM 03-22-2004
I got a roof mount antenna from my brother and pointed it at the crest. All the other channels come in great but even when I select CH16 it says no signal.
fjerina's Avatar fjerina 07:55 AM 03-23-2004
I know you guys have observed the sound problem that still persists with KRQE. I just sent this message to Frank Lilley at KRQE and will reply with any response I get.

Frank (, I believe you know by now that you still have the sound problem with your digital station. The distortion comes and goes. It can be fine for 1/2 hour then progressively gets distorted to the point where you can't understand the voices in the programs, then after 10 minutes or so it can go away and all is fine. Many of the guys that post messages on our local ABQ thread on have observed it also recently...

Is there any hope on the horizon?

Thanks, Fred.
jerrich's Avatar jerrich 08:07 AM 03-23-2004
Dan, the Samsungs sometimes have a problem with 13. Some have reported success by unhooking the antenna, scanning all the channels which should clear everything, then scanning again after rehooking up the ant. Give it a try and let us know if it worked. Otherwise, 13 is going to have to reboot their encoder.

As things stand now, you aren't missing much but some hair pulling, by not getting 13. Their audio problem makes them unwatchable at my house. This leaves ch7 as the best hd station in town, with correct aspect ratios, 5.1 sound, and primetime hd shows and movies. JR
guruka's Avatar guruka 09:37 AM 03-23-2004

Originally posted by jerrich
. . .This leaves ch7 as the best hd station in town, with correct aspect ratios, 5.1 sound, and primetime hd shows and movies. JR

Well ok. But KNME has 24/7 HD so I'd have to rate them right up there. Apples and oranges perhaps. . .


N5XZS's Avatar N5XZS 10:00 AM 03-23-2004
More update news on KNMD-DT channel 9....

They just filed to the FCC today...

You can get the data from the FCC's website listed here......

For some reason I can't get the link to work...

Have fun reading today!!

bkzoller's Avatar bkzoller 10:01 AM 03-23-2004

Originally posted by fjerina
Frank (, I believe you know by now that you still have the sound problem with your digital station. The distortion comes and goes. It can be fine for 1/2 hour then progressively gets distorted to the point where you can't understand the voices in the programs, then after 10 minutes or so it can go away and all is fine.

I observed the distortion last night during Raymond and a week ago on one of the Sunday evening shows. Reading about the problem in this thread, I thought everyone was talking about sound dropouts every few seconds. What I heard on these two occasions was a doubling-up of the sound, as if there were an echo with a delay of about a tenth of a second. It does make the dialog completely unintelligible. I watched something else instead of switching to the analog version of KRQE.

BGLeduc's Avatar BGLeduc 10:49 AM 03-23-2004
FWIW, I dropped KASA an e-mail, both complimenting them on the PQ of the unconverted Fox WS stuff, and asking if it would be possible to pass along the NASCAR races in Fox WS as well.

From what I have read, all of the races that Fox does are in Fox WS, so unless there is some technical reason why they can't do so, I would love for them to send these along as well. The currently are only transmitting the 4:3 SD version, placed in a 16:9, 1080i frame. It could look better, thats for sure.

The address I used was It is listed on their web site.

I would wager that this would be directed to their engineering group. While I am not sure if its their call, I would expect they would be the folks to "throw the switch" so to speak.

If you are like minded, perhaps a note to them from others would help convince them to do so.

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