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N5XZS 07-25-2001 02:53 PM

Hello Albuquerque HDTV viewers fans,

I just got a nice E-mail from KWBQ-TV, Anthony Liparoto of Engineering Manger saying KWBQ's transmitter will be moving to Sandia Crest and be on the air by October.

The digital verson will go on the air somtime after October!!

As for it's sister station KASY-TV digital plan is still unknown at this time but I will ask him on KASY-TV progress report.

Other than that not much else is going on here in the metro areas....


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

petew 07-25-2001 03:28 PM

Thanks for the update.

I'm driving myself nuts waiting for HD. I wonder how many people in the area are set up to receive programming. I know we ran a poll here a month or so ago, but there must be more than the three of four people who responded.


fjerina 07-25-2001 05:03 PM

What is station KWBQ??? Never heard of it.

Jeff Pauley 07-25-2001 07:08 PM

Greetings to fellow New Mexicans:

One more from the Abq area...Jeff from Rio Rancho, just moved here from central Florida in January.

I ordered a Dish 6022 pkg from allsat.com earlier this week and anxiously awaiting its arrival. A great deal, it seems, at $298 with a $199 rebate thru the end of the month for new subscribers.

I am trying to decipher the Dish/CBS hdtv planned offering this Fall...it seems KRQE, chnl 13 is privately owned (Emmis Communications?) so does that eliminate Abq from the coverage area for Dish's coverage?

Glad to be in touch with some other area hdtv fans.


petew 07-26-2001 03:28 AM

Welcome Jeff

You'll find this forum to be a great resource (and addictive).

I think it's possible that KRQE will be on the air before CBS-Dish starts up. Just a guess on my part, but they've been saying "late summer or fall 2001" for some time now.

I'd suggest emailing or calling the general manager of the station. Maybe you can get a date for us if you use the Dish angle.


Abq-Pete 07-26-2001 08:36 PM

Hey! We've almost got enough people to start a home theater meet! Or local CBS-HD picket line!

Regards, Peter

N5XZS 07-27-2001 09:32 PM

Hello Fjerina,

KWBQ-TV ch. 19 "WB" and KAPX-TV ch. 14 "PAX Net." is a newsest TV station in New Mexico they are amost 2 year old!

But the funny thing is though KWBQ-TV has the digital channel 29 granted by the FCC, but the poor KAPX-TV HAS not given a digital channel by the FCC even they were on the air at the almost the same time!

BTW' has anyone noted K35FC channel 35 "GEMS Network" has went off the air? This channel is allocated to KNME-DT on channel 35.

Also channel 36 and 39 will be a new home for the low power TV stations as for the on air date is still unknown at this time.....


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

jmcferrin 07-28-2001 11:46 AM

Hey NM HD Folks:
Good news about KRQE. When they go live, I can drop Starchoice and buy some kind of OTA receiver. Using 4DTV for HBO/SHOW. Currently torn between Integra(combo sat/OTA) or Princeton Graphics(when available) which will have a scaler and OTA. Integra will pick up PBS/ABC/NBC off sat. Any words of wisdom from the group?
John M in NM

N5XZS 07-28-2001 03:53 PM

Hello JmcFerrin,

What I hear is Interga is a hot DX sat reciever to pick up anything up by decoding the FTA DVB SDTV and HDTV signals same goes for plain old WBFMTV modes!

This reciever will decode ups to DVB's bit rate 45 MBs and OTA 8VSB fixed 19.4 MBs?

You might get future HDTV backhaul sports feeds this way IMHO!

Hopes that helps....


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

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jmcferrin 07-29-2001 08:10 AM

Thanks for the reply. That's the direction I'm leaning. Since I've got a 4:3 Toshiba display the combo receivers by PG and Sensory Science are appealing because of the built in scalers. I've had the anamorphic squeeze procedure performed to my satisfaction, but I consider that a stopgap measure.
BTW, we're already getting ASCN HD feeds. Most of us don't think it will last. It will be interesting to see if we get any HD preseason Seattle Football in the next few weeks.
And to all who are persuing the ABQ broadcasters for info: Thanks!!!
John M in NM
This just in:
An acquaintance in mgmt in a local high end AV store says KNME will begin broadcasting by the end of August and his store will be involved in the kick off promotion. Can any of you guys with contacts at KNME confirm this???

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petew 07-30-2001 07:31 AM

I'll see if I can dig up any new information. I'm underwriting local broadcast of "This Old House" so maybe I'll be able to get a phone call returned.

When I toured their facility in late May, they said they have not done anything for the conversion except get the funding approved by the voters.


N5XZS 07-30-2001 03:06 PM

Maybe that why K35FC "GEMS Spanish Network" channel 35 have to go off the air to make room for KNME-DT!!

I hope that the case here!!

Gentalmen please start your STB engines!!


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

jmcferrin 07-30-2001 04:06 PM

Hi Guys:
FWIW the store's on Eubank(hint)if you want to inquire!
John M in NM

petew 07-30-2001 05:04 PM

Here's the email I sent to Kathy Burnett at KNME:

Hello Kathy

My company has recently began underwriting local broadcast of This Old House. When I was at the station reviewing our video for the show, Carole Ross was kind enough to give me a quick tour of your facilities. She can tell you I am quite a technology junkie.

I'm a frequent reader of an excellent internet forum that discusses home theater, DVD, HDTV, etc. Speculation has been flying about when KNME-DT will begin service. There are quite a few people in Albuquerque who are now equipped to receive high definition programming. We're being driven nuts by reading posts from people in other markets who are bragging about the great programming on PBS in high definition.

We would greatly appreciate a post to the forum about KNME's timetable for digital broadcasting to begin. AVSforum has many members in the broadcasting industry and KNME would be a most welcome participant. Local members of AVSforum could be a good resource to KNME's technical staff in working out the glitches and bugs that are inevitable with an undertaking as complex as starting up a digital station.

I look forward to your reply, either by private email, or to the forum at http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum20/HTML/003738.html

Thanks in advance
Pete Williams
Pozzi Southwest

jmcferrin 07-30-2001 07:43 PM

Nice post; I see you're a window guy. That explains why you're underwriting "This Old House". I'm with Coldwell Banker Legacy in Cedar Crest. Quite a few of the builders out here are using your products. Thought you would like to know.
Curious to see KNME's response to your post.
John M in NM

petew 07-31-2001 05:51 AM


We think This Old House will be good for us. They are using Pozzi windows in a project they're doing this fall. They used Pozzi last year too. They'll have one segment with a tour of the factory in Bend, OR. Hopefully it'll help some with the lack of name recognition Pozzi has.


N5XZS 08-03-2001 10:41 AM

Since we are still waiting for any news on KNME-DT status on going on the air date.

I am just wondering about K56FB channel 56 will the MTV 2 move to digital and broadcast 3 to 4 music video channels or will they go HD?


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

N5XZS 08-05-2001 11:23 AM

I was visiting at my Dad's house and checking it out on local ota and I just noted there is a white digital noise on channel 35!

I had this experinces in Denver, CO when I tune in by using the analog TV set by going to digital channel 32 KDVR "FOX" showing white digital signal and look like the same thing maybe happing here in Albuquerque on channel 35!

This may be KNME-DT testing running right now and I went home to the Eastside mountain "Sandia Park" and I turn on my RCA DTC-100 and tune to channel 35 not showing a thing, and I think they went off the air or running very low power and very direct TX antenna.

Just to be on a safe side I went to channel 34 and 36 or any emtpty channels all emtpy are darker noises. "It may depend on your TV set"

If you see digital white noise on your tv set then it must be KNME-DT testing or your STB showing some nice picture!

Please anyone in the Albuquerque metro areas find out that is the true digital signal or is somthing else?

As I am typing still nothing on channel 35.


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

petew 08-06-2001 05:34 AM

Nothing on 35 Sunday evening. I'll take another look this afternoon.


petew 08-07-2001 10:08 AM

I've got a few co-workers coming over tonight to see HD baseball on my 7' screen this evening (Sony VPL-VW-10HT). None of them are afflicted with the HDTV condition. I'm looking forward to their reactions.


N5XZS 08-07-2001 09:56 PM

Still no luck and I'll guess we have wait and see what happen.

I think channel 35 is asleep at this time...

But I am getting ready to watch WGN's HDTV live baseball on my Compaq 17" monitor but will be a hour late for me since I have to work late...


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

jmcferrin 08-09-2001 03:44 PM

To All:
Spoke to another source at Sound Ideas yesterday. He confirmed KNME rumor vis a vis kickoff promo but says time frame is more like October. He also says KRQE will follow shortly.
John M in NM

fjerina 08-09-2001 06:32 PM

Seeing that Dish will start transmitting the CBS HD channels on Tuesday, Aug. 14, I have called Dish to apply for a waiver. I applied later July but can take 45 days for it to go through. I have a feeling our local CBS is going to drag their feet in getting their signal out to us. Look how long it took to get the Montano Bridge to get built!

sthscan 08-09-2001 08:45 PM

KRQE-DT should be on the air in Spring 2002 according to the director of engineering that I fired off an email to earlier this week.

I checked earlier this week for HDTV testing, found none. If you find there is a particular time of day to test, I will be happy to monitor for testing at that time of day. I am just assuming overnight testing and have been checking in the wee early morning hours.


Abq-Pete 08-09-2001 08:47 PM

My waiver rejection took only a week. DISH suggested that I call the local station directly to request a waiver.

Not sure whom to contact, I tried the general number (243-2285) explaining what I was trying to do. I was cut off mid-sentence and given the name of Steve Laughrin. They must get many calls on this...

I left a message and am still awaiting a reply.

Regards, Peter

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petew 08-10-2001 04:00 AM

*rant mode on
I'd bet the Albuquerque stations will wait until the FCC deadline to hit the switch on the digital transmitters. Why would it be any other way? This is New Mexico. That's why the bomb was developed in Los Alamos. The feds figured it would be finished before any locals noticed the new fence they around the town. UNM can't even make their E-mail work. How are they expected to build a new DT station.
*rant mode off

The broadcasters whine about cable and DBS taking their customers away, and fight for "protection" in Congress. Here's the opportunity to bring in new viewers, and they tell us "screw you". Every one of my friends that came over to see the Cubs-Rockies game said "I'm getting one of these, what all can you see in HiDef?" Their enthusiasm disappeared pretty quickly when they found out the DirecTV demo loop was about it.

jmcferrin 08-10-2001 05:46 AM

With the 4DTV/BUD we're getting 2 HBO feeds, 2 Showtime feeds, Action Sports Cable Net, Starchoice Canadian(mixture of PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC). The cubs game is the first thing I couldn't receive in quite a while. Starchoice was asleep at the wheel. I don't even have a STB for OTA yet. I'd gladly buy one if the locals would get it together.
John M In NM

petew 08-10-2001 05:51 AM

I wish I had room for a BUD. I'd get one in a minute. I'm a little less crabby now that I've had some coffee this morning.


fjerina 08-10-2001 07:16 AM

If you request a CBS-HD waiver from Dish directly then if they do not receive an explicit decline from whoever decides (ABQ affiliate or whoever) then you automatically get it. I figured I have a better chance with this then having to go directly to our local KRQE station (which seems to be pretty unresponsive at the present time). Funny, I received an email from the general manager Bill Anderson and he said they have the green light to be on for this fall. Now I hear a different story from the engineering department at the station. I wonder what the true story is???

N5XZS 08-10-2001 08:31 AM

What ever the reason is the be delayed by the nasty weather on Sandia Crest caused by the moonsoon season or it's the TV station foot draging.

KNME-DT "Foot draging or it really being on right on time? IMHO it's hard to know what they are doing."

KRQE-DT "I think right on target for going on the air in early fall as Bill Anderson seems to keep us up to date in detail..."

As for the rest of other TV stations in Albuquerque is a big unknown timetable IMHO...

Anyway just drink your teqila and just scan for anything is out there for any signal testing!


"73's N5XZS"
From Timothy C. Johnson
Live Long and Prosper...

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