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arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:23 PM 06-16-2011
KFTA is broadcasting over the air in 720p. But currently, the local news is on. Their studio does not have local HD capability, so it is in 4:3 non-widescreen format, although upconverted from 480i to 720p.

HDURFTV's Avatar HDURFTV 08:42 PM 06-16-2011
It was SD all night, at least over COX QAM. Glee was SD, as was the show before.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:58 PM 06-16-2011
Contact Mike Cleveland at KFTA/KNWA:
ProjectSHO89's Avatar ProjectSHO89 05:28 AM 06-17-2011
Originally Posted by HDURFTV View Post

Does anyone know if KFTA is broadcasting in HD? Im picking it up on QAM tuner, but no HD. Im getting everything else in HD but the one showing it is suppose to be HD is actually SD. 118.1

Call your cable company. They're the ones responsible for delivering the HD content to their customers.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 03:22 PM 06-17-2011
KFTA and KNWA broadcast each other's signals from their towers. So you should get KFTA just as strong as KNWA in Rogers. I live in Rogers and get KFTA as a sub channel of KNWA. Channel 51.1 is KNWA while 51.2 is KFTA.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 03:23 PM 06-17-2011
KFTA on channel 51.2 is HD when it comes to FOX programs. I don't think they have HD cameras in their local studio.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 05:27 PM 06-17-2011
FOX on 51-2 is 480i standard definition only. If you want FOX-HD (720p), you have to be able to receive KFTA 24-1, or FOX from an another town like Joplin, Springfield or Tulsa.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 05:17 PM 06-19-2011
I had no idea KFTA on 51-2 was SD only. Any idea if that is expected to change anytime soon?
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 05:32 PM 06-19-2011
Probably never.

You really can't do two HD sub channels on one 6mhz station without degrading the picture quality of the main KNWA sub channel, NBC-HD.

Doing the HD/SD mix does allow people North of KFTA's HD coverage area to at least watch the station in SD. They also do the opposite with the KFTA transmitter. FOX-HD on 24-1 and NBC-SD on 24-2.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 06:10 PM 06-19-2011
In that case I really need to get a different antenna before football season this fall. Can you recommend an antenna that will pick up KFTA 24-1 from my Rogers home? Here's my TVFOOL signal map:

It has to be an antenna that will fit on a Winegard DS-2000 Universal Antenna Mount.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:53 PM 06-19-2011
I have a similar TVFool to yours, but KFTA is actually a bit weaker here. A ChannelMaster 4228HD antenna and ChannelMaster 7777 preamp work well at my location. It will not fit on the J-mount you have, but will fit on a longer one like this one, with an identical mounting footprint. Or add an extension pipe to you existing J-mount.

Of course I can't guarantee anything will work for fringe reception, but this combo should, given your TVFool is actually a tad better than mine for KFTA.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 02:57 PM 06-20-2011
@arxaw Do you mind sending me your TVFOOL map? I'd like to see how we compare on KNWA. My fear is that if I get an antenna that even more powerful than the one I currently have, then the problem with bouncing KNWA signals I currently have will get even worse. I'm also trying to avoid a preamp for this reason as well.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 03:29 PM 06-20-2011
Here's mine:

Your NM noise margin (at 18') is over 3dB stronger than mine (at 30'). The antenna and preamp I suggested should work, if installed properly with good RG6 coax.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 09:30 PM 06-23-2011
Thanks for the signal map. I think I'll stick with KFTA in SD for now.

Is anyone still able to get KPBI? I was watching Univision yesterday when it just went off air. I haven't been able to get it back even though each time I try my tuner shows signal strength and quality but doesn't pick it up. It would be nice if I could get it back in time for the USA vs Mexico soccer game on Saturday.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 11:42 AM 07-06-2011
My problem with multi-path signals for KNWA still persists. I've noticed for the past two days that I can't get a signal in the mornings but the signal comes back in the evenings. I don't know if the sun or temperature has something to do with it.
What do you think about the channelmaster 2016 or the RCA ANT751? I guess I'm trying to find something that's a quick swap for the channelmaster 3010 currently on my roof.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 04:30 PM 07-06-2011
You can try different antennas, but unless you aim them directly at KNWA, you may not be able to solve your multipath problem. You may need a rotor, or two antennas aimed in different directions on an A/B switch. Another option to try is a variable attenuator to reduce the multipath signals you're getting from KWNA. The attenuator would reduce the main signal to a still-receivable level, but knock the bounced signals down below threshold of interference. Radio Shack sells them and you can return it if it doesn't help.

Neither of the antennas you mentioned would be good choices, if you want a shot at KFTA-HD down South.
ProjectSHO89's Avatar ProjectSHO89 08:21 PM 07-06-2011
I haven't seen a variable attenuator in a radio Shack store for quite a while. The one you showed isn't on their website.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:49 AM 07-07-2011
If you cannot find an attenuator locally, temporarily put a splitter in the coax line, which will lower the signal somewhat. That may help with KNWA (possibly at the expense of your other stations), but I suspect you'll have to aim your antenna toward KNWA to solve the multipath problem.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 09:39 AM 07-07-2011
From my limited understanding of an attenuator, it's supposed to reduce signal strength in instances of too strong signals. Will it reduce all incoming signals, or just the ones it deems too strong? My concern is that if it reduces all signals by the same amount, other channel signals I'm getting might become too weak to pickup. I'm also wondering how it will fix the multi-path problem since I'm guessing the problem occurs before the signal gets to the attenuator.

As far as replacing my antenna, I am willing to give up picking up KFTA in HD for uninterrupted KNWA picture and sound.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 10:00 AM 07-07-2011
An attenuator (or splitter) will reduce signal level for all channels, hence the reason I said "possibly at the expense of your other stations" in my post above.

I do not know of a single antenna that will solve your reception problems. KNWA made a very poor choice when selecting a location for their present tower.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 10:29 AM 07-07-2011

Sorry I didn't see your post above before my last post. I guess an attenuator might not be my best option. I tried something that worked to some extent. I hooked up my HDTV that is still currently on Directv to the antenna and it did a better job with the multi-path problem. For example, this morning the tv hooked to the converter box displayed "bad signal" while the HDTV was getting KNWA just fine.
My plan (when my Directv contracts runs out next month) is to get an OTA DVR. Maybe its tuner will do a better job of cutting out the multi-path signal.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 10:52 AM 07-07-2011
Tuners can make a huge difference when there are multipath problems. Typically, newer tuners are better that older ones and certain brands are not as good as others. What brand is your converter box?

The ChannelMaster DVR has an excellent tuner.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 11:49 AM 07-07-2011
My converter box is a Zinwell ZAT-970A. My HDTV is a Mitsubishi DLP (don't remember the actual model). Good thing the ChannelMaster DVR has an excellent tuner; that's the one I'm getting. I'll let you know how it goes once I hook up the DVR.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 07:40 AM 07-08-2011
Originally Posted by doskyis View Post

My converter box is a Zinwell ZAT-970A. My HDTV is a Mitsubishi DLP (don't remember the actual model). Good thing the ChannelMaster DVR has an excellent tuner; that's the one I'm getting. I'll let you know how it goes once I hook up the DVR.

I would think the Zinwell would have a good tuner, but when reception is iffy, it's always hit or miss as to what works best. Good luck with the DVR. Do post back here with the results.
doskyis's Avatar doskyis 09:57 AM 07-08-2011
From what I can tell so far, the Zinwell tuner is more sensitive. When I rotated my antenna due east to pick up KPBI, the Zinwell still picked up the other channels albeit at very low strengths. My HDTV couldn't pick these channels (KFSM, KHOG). So my guess is it's ability to pick up weaker signals is hurting me with the multi-path situation. I can only hope that the channelmaster DVR can somehow pick weak signals but still ignore multi-path ones.
4029engineering's Avatar 4029engineering 09:06 PM 07-12-2011
You guys might want to read
In situations like yours I have had good luck with Radio Shacks corner reflector Yagi sometimes even pointing one at the strong station and combining it with another pointed at the weak stations. There are professional filters and attenuators too, but that would be an expensive and complicated solution.
Larry Friddle
Chief Engineer
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 08:26 AM 07-13-2011
A few people in Carroll County have used this type of two-antenna setup for off-axis stations. It sometimes works better with digital TV than it did in the old analog broadcast system. Using a tuner with good multipath rejection also helps tremendously, too. DTV tuners have come a long way since the early days.

The RS corner yagi would be good to aim at KNWA/KPBI, but a VHF/UHF yagi combo antenna would be needed for the stations to the South.

Unfortunately, this "antenna farm" will not fit on the mast the OP wanted to reuse.
4029engineering's Avatar 4029engineering 09:40 AM 07-15-2011
My thought was to aim a Yagi toward KNWA thus hopefully reducing the multipath signals. Ideally a fixed attenuator should be placed in the line to reduce the unnecessary gain obtained with he Yagi down to levels in line with the other antenna pointed to the south. Doing that would also further reduce the multipath signal strength from that antenna. He could then possibly even put a preamp on the antenna pointed to the south before combining it with the cable from the Yagi, assuming that a multipath signal from KNWA isn't coming from that direction.

Consider that the cost of doing this including a new mast would be recouped by just canceling two months worth of cable or satellite service. Don't forget to put a lightning arrestor on the coax before it enters the house.

arxaw's Avatar arxaw 10:43 AM 07-15-2011
That should work.
arxaw's Avatar arxaw 10:49 AM 07-15-2011
Word on the street is that KFTA/KNWA is fixin' to join the list of other Nexstar-owned stations that are losing their FOX affiliation.

I don't really care, as I rarely watch that network. But it will be interesting to see which FSM/NWA station ends up with the prize.
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