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Harley_Dude's Avatar Harley_Dude 12:31 PM 10-01-2012
Originally Posted by NickSteel View Post

I live in Lamar county (south Hattiesburg, Richburg Road area) near hwy 11 and 59 intersection on a very high hill. If I use an outdoor antenna, which channels should I expect to receive?
Which antenna would be best for me?

I would think you would almost be fine with an indoor antenna. You are only about 12 miles from the WDAM & WHLT towers, 4 miles from PBS and 2 miles from FOX. Put in your exact address on antennaweb.org for more fine tuned results. You should be fine with any of the lower end Channel Masters for local stations unless you wanted to spend a lot of money on a rig that might not be able to pull in the coast or Jackson stations.
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Richard Lewis's Avatar Richard Lewis 02:51 AM 10-17-2012
For those of you who need a indoor Antenna check out the AX-190 amplified antenna. This is the best HD indoor antenna that I have run across. My review is on the Jackson-Meridian board. From my house in Forest I picked up WHLT with a lot of pixelization on the signal. But the propagation was early morning type propagation. Read the review and then if you feel that you can't put an outdoor antenna up go buy this antenna. It is at Amazon and HD Source Direct. This amplified antenna in my opinion is a top performer and worth your consideration.
ProjectSHO89's Avatar ProjectSHO89 04:48 AM 10-17-2012
Kindly stop spamming the forum with posts about that piece of junk.
tylerSC's Avatar tylerSC 11:02 AM 10-17-2012
I don't like antennas with a clock on them. If I want to know the time, I will by a clock. But it is good if you found an antenna that works for you. Although this appears to be a cheap piece of Chinese made junk.
phmlpn's Avatar phmlpn 11:06 PM 10-25-2012
Has anyone seen 23.2 yet? If so, is it OTA only or have any of the CATV systems started carrying it?
Richard Lewis's Avatar Richard Lewis 11:16 PM 10-26-2012
WRBJ has been sold to TBN for 1.5 Million Dollars. They are dropping the CW network and affiliating with TBN until the sale is consummated.
Richard Lewis's Avatar Richard Lewis 07:42 AM 01-23-2013
The latest news on WRBJ-TV is that the Bankruptcy court that is handling Roberts Broadcasting Company's bankruptcy has approved the sale of WRBJ-TV to Trinity Broadcasting Network. The FCC has not approved the deal but once the deal is approved by the FCC, WRBJ-TV will drop CW for TBN. So changes are on the way very soon. Those of you on Satellite need to keep up on the news from Trinity Broadcasting's "Behind the Scenes" at 7:00 PM on TBN. They will publicize the transfer there. More on the Jackson/Vicksburg thread.
Richard Lewis's Avatar Richard Lewis 01:55 PM 01-24-2013
The FCC has approved the sale of WRBJ-TV to TBN. The sale was approved January 23, 2013. The next thing to watch for is the transfer date from CW to TBN.
Richard Lewis's Avatar Richard Lewis 04:17 PM 05-26-2013
WRBJ-TV has made the transition from CW to TBN. They also have 4 subchannels added. The picture is a whole lot better. Christian TV has come to Central Mississippi
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