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chap 06-03-2001 08:54 AM

I was having a few ideas (which I wouldn't be able to do anytime soon, but its good to think ahead). I was pondering on renting out space in a VERY small movie theater once a week or once a month maybe and showing something in HD on the big screen for an HD club.

I started thinking though that it would probably be considered a public display which MOST material says isn't allowed. I started thinking about it though. If I have 10 friends over watching recorded HD material, isn't that the same as if I had 10 friends at a movie theater watching something on a big screen? The only difference is its not at my house.

I don't know how that would look though because of the size and all. Will it look all pixelated, when it gets blown up, or will it be fine? How will it compare to a normal movie print? When they show movies on DLP like they did with Star Wars, and Akira, what is the resolution they are using?



wezar 06-03-2001 07:21 PM

Do you plan on charging admission? I am not a copyright attorney but if you don't plan on charging viewers you should have nothing to fear.... But then again


chap 06-04-2001 04:10 AM

Probably not. What I might do if I do have a club is have Club dues which would go to paying for the showing, but not charging admission for people coming in because it would be a private showing for people in the club.


Man E 06-04-2001 06:29 AM

Oldest hack in the book. Require that each person purchase a rock (no, not The Rock) at the door for $20, or charge $20 for a box of popcorn, or $20 for parking. The movie is free. Seriously, I think you should seek council on this. "They" probably won't come after you, but ya never know...

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dboyko 06-04-2001 02:36 PM

Not a lawyer either, but I don't think giving it away for free would protect you at all. Just look at Napster. And if you charge for the viewing, well, that's like charging for the beer at the Frat party, instead of charging for rock (I like Man E's idea above). Just make sure it's not an endangered rock covered by some Protection Agency, or taxed by the Govmt... Speaking of that, don't forget to claim the proceeds/loss on your taxes, or you'll need a Tax-Evasion lawyer.

I would think the litmus test would be whether the viewing was "open to the public" or not. Make it invite-only. If I can walk in off-the-street, whether I pay or not, and view the feature, isn't that "viewing in/by [the] public"?

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