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jsmeeker 06-06-2001 05:41 PM

How much longer before we will see 16x9 HDTV displays that are not large projection screens or are afforable large, direct view screens?

I live in an apartment, and a big screen projection TV is a a bit too large. Even a smallish model in the 50 inch range. I have seen some of t he direct view tube HDTV monitors, like the RCA 38 inch model. These are about the size I am looking for. But man, are they ever pricey for their size. I could buy a larger reaj projextion model for less money (bit that is too big)

Currently, I have a 31 inch TV, and it seems to be the perfect size. When will HDTV models in the same size range become plentiful and affordable?? Remember, I would have to add in a STB as well, and those are expensive as well.


Sony SVR-2000
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wezar 06-06-2001 09:44 PM

Not cheap but a good bargain in todays market at $2,499 for for the RCA 38" set with built in STB(DTC-100). Call by the tenth and get another 10% off brings you to $2,200. No sales tax and free shipping with a 30 exchange with full warranty support. No I don't work for these guys.

I remember 10-12 years ago when a Mits 35" direct view was 3,500. So these prices are lower. Of course that 35" direct view is $800 from the folks who are still building them.

When HD sets are in the $1,500 range in two years look out.



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rodmanbra 06-06-2001 10:42 PM

It is very simple. Use a computer moniter! 21 inch will do nice!

dagman 06-06-2001 11:25 PM

How about the 40" Tosh? It is not too big and can be picked up for less than $2K.

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