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Great site!
Can someone help me out?
Several manufacturers make HDTV’s with SVGA ports. If I use this port to hook up my computer, will I get monitor-like clarity? And what kinds of resolutions can I get? A salesman at a local hi-fi store told me that I can’t get any better than 640X480. Another source said, "Your TV will play either the maximum resolution of its display, or the capability of the video card/CPU combination in your computer, whichever is lowest. What are the "real" facts about HDTV resolution when connected to a computer? You can probably tell from my questions that I need the solution in "layman" terms. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Bob C
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I only have direct experience with one HDTV, the Pioneer Elite 610HD, but I believe that all HDTV sets with VGA connectors can be driven by a computer in 640x480 mode. There is, however, considerable overscan on these sets and you will be missing about 5% of the picture on all sides. For example, you will see just the top of the Windows task bar and will have difficulty clicking the close or resize areas of a window.

With some effort, you can cause your video card to spit out HDTV compatible signals such as 540p (same timing as 1080i). With 540p timing you can get custom resolutions such as 856x484 with only a little overscan.

Full resolution 1920x1080i is not practical due to filicker and lack of clarity (which may not be a problem on high-end projection systems.)

You can learn all about this on the Home Theater Computer forum. Do a search for powerstrip. Also here are some links:

Custom resolution guide for HDTV/HTPC

DEFINITIVE GUIDE: Displaying Custom Resolutions on HDTV!

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If 24" is enough, you might want to consider buying a monitor that will do HDTV(with a seperate decoder) instead of an HDTV that has monitor like resolution. A case in point:

The Best LCD Computer Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 240T Monitor
Printed from BestStuff.com http://www.beststuff.com/articles/1063/
published May 29, 2001
Over the past few years Samsung has leapt from anonymity to the big leagues in the consumer electronics world. The best new computer monitor on the market today is Samsung's new 24" Dual Analog/Digital LCD display.
The Samsung SyncMaster 240T itself is absolutely gorgeous with a picture to match. As a bonus, it can serve double duty as both the ultimate computer monitor as well as a widescreen DVD or HDTV display! The display offers both digital and analog inputs to serve even the most demanding computer graphics applications, as well as being a terrific video monitor for DVD or HDTV. This is the first monitor I have seen which offers ultra-high resolution (1920 x 1200 for you techies) for the most intricate computer displays, an extra-wide 170 degree viewing angle and the capability for you to watch your DVD movies and HDTV in widescreen format. Simply put, this is the best, albeit expensive, monitor in the business. Around $7,000.

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The SVGA (DB-15) port you refer to on some HDTV's, is like a computer monitor only in that it uses the same type of connector.

HDTV & computer graphics are two different types of video signal. Very few consumer HDTV's are compatible with computer graphics. RCA has at least one model (36" direct view) and Princeton Graphics has a few that will do limited computer graphics display formats.

The bulk of consumer HDTV's are not compatible with computer graphics. The exceptions are the stand alone front/rear projectors. These units are multi-scan displays, compatible with a wide range of computer graphics formats, along with the HDTV formats. Most of these units will do VGA (640x480), SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768), and depending on the unit, UXGA (1280x1024).

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My display has a maximum resolution of 1376x768@60Hz. 1280x720@60Hz or 720p seems to be a common format supported and my display also supports it, though my Apple OEM ATI Radeon doesn't have drivers for it. The Voodoo 3 card I used to use supported 864x480@60Hz, 1072x600@60Hz as well as 1376x768@60Hz with my display. Of those, 864x480 looked the best because of the limitations of my Sony KL-W9000.

All of those are acceptable for DVD playback, web surfing or multimedia content from the web in Quicktime, Real or WiMP. But you wouldn't want to be editing graphics in Photoshop or even making good use of the GUI in things like Flash or Illustrator. I have a three monitor setup with two 20-inch displays in addition to my 50-inch widescreen LCD rear projector and mostly use the projector for previewing web pages while I do coding on the two CRTs.


Dennis Whiteman
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Dennis Whiteman
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