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My family recently purchased a 61" RCa HDTV with a built in reciever. We are currently getting DirectTV and I have a few questions I need to get answered.

1) Will I ever be able to get local channels in HD? I have tried 2 different antennas. One was a Terk that fitted onto the satelite dish and the other was some weird bunny ears. None of them even worked so now I have to pay for local channels and they are not even in HD. What do I have to do in order to get free local channels in HD and how much will it cost? The man working at The Good Guys said there is pretty much nothing I can do.

2)I get 2 channels in HD. HBOH and some stupid HDTV loop that runs pretty much 24 hours a day. The picture is amazing but when will the time come when I get more then these two channels? They say more and more programs are viewable in HD but when will I actually experence it?

3)My TV has gray bars on both sides of the TV when it is not displaying 16:9. My question is; will these gray bars burn into the TV? The sales person said that it won't but the guy who installed my DirectTV said the salesman was BSing and it WILL burn into the TV. So now I have it so where the picture fits the screen but everybody looks fat. Who is correct?

4) This is in a way connected to question 3. When watching DVD movies that display in 2.35:1, black bars are seen on the top and bottom. Lets say I am watching a long movie like Titanic. Those black bars will be there for four hours. Will those burn into the TV?

5)How do I know when my TV needs tunning?

6) when will HD-DVD be available?

thats about all I can think of. Thanks to whoever can answer them.
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1. You can only get your local HD channels (through OTA) if those channels are in fact broadcasting a HD signal on their digital channels.

2. Right now Dish is a head of DirecTV in HD with 5 channels (HBO, Showtime, 24 Hour PPV, Demo Channel, And CBS-HD Channels). DirecTV has a problem of not much transponder space to allow for much in HD. They have all but announced formally that they will add a HD sports channel from Mark Cuban but no time for start has ever been given.

3. If your HDTV has been calibrated with at least AVIA or VE DVD's and you don't watch 80% plus 4x3 material you will NOT have to worry about burn-in. Burn-in is mostly occurring because people have their contrast up way to high which is the leading cause of burn-in. If you haven't calibrated the HDTV at least turn the contrast down to around 40% to be safe.

4.Again if your contrast is at a correct level there are no worries!

5. If it looks good to you it should be fine as is. If it doesn't then at least a calibration with AVIA or VE DVD's or get a professional ISF calibrator to do a full calibration on the HDTV. Having said all this I would highly recommend you at least get the AVIA or VE DVD's and calibrate the HDTV as it does really make a big difference when done!

6. This is still a ways off! Not that the technology is not there (it is already here) but the stinkin' MPAA will in no way agree to these HD-DVD's until they are certain that copies can not be made!

My DVD/LD List My Equipment List

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Your questions are frequently discussed in these here parts... pull up a chair and sit a spell.

Your anonymity hurts...we have no clue to where you are so any help on your local HD channels is impossible. Suggest you visit www.titantv.com or www.antennaweb.org/antennaweb/ to help find out what is in your area. www.hdtvgalaxy.com has a good schedule of daily HD programs.

The antennaweb site will also help you figure out what kind of antenna you need. Note that there is a fair amount of discussion here on various antenna models/brands in the hardware forum.

As mentioned, you can set up your display's picture quality using the Ovation AVIA or the Video Essential DVDs. Note that proper contrast and brightness settings are crucial to helping you to minimize CRT burn-in.

Good Luck

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Latest Summary on COLUMBIA SC HDTV can be found here.
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