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RockTV's Avatar RockTV 07:59 AM 03-03-2005
This will be the new thread for posting on Adelphia Cable HDTV, questions, comments, tips, tricks, etc. I will not be moderating this thread, but it will serve as a central location for people with this service. I will start off by posting what is available in my zip code of 32828 in HD by Adelphia and what hardware they provide.

Channel Lineup:

702 WKMG HD WKMG HD (High Definition) Broadcast HD (High Definition)
704 WESH HD WESH HD (High Definition) Broadcast HD (High Definition)
705 WMFE HD WMFE HD (High Definition) Broadcast HD (High Definition)
751 HD SHOWTIME High Definition Showtime Showtime HD (High Definition)
752 HD STARZ Starz High Definition Starz HD (High Definition)
761 HD NET HD NET Broadcast HD (High Definition)
762 HDN MOVIES HD NET MOVIES Broadcast HD (High Definition)
764 INHD2 iNDemand HD 2 HD PLUS TIER
765 ESPN HD ESPN High Definition HD PLUS TIER
766 DISC HD Discovery High Definition HD PLUS TIER

Adelphia provided me a SA 8300HD-DVR. This is what I asked for and it has a surcharge I'm sure. I do not know what comes as the basic HD STB. I have only been subscribing since Saturday Feb 26, 2005. I have been a long time D* TV subscriber, so I am anxious to start comparing PQ. I plan on keeping the basic plus locals on D*TV, but cancelling HD, and the pay channels. My STB for D*TV does decoding of OTA so I can keep that for free as well.

Notice that ABC is not offered in HD yet either in my area.

So far I have excellent PQ hooked via component into my 56" Samsung DLP. It looks every bit as sharp as the Sammy/D*TV connection via DVI. I plan on switching over to HDMI out of the 8300 into the Sammy via DVI and a connector adapter this weekend.

I also am running a SA 8300HD-DVR into a Yamaha DPX-1 projector, but have not really gotten around to playing with it to look at PQ, etc.

That's all I'm going to post at first, I hope others will further the discussion, whether good or bad. Thanks,

Barry928's Avatar Barry928 08:25 AM 03-03-2005

Thanks for organizing this Adelphia thread. I am interested in any information about HD programming or hardware on Adelphia to keep the Orlando Digital TV website current.

What software does Adelphia use in the SA8300HD. SARA or Passport?
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 09:19 AM 03-03-2005
I haven't accessed the Service Menu yet to determine Software type, revision, signal strength etc. Plan on to record all that info on mine and post soon. If anybody else has their info, post along with Zip Code info, or if any additional channels are available in other Orlando Zip Codes.
MilFalcon's Avatar MilFalcon 10:17 AM 03-22-2005

I'm interested in your opinion of the HD DVR and Adelphia HD service in the month that you've had it. I finally decided to "upgrade" to Adelphia HD DVR (got the box today), I'd been using my own HD receiver.

RockTV's Avatar RockTV 01:09 PM 03-22-2005
After using for about 3 weeks now, I think the cable provides a clearer picture to my Sammy DLP TV via a HDMI cable than my Sammy HD DirectTV/OTA receiver via DVI. Although both HD feeds look exceptional I give the edge to cable. All around the digital non-HD channels on cable appear cleaner/crisper than the channels provided by DirectTV. I was able to keep my DirectTV HD hooked up awhile to make comparisons. This is also my first experience with a HD DVR, and I absolutely love that also. There is no difference in PQ from the recording to what you watch live. So far so good and has worked well for me, I hope it does the same for you. Let me know any other quetions you might have.

dncsjockey's Avatar dncsjockey 09:55 AM 04-01-2005
Rock, Adelphia uses SA SARA, no Passport...
jasonlaser's Avatar jasonlaser 09:01 PM 04-26-2005

Help please!!

Sorry, I do not have enough posts to include the link to the hardware post.

I am having a compatibility problem with my Sony KP-57HW40 RP CRT television and my Adelphia SA 8300HD HD DVR.

The problem is that when looking at the output of the 8300HD box via the component video output on my TV, the picture is very dark and has a strong red push. I have looked all over and have seen several threads about red push, but none that explain how the red push is only from one source and fine for all others.

I had three Adelphia guys here at the house today including the Orlando FL supervisor, and they are all stumped. We have tried 4 different 8300HD ST boxes and all have the same problem. Strong red push and dark picture. We have tried multiple cables and both component video inputs.

When I look at the output of the 8300 via the RF out or S-Video out on my TV, the picture and colors looks great (albeit not in HD). You can actually split the screen and see the huge difference. When we sent the same problematic component video output from the 8300 to another small HDTV set they brought with them today, the picture looked great.

Ok, so you are thinking, ok, it is the TV. Well it gets worse and more perplexing.

If you use an Adelphia HDTV STB w/o the DVR, (I don't remember the model number) and you send it's component video output into either of my component video inputs with the same cables used above, the picture on my Sony looks great

If you look at the output of my DVD player on both component video inputs of the Sony, it looks great.

My old Samsung SIR-T151 and brand new Samsung SIR-T451 OTA STB also look amazing on the TV via the same component inputs and cables.

We have tried multiple cables.
We have tried 4 different 8300 HD ST boxes.
We have used both of the TV's component video inputs.
The Sears service tech is coming out on Thursday. The Adelphia guys will be here at the same time. It is on an extended warranty.

Also FYI the 8300HD is running SARA V1.85.17.3

Any ideas?

Barry928's Avatar Barry928 12:26 AM 04-27-2005
Interesting problem.

I sure hope with all those techs in one place someone will bring a scope and measure the output of the SA8300HD vs. the other sources. Try turning off all of those automatic adjustment features in the user menu to reduce the variables. Please keep us updated.
jasonlaser's Avatar jasonlaser 10:39 PM 05-04-2005
Scope, that would be nice...

Very interesting.

The SEARS service tech came out to the house last week and was clueless.

He was reluctant to do anything as my other HD products worked fine.

He was clearly confused. I convinced him to do something and he finally relented and ordered the parts after I asked him how many brand new out of the box 8300's it would take to convince him that there was an issue with my TV.
His method of diagnostics/fixing things are to pull boards and replace them.

Adelphia came out to the house AGAIN to meet the tech as a courtesy. They really have stepped up. They brought their TV with them again.

He ordered 2 parts, the main system board and the HDTV board. The parts are:
57 528 A1136218AR 1 $195.71
and 57 528 a1299596AR 1 $ 789.61

Labor $229

All covered under the master service agreement.

Will know more tomorrow if the parts do anything.

A post on another board has identified that others are having compantibility issues with the 8300 and Sony's.

We will see.

RockTV's Avatar RockTV 06:59 AM 05-05-2005
Not sure if I saw this in the 8300 thread, but I'll post it here. I tried to hook 8300 via HDMI to DVI cable into my non HDCP compliant PJ and it would not work due to HDCP being enabled on the box. I was bumming. My Samsung HD Direct-TV Box is not HDCP enabled out from the DVI port.
Barry928's Avatar Barry928 09:25 AM 05-05-2005

The SA people are aware that some displays are still having HDCP handshake problems and they are working on a update for the 8300. There is a work around that works for my projector. Turn on the projector and switch to the DVI input. Hold down the power button on the front panel of the 8300 until the word "boot" appears and release power. Wait until the clock displays and then turn the power back on and wait for the cycle to complete. If you switch to another input on the projector other than DVI you may need to reboot again.

It helps if you disable 480i as one of the output resolutions since 480i is not normally supported over DVI an most displays. Set the start up channel in the 8300 to one of the HD channels to make sure you are booting to a HDCP source.
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 01:58 PM 05-05-2005
Thanks, so by doing this it will disable the HDCP signal being sent via HDMI right?
Barry928's Avatar Barry928 12:12 AM 05-06-2005

Originally posted by RockTV
Thanks, so by doing this it will disable the HDCP signal being sent via HDMI right?

No. This will not disable the HDCP. Sorry I missed the part where you said the projector is not HDCP compliant in your original post. My work around is intended for displays that are compliant and still do not handshake correctly.

You must use component analog with the 8300.
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 07:05 AM 05-06-2005
Thanks, already using component on the PJ, I had bought DVI-HDMI cable to start using the DVI on the PJ and ran into the HDCP issue. This really sucks since like I said my DirecTV HD receiver does not output HDCP via the DVI jack so I never had issues with the PJ. When I switched to HD Cable service and got this new HD8300 DVR thats when my problems started with HDCP. I should also not that I have two of these HD8300 DVR's. The other I have hooked up via HDMI-DVI into my Sammy DLP TV. That TV is HDCP compliant and I have no problems using the DVI jack for that application.
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 07:07 AM 05-06-2005
On another note, has anybody heard when Adelphia plans on adding ABC in HD?? Football season is coming up fast, and the wife has a couple shows on ABC that are broadcast in HD. Thanks,
houselog442's Avatar houselog442 12:47 PM 05-10-2005
The big report came out on which adelphia companies are going where. It did not mention where adelphia orlando was going. Can someone find out where adelphia orlando is going to go to?
troll565's Avatar troll565 07:50 AM 05-23-2005
Originally Posted by houselog442 View Post

The big report came out on which adelphia companies are going where. It did not mention where adelphia orlando was going. Can someone find out where adelphia orlando is going to go to?

I read that Comcast is taking over all of Adelphia subscribers in the state of Florida.
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 08:09 AM 05-23-2005
Did anybody else in Orlando lose FOXHD on Adelphia the last couple days. Also does anybody know when they are going to offer ABC HD on Adelphia??
troll565's Avatar troll565 08:05 PM 05-23-2005
Um...Is anyone else's Fox-Hd not working at all? I tuned in to watch the finale of 24 and all I got was a black screen. I called up CS about 5 mins into it and they said they weren't having any problems on their end. It's now 10:05pm and I still got nothing. I'm extrememly p.o.'d. Anybody else with this problem?
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 06:51 AM 05-24-2005
Still no signal.
troll565's Avatar troll565 07:07 AM 05-24-2005
Originally Posted by RockTV View Post

Still no signal.

me too...9am
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 07:13 AM 05-24-2005

I'm at work right now. Do you have Adelphia's 800# for customer service. I need to call them. Thanks,

RockTV's Avatar RockTV 07:51 AM 05-24-2005
I found the number. I called and Adelphia told me FOXHD was out through Wednesday of this week, No reason given as to why.
troll565's Avatar troll565 08:21 AM 05-24-2005
I called last night just after 8pm and they said they weren't showing any outages at their end. They're sending someone out tomorrow. I don't know what good it'll do though.
jasonlaser's Avatar jasonlaser 05:55 PM 07-14-2005
Well it has been 2+ months and the 8300HD/Sony TV problem was solved today.

Several more service calls. They replaced the input board with a non-sony factory board and the problem got better, but not perfect. Now the whites were overdriven, but a lot better. They think the problem is with the comb filters but they are not sure.

I was persistant with Sears. Nice, but persistant. Basically the lead technician for sears said that there is no way it will work and that this was a known problem with this TV set.

As part of their new commitment to customer service and in the interest of making things right, this afternoon, Sears delivered a new (slightly used) KDP-57WS655 TV manufactured in February of 2005 from their scratch and dent outlet on Forsyth.

Total cost to me for the swap out $0.

So far so good and the picture is amazing. Waiting for some HD content tonight!!!

This TV has HDMI interface and a built in HDTV tuner.

Not a bad resolution....

Thanks for all the advice everyone gave me.

troll565's Avatar troll565 02:26 PM 09-14-2005

When will we get ABC-HD???
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 02:37 PM 09-14-2005
I've been asking the same thing. Adelphia reps have no clue as too when they will add ABC-HD to the line up.
petem23's Avatar petem23 11:07 PM 09-15-2005
Adelphia sucks!!
They make me so angry. Customer Service is horrible. Why no ABC or TNT HD? How can little old Bright House have all these channels that Adelphia doesn't?(ABC, TNT, WB, UPN, among others) Adelphia has me in a monopoly in my apartment complex! Adelphia or nothing. I'd switch to BH in an instant if I could. Paying over $110 a month for crap service. No Monday night football, college football, or Nascar(TNT) in High Definition. I have to watch them on the SD channels which look like garbage. I hope they realize the Super Bowl is on ABC this year. Are we not going to have the Super Bowl? or are they going to wait untill a couple days befor and finally give us ABC after the regular season is already over like they did with FOX last year. What the hell is the hold up. I've had adelphia HD for over a year now and just keep waiting and waiting. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barry928's Avatar Barry928 11:14 PM 09-15-2005
Can you put an antenna on your balcony for Monday Night Football and pull in the HD feed OTA?
RockTV's Avatar RockTV 06:40 AM 09-16-2005
That's what I'm currently doing, but still a hassle to switch between receivers just for picking up ABC and maybe one or two other channels in HD.
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