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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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06-09-2003 | Posts: 12
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I'm in Addison Circle, in a 4th floor loft apartment with a large window facing due West. I have a Samsung SIR-T150 and a Winegard GS-1000 indoor antenna mounted near the window facing Southwest. Here's what I get:

4-1 Fox (weaker than average signal)
5-1 NBC
8-1 ABC
[8-2 24hr Weather Map]
11-1 CBS
13-1 KERA
[21-2 24hr Weather Map]
27-1 KDFI
33-1 WB
39-1 Telemundo
68-1 PAX

Reception is fairly good overall. Fox signal is weaker than others (sometimes affected by my movements inside the apartment) but it does come in.

From a OTA perspective, I'm dreading a coming move to Virginia Beach. Here at least we get a few channels. From what I hear in the Southeast VA/Northeast NC thread, reception there is much less fruitful.
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06-14-2003 | Posts: 116
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To add to the list; I live at Frankford and the Tollway; with a MITS 55909 and a Radio Shack 15-1890 amplified indoor VHF/UHF antenna. Here's what I get or don't get

2-1 Can't get
4-1 Fox (comes in as 35-1)
5-1 NBC
8-1 ABC
[8-2 24hr Weather Map]
11-1 CBS
13-1 KERA
[21-2 24hr Weather Map]
24-1 UNI
27-1 Can't get
29-1 Can't get
33-1 WB
39-1 Telemundo
48-1 Can't get
51-2 KFWD
54-1 Can't get
68-1 PAX

The one I would really like to lock in is 27. Anyone have to do anything unusual or different to bring that one in? It took so long to get the rest clear, I'm almost afraid to start messing with the antenna and lose some other stations.
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06-15-2003 | Posts: 477
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Where can I view the schedule you say is HDNet?

Check the HDTV Programming forum on DHTG - Technobill sends me the schedule and I post a link to it there.

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06-19-2003 | Posts: 42
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Originally posted by coreymd
I noticed lots of A/V dropouts last night (picture goes black and no sound for about a second) watching the Mardi Gras documentary on 21-1. This recurred every few minutes. I had a decent signal -- around 77, which is pretty much what I get across the board for ATSC channels.

BTW- kudos to KTXA for providing a different HDNet feed from the one on DirecTV 199... two channels for the price of one :-).


We were having some sat issues and have corrected them. Have you been having any problems since?
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08-19-2003 | Posts: 124
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Anybody here live in the Whiterock Lake area and get a decent number of channels? The downtown buildings block a lot of the signal strength. I only get Fox, CBS and UPN (weak).

I use the giant 160" Long Dual Boom, 57 Element Antenna Radio Shack antenna, though I just put it up and haven't really played with moving it around a lot.

I'm thinking of getting a pre-amp (Winegard AP-8275?) to try and pull in ABC and NBC. They have a ton of HD stuff, so I really want to get them.
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08-20-2003 | Posts: 124
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10-08-2003 | Posts: 77
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Well, I was glad to finally find our spot here on AVS, however unfortunate that it has had little recent attention. I am currently a D* subscriber along with Charter High Speed Internet, however disgruntled with the price I pay for both. Enter Charter HD offerings....Great but no ESPNHD...I can get my locals via OTA, but would really like the ESPNHD..talked to Charter today and guy had no info for me...

Enter Voom...Wow, could this be the answer....Well this will put me right back into the same spot as having Charter and D* as far as monthly cost...ANyone in the same boat or have advice for me? Also, who in DFW is using Charter HD?

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10-09-2003 | Posts: 116
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I think the reason this thread hasn't been active is because those of us in Comcast areas still have no HD and no ETA for HD. Seems to me if you're going to go D* you may want to swicth to DSL and cut the cord with cable. For me, I'm still holding out to see if Comcast comes through, since in other markets they seem to have decent offerings.

By the way, have you been able to pick up channel 27/36 - that's the only one I can't seem to get on my end of the metroplex.
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10-13-2003 | Posts: 77
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Good advice, but my area cant get DSL. SO I am stuck with paying Charter for Basic and Internet and D* as video source....If a cool STB were available (OTA + PVR) such as LG 3410A, I would love to go with Charter for everything and get once nice neat bill.

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10-14-2003 | Posts: 1,162
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I actually called Comcast today and followed their phone menu to existing customer change service. When the person answered the phone I simply said "Hi I would like to order Comcast HD" To my surprise the person said I am sorry sir but that will not be available until NOVEMBER 1ST!!! I asked about a waiting list and she said I would just have to call back in November. This also fits with information from two Comcast service people who were at my house recently that mentioned that Comcast would be rolling out HD next month (November). Of course this is while we were watching a college b-ball game on HDNet/UPN 21

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10-14-2003 | Posts: 803
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eq_shadimar - I know who you are. You're nick can't protect you.

Anybody know what the costs are for getting Comcast HD? I believe you have to get their Digital package then pay an additional fee for the HD box or service, but that's based on how they do it in KC.

The reason I ask is I just ordered the Dish 6000 receiver. They are now selling that for $200 with the OTA receiver module, and their service is only $10 a month on top of your normal Dish service. They provide ESPN HD, Discovery HD, and HD Net and HD Net Movies. Plus if you want the second dish installed you can get HBO, SHO and CBS HD. I think you get HBO and SHO in HD if you already have those packages.
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10-22-2003 | Posts: 510
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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get HD with an apt. friendly antenna near Frankford/Trinity Mills off Dallas North Tollway (between Addison and Plano). I'm currently getting standard def. from DirecTv and always had trouble receiving analog OTA with an indoor Terk.
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10-22-2003 | Posts: 417
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I think the question that anyone who is considering Comcast cable should be asking is, "will the motorolla STB that they use allow you to hook up an antenna to recieve ALL OTA stations in the Dallas area?" It is my understanding that Comcast does not carry one of the major networks (CBS) due to a bandwidth argreement issue or something of that nature. Maybe Technobill can shed some light on this issue....
Please do your homework before you make your decision! Cable HD is known for major compression issues as well as lack of content. And remember channels 1 thru 99 are analog even if you pay for the digital package.

Your HD Cable is only as good as the cable, connectors and installer that you get! Demand perfection before you let the installer leave your house!


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10-22-2003 | Posts: 2,336
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It's been reported elsewhere (in the Dallas Home Theater Group forum) that it may be the case that only two OTA signals will be offered by Comcast at the outset -- KDFW-DT and KXA-DT. They'll also have Showtime and HBO HD for subscribers to those services. So that's something to consider before dumping your satellite service...

Regarding the question about off-air reception around Frankford & the Tollway -- if your off-air UHF reception is snowy, you stand a good chance of getting off-air HD reception. If it is ghost-ridden, you will probably have problems. But you might want to experiment with some different antennas; I can tell you that an old Radio Shack two-bay bowtie antenna pulls in several HD channels at my home in Plano, and might work where you are. The Zenith Silver Sensor also has a good reputation.
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10-23-2003 | Posts: 116
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I live in a house in Frankford/Tollway area. I am using a different RS indoor antenna (the one that looks like a desktop lamp) and can pull in everything but 2 and 27's digital signals.

As for Comcast's plans - there are threads both at the DHTG http://dhtg.napurano.com/dhtgweb/dht...ML/000917.html
and BroadbandReports http://www.broadbandreports.com/foru...catv~mode=flat

Both are worth watching, since it appears as though Comcast should be bringing HD and VoD up some time around Nov. 1
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10-23-2003 | Posts: 510
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Which Radio Shack antenna? Is 27 just hard to get in the Dallas area? I don't care as much about 2.
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10-23-2003 | Posts: 116
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I have the 15-1890
Others have had success pulling in all of the stations, I would pose your question on DHTG - more people there who have solved your problem there than here.

One more thing - I think reasons we aren't seeing KTVT and WFAA might not be bandwidth, but ownership; I don't know about Belo, but I know that Comcast and CBS O&O have not come to an agreement yet anywhere about digital transmission. ESPN being out is surprising, since they signed their agreement with lots of fanfare earlier this year.
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10-28-2003 | Posts: 2
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I'm a HD newbie - bought my zenith HD receiver, and have a large outdoor antenna mounted in the attic. From the Keller area, will this be sufficient for HD reception? I'm waiting on the Optoma H76 - so no projector yet.
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10-28-2003 | Posts: 417
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One of the issues that WFAA and Comcast are haggeling over is the bandwidth that comast will allocate for their HD transmission. (Just what I have heard through the grapevine) This is not a Dallas only issue, as is evident in many other cities that have Comcast as the cable supplier and no local ABC. (By the way I'm not sure if its ABC or CBS but I do know it is one of the two)....

ashatcher - your attic antenna should be sufficient but there is only going to be one way to find out....hook it up and hopefully enjoy!
Good luck!

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11-11-2003 | Posts: 85
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Bump, Great Thread.
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12-18-2003 | Posts: 3
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Does anyone with the DISH 811 notice that CBS changed from 11-01 to 19-01 on the last firmware update? I checked at attenaweb.com and they have CBS at 19-01, so i am not sure if this is a bug with the new firmware or if it was with the old firmware.
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12-26-2003 | Posts: 1
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When I first started playing with OTA additions, the firmware revision 2.62 showed Digital channel 11 at 19-01. Earlier this week, version 2.63 arrived and channel 111 is now at 11-01. Who knows?
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01-09-2004 | Posts: 159
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Anyone here out near Sanger or even Denton? My Dad lives in Sanger and is wondering if he has a decent chance to get in the digital signals from Dallas. I tell him with a good antenna and preamp he should be fine, but want to hear people with real experiences! I am coming down next week to help him get it set up.
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01-09-2004 | Posts: 13
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I live in Denton county near lake Lewisville and pick up all of the digital channels from Dallas great as well as PBS from Denton. I have a Terk 55 (un-amped) runing to a Dish 6000 OTA. The amp caused problems for me and it works great without it. The antenna is mounted on my chimmney about 2 stories high with clear line of site. Hope that info helps.
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02-04-2004 | Posts: 4
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This is a little off-topic, but since this is the DFW thread I thought I'd ask it here...

I am in need of the Pioneer 530HD diode/IC fix for the red/green lines. I had someone show up today who I will not let touch my set - "useless" is not too harsh a word. Can anyone recommend a service company in North Dallas? I obviously would like one that has experience with the fix and/or comes highly regarded.

According to Pioneer, here's the list of authorized service centers within 25 miles of me. Anyone have comments either way?

MJ Electronics, Carrollton
Fast Trak Electronics, Carrollton
Har-West Sound & Video, Garland
Intech, Dallas
C&R Television, Dallas
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02-05-2004 | Posts: 24
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In answer to your question regarding Pioneer service in the Dallas area, there is only one choice, as far as I'm concerned. Call Mike with C&R. He is absolutely the best, and far more knowledgeable than anyone else when it comes to Pioneer TV's. He works exclusively on Pioneer sets and has for years. I had him service my 50" Pioneer on 2 separate occasions after the set got zapped by nearby lightning strikes. He did component testing and replacement right in my home, and he usually carries complete circuit board assemblies if he needs to replace an entire assembly. I can highly recommend Mike.
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02-05-2004 | Posts: 71
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I can't get ch 27-1 KDFI to show up on my sammy 160. I'm in Frisco. U-75R UHF antenna with amp. All other stations show up fine. Anybody get 27-1?
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02-05-2004 | Posts: 36
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I can't get ch 27-1 either on my sammy 160 or MitsHD5. I'm in Arlngton with a CM 3018 in the attic. All the other channels come in strong.

I also wonder who else is getting ch 27.
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02-05-2004 | Posts: 374
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Did anyone else lose NBC (5-1)? I'm picking up 5-2 now, which is showing weather radar, but 5-1 is gone.
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02-05-2004 | Posts: 85
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I get 27-1 here in McKinney but when I treid an AMP I got slightly better reception on all other channels and lost 27. Go figure???

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