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Vettster's Avatar Vettster 11:13 AM 12-12-2001
I've noticed I haven't seen any posts from him lately...Although, I know a few of you didn't care for his postings, I myself found them humorous...
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Tryg's Avatar Tryg 10:43 AM 12-13-2001
Unfortunatley they banned him a little while back. Apparently he couldn't ever stay on topic.
baimo's Avatar baimo 08:05 PM 12-14-2001
they killed rodmanbra? damn:mad:
David Richardson's Avatar David Richardson 06:43 PM 12-15-2001
Yea. Seems Bra would lose his mind every now and then and the last time he went off the deep end with "bra" posts and replies only bamio could understand.:D

baimo's Avatar baimo 06:12 AM 12-17-2001
I only pretended to understand. I am a kind person.
brodmanra's Avatar brodmanra 10:06 AM 12-17-2001
how culd anyone not undrstand mi litle sister?(TM) he he
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