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bdenman 12-14-2001 10:16 AM

Note: half way down is a limited FAQ (part 2) regarding OTA, DBS, and cable access from a post made 2/18/2005.

Part 1: Detailed Columbia Station/Channel Information:

Note: as of April 1, 2004, all DTV stations are required by the FCC to broadcast digital programming 18 hr/day. This programming may be SD simulcast of analog channel or HD. (Neither network nor local station is required to provide any programming in High Definition). (local station broadcast hours to be confirmed) Note that stations do not always use virtual remapping of their digital channels. Most stations use virtual remapping on OTA receivers to make their digital channel to show as their old analog number (maintains station channel identity). This remapping sometimes is turned of so the station will show up as their digital number. (ex: WRLK might be found as 32 vice 35). When in doubt try both numbers. (station power levels are listed further down this posting)

WOLO-DT ABC (8) (24/7)
....HD OTA Ch25.1 TWC Ch 815 DD5.1 capable
....SD OTA Ch25.2 TWC Ch 816 Weather radar
....SD OTA Ch25.3 TWC Ch 817 ABS News Now

WLTX-DT CBS (17) (12:00 noon to 12:35am
....HD Ch19.1 TWC Ch 810 DD5.1 capable
....SD Ch19.2 TWC Ch 811 weather radar
....SD Ch19.3 TWC Ch 812 (started for DNC/RND conventions; potentially now a permanent SD simulcast of Ch810)

WIS-DT NBC (41) (12pm to ~12:35 am)
....HD Ch41.1 TWC Ch 805 DD5.1 (started ~8/12 in time for Olympic coverage)
....SD CH41.2 TWC n/a 4:3 simulcast of 41.3
....SD Ch41.3 TWC Ch 806 weather radar

WRLK-DT SCETV/PBS (32) 24/7 **
....SD Ch35.1 TWC Ch 801 simulcast of analog channel
....SD Ch35.2 TWC Ch 802 South Carolina Channel
....HD Ch35.3 TWC Ch 800 DD5.1 capable

WACH-DT FOX (57) 24/7
.....HD Ch57.1 TWC Ch 820 DD5.1 (added to TWC 2/4/05)
----SD Ch57.2 TWC Ch 821 "TheTube" music channel (added OTA ~06/05; TWC ~9/7/05)

WBHQ-DT WB/UPN (39) 10am to 10pm
....SD Ch 63-1* TWC n/a (UPN part went away 9/10/04) Cola area DT broadcast not expected till June 2006.

WZRB-TV UPN (47) on the air as of 0001 hours 1January 2005.
(NTSC only, TWC ch 13)

side note: formerly known as WRBJ-TV Ch 47, this is a new station that has assumed the UPN mantle for the Cola market. It is listed on the FCC web site as having a Construction Permit (appl date April 2004). They are replacing WBHQ as the UPN affiliate (UPN ceased UPN programming as of 9/10/04 and there was a "hole" for some time). FCC Application data list station as analog, not digital. They do not have a separate channel assignment for digital and so will most likely just switch over somday to digital (not likely for 2005).

*WBHQ Ch 63 (formerly known as WQHB and UPN/WB) has analog tower near Columbia and is on TWC. Their digital tower however is just east of Sumter, transmits very low power, and pretty much can be received in/near Sumter. Broadcast hours are approximate and subject to change and are SD only (No HD capability). They went WB only after 9/10/04. Word came on 10/07/04 however that WBHQ-DT is constructing a new digital broadcast capability in Columbia. They will be using the same tower they now use to for their analog signals and their coverage will be kidney shaped (wide east to west; more south than north); and ERP = 500kW). They expect to be up by June 2005 and able to pass through HD at that time. UPDATE: According to Station Manager S. Rein, their full DT buildout (with HD capability) on the Columbia tower (same one used by WACH and WOLO) has a new drop dead/expected date of July 1, 2006.

** SCETV's Sumter station WRJA-DT Ch 28 Sumter started broadcasting Mar 10, 2004. Their programming is, for now, the same as WRLK-DT and will extend/improve SCETV's DT broadcast area (Sumter, Florence/MB, and other points east).

*** NBC initial DD5.1 broadcast was on 4/3/2004(American Dreams); more to follow)

Additional/Premium Channels on TWCSC
HBO HD East-Ch 901 West-Ch 902 DD5.1 capable Subscription reqd
Showtime HD East- Ch 921 West Ch 922 DD5.1 capable Subscription reqd
Discovery HD Theater Ch845 (free)
HDNET Ch 930 (TWC HD Tier)
HDNET Movie Ch 931 (TWC HD Tier)
INHD1 Ch 940 (TWC HD Tier)
INHD2 Ch 941 (TWC HD Tier)
SEHD Ch 813 (NBA/HD, Fox Sports, etc (when available; otherwise simulcast of Ch940) (Ch 814 is spare HD channel for specials)
TNT-HD Ch 840 (free) (but mostly 4:3 material stretched/zoomed to 16:9)
ESPN-HD Ch 950 (TWC HD Tier)

Other/Future Cable Services: ESPN2HD: unknown.

TWC HD Tier: The HD Tier currently costs $6.95/mo plus tax and includes HDNET, HDNET Movies, INHD1, INHD2, and ESPN-HD. Note that while TWCSC's Sumter and Orangeburg's service area lineups are virtually identical to Columbia, other service areas are not (and have different system capabilities as well).

Time Warner High Definition Converters: Models currently available in the Columbia area are:
SA3100HD (note there is a bug tuning Ch815; go one channel up and then down). good remote.
SA3250HD: preferred box; small footprint; has DVI; has scaling and zooming; good remote; Firewire model limited availability (as of Apr 04)
SA8000HD: HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR; can record about 20 hours of HD); limited distribution; no DVI (scheduled for summer 2005); software bug prevents output via analog outputs (update for DVI scheduled for late summer; firmware update to enable recording options/analog ports scheduled for early June); mediocre remote.
SA8300HD: preferred DVR if one can get one (check in person with local office); Improved PQ over 8000; reportedly has functional DVI and analog ports.

Station connectivity to TWC for Digital broadcasts:
WOLO: OTA (B. Davis)
WIS: awaiting feedback
WLTX: Fiber with OTA backup (D. Stalnaker)
WBHQ: n/a; no DT signal in Cola or on TWC yet (Mr Smiley)
WACH: n/a (no DT on TWC yet)
WRLK: hybrid.... an RF feed pickup is taken off the transmitter and fed into fiber optic going to TWC's head-end. TWC users must still depend on the transmitter being up and operational to get SCETV/WRLK-DT's signals. A pure fiber feed into their MC is in the works but will take some time (right of way issues with the RR to work out). (H. Griffin)

Station Power Levels: The Columbia Market is served well by all stations as is Sumter. Florence/Myrtle Beach areas are iffy and vary by station. On 09/20/04, a query of the FCCC database revealed the following:

FOX: WACH-DT/Ch 48 is licensed for 520 kW ERP; antenna height (ant ht) 460 meters AGL; the antenna's polar plot (radiation pattern) shows it may be difficult to get in FLO/MB. (and they are not yet doing HD yet though expected any day now).

ABC: WOLO-DT/CH 8 is licensed for 43 kW ERP; ant ht 527 m AGL; polar plot shows it might be okay for parts of FLO/MB (Provo okay in some areas by viewers). (agrees with Bob Davis obviously)

NBC: WIS-DT/CH 41 is licensed for 874 kW ERP; ant ht 427 m AGL; polar plot shows it might be okay for FLO/MB (but will vary by viewer location).

CBS: WLTX-DT/CH 17 is operating under a STA license (Special Temporary Authority) that I understand means they are operating at half power; 500 vice 1000 kW ERP; Ant ht ~ 478m AGL; polar plot indicates FLO/MB reception is probably difficult at best.

PBS: WRLK-DT/Ch32 (SCETV/Cola) is licensed for 65 kW ERP; ant ht 396 m AGL. polar map not shown (but should be relatively circular but be advised that Florence reception has always been very difficult; try Sumter SCETV station instead.

PBS: WRJA-DT Ch 28 (SCETV/Sumter) is operating under a Construction Permit still and licensed for 98.4 kW ERP; ant ht 354 m AGL. polar plot is not shown. Understand decent reception is possible in some parts of the Florence area.

Area Antenna Solutions: gleaned from previous thread postings (not inclusive; additions welcome). CM = Channel Master; RS = Radio Shack

Cola/Harbison Forest, CM 3016 (~27ft mast atop a 15ft hill / CM7777 preamp)
Cola/NE Corridor (I-20/Clemson Rd), Silver Sensor
Irmo, Winegard PR-4400 (attic mount)
Irmo, RS Double Bow-tie
Harbison/Broad River Rd vic, CM 3021 (attic mount; 2 story house; no pre-amp)
Elgin, Coat hanger er Single Bowtie
Florence, CM 4248 plus Winegard YA-1713 (high band VHF Yagi)
Garners Ferry Rd , CM CM 4248 (unk mast; rotor)
Rock Hill, Winegard PR8800 (WOLO, WIS) (25ft mast; CM7777 preamp)
Sumter, CM 3021 (10ft mast; no pre-amp)
Sumter, RS Double Bow-tie (but not WRLK)
Sumter, Winegard Square Shooter (UHF reception was okay; about the same as CM3021; VHF reception was poor). May be better for multipath situations which is not a problem here. It uses a different mount than standard antenna (similar to dbs mounts though). Tested late Feb 2004.

01/01/04: corrections to WIS (hours) and WACH (audio capabilities)
01/14/04: addition of WRJA-DT information
01/16/04: added converter boxes available from TWCSC
01/20/04: updated/corrected WLTX hours of operation
02/05/04: corrected one antenna installation
02/12/04: updated WIS-DT information (DT added to TWC)
02/16/04: added Irmo CM 3021 antenna solution
02/17/04: corrected 2/16 post to read Harbison/Broad River Rd vic
04/05/04: added Winegard Sq Shooter info; info on NBC DD5.1; update for WRJA, and note about April 1, 2004 requirement for DTV.
04/08/04: corrected WRLK cable channels 801 and 802 (were reversed).
05/11/04: added info on WJRB and station connectivity to TWC
05/15/04: added WIS's weather radar on TWC 806 which was noted new o/a 5/13/04
05/21/04: TNT-HD added to TWCSC; updated firmware update info
6/20/04: removed incorrect footnote data for WBHQ (who does not do HD).
Also; TNT-HD program information. .
7/27/04: Yesterday ABC News Now went live and immediately available on WOLO-DT's SD channel and was added to TWC Ch 816 today.
8/1/04: Added the CBS SD channel used in part for the DNC/RNC conventions
9/1/04: added the fact that NBC/WIS used DD5.1 during Olympics. Other programming with real DD5.1 (not synthesized) appears to be minimal thus far. Also tweaked change for WOLO that occured on 8/11 (added back wxr radar)
9/10/04: updated info on WACH Splicer and added info on WRBJ having been changed to WZRB and will go on air 1 Jan 05. Added ESPN-HD to the HD tier when announced today.
9/20/04: added results of queries of the FCC database on station power levels.'
10/3/04: added fact that WACH can pass HD (the splicer is now working)
10/07/04: added new info on WBHQ-DT and their build out of a new DT capability for Cola.
01/03/05: updated the WZRB info as they went OTA 1 Jan 05; availability of TWC SA8300DVR
2/04/05: updated WACH-DT cable carriage on Ch 820
2/18/05: added Part 2
08/09/05: included info on "TheTube" channel (Ch 57-2).
08/22/05: added fiber connect for WLTX to TWC
9/10/05: added fact that The Tube multicast from WACH is now on TWC
9/26/05: updated WBHQ's DT build out date to July 1, 2006.
11/18/05: updated WLTX adding DD5.1 capability as of yesterday.

Part 2: Limited FAQ regarding OTA/Cable issues in Columbia from a posting made 2/18/2005

Originally posted by iBleedGarnet
First-time poster in this forum. Go easy on me.

I've been looking at plasma displays and have noticed some come with a built-in QAM tuner. First of all, what are its capabilities? And how might it benefit me? Would I have to be a TWC subscriber?

I've also got a question about OTA HD antennas......while I've been trying to decide what service to go with (either DISH, DirecTV or TWC) I've noticed the satellite providers charge more if you want locals. Anyone here with satellite that uses an antenna to get locals? Do the local stations air their news telecasts in HD? Let's say a USC game has been picked up by Jefferson-Pilot but they aren't broadcasting in HD...would I still be able to pick it up if my only source for locals is an OTA-HD antenna? Thanks in advance, neighbors.

Oh, I live downtown in the Elmwood Park area.

Greetings and welcome to our forum. I will step up and try to give you some answers. Do feel free to ask more questions if needed.

An integrated HDTV with a built in ATSC tuner can tune in all the digital signals in one's area given an acceptable over-the-air signal. That same tuner if it is QAM capable can, if connected to a cable system, also receive those digital signals provided in the open (unencrypted). In our area, that should include WOLO, WLTX, WACH, WIS, WRLK, DISCOVERY and TNT. QAM is an acronym for the basic type of modulation that cable uses for digital transmission (i.e. quadrature amplitude modulation).

If the set is also "cable card capable (or ready)" then one can get their cable company to install one and it will give them access to some additional subscription based HD programming (including the HDTV tier). (do note these channels have their own monthly fees). The card itself rents for a couple bucks or so a month and is a simple substitute for a cable converter. Do note that it does not offer all the same capabilities (e.g. no interactive cable guide).

DBS systems in our area offer L-I-L but these are analog broadcasts only; not digital (nor HD) broadcasts. To get our local's HD programming you will need to use the ATSC tuner built into every DISH Network, DirecTV or VOOM HD receiver coupled with an antenna that can see and receive our local signals (most towers are near Elgin, east of town). There are also standalone receivers (STBs) that work for OTA only and others that are both OTA and QAM capable.

Reception from the downtown area should not be a problem distance wise from the broadcast towers though there are other concerns that might cause problems. If there are obstructions between you and the towers (buildings, hills, trees) then you may have get only weak or reflected signals (called multipath). These can be a problem. Unfortunately there is no surefire way to be sure without trying.

What you might try first is a standard combo indoors antenna (UHF/VHF) attached to your ATSC tuner and go from there. Technically there is no such thing called a HDTV antenna. TV signals are broadcast on either a VHF channel or a UHF channel. So you really need is an old fashioned antenna that works at your location (all but one station here broadcast on UHF channels; WOLO is on Ch 8 and thus VHF). Unfortunately some manufacturers do hype their antennas as HDTV models. Check my summary (link in my signature) for antennas that work for some in our area.

To learn more about HD you might want to visit the other forums here at AVS. The Programming forum has a good synopsis plus you might check out www.HDTVGalaxy.com or www.titantv.com. Basically network HD is available during some evening/Prime Time hours and at various times on weekends (especially sports). No local station produces any HD that I know of (SCETV's WRLK should have some production capability however). Networks can of course come in and produce a local sports program in HD that might well be broadcast OTA here.

Good luck!

GCocks 12-14-2001 08:32 PM

Long time no see!! Thanks a lot for the update. I was starting to think we'd never see CBS in HD ever here in Columbia. At least it sounds promising. Have you checked out the i-control PPV movies. Pretty cool, you can pause it and remind it kinda like Tivo. My HBO-on demand isn't working yet, but they are supposed to have it ready in the next month. I think that they'd be anxious to pick up more HD content and use it to keep or attract existing/new customers. Well, good to see ya around. I hope that you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday season.


bdenman 12-14-2001 09:07 PM

Hi Jay,

Good to hear form you too! To your questions; No I have not tried iControl. They did not tell me I could use it on the 2000HD box and I have not asked. Regular PPV works so who knows. We rent DVDs vice doing PPV. We bought one PPV since getting the box in April (had a free coupon) but thats it.

Now......Warning! Their HOD is not compatible with the 2000HD unless they have fixed the software in the past two months. In September they offered it to us with a free month, we bought it; they turned it on; and zap..."it" killed the box. Turns out the box's firmware was incompatible with the server software. oops. Someone in tech knew but no one else. CSR did not know; my marketing rep did not know; the HOD sales guy from TWC did not know... hopefully they know now. But they have called back since trying to get me to sign up for it. So be careful. If it zaps your box, they cannot reload the firmware locally and it took them 35 days to get me another one.

It does looks like we might have CBS and ABC HD OTA come spring. But my gut says it will be at least fall before TWC carries it which is not good. You have a great holiday too!


Cain 12-15-2001 04:52 AM

Hi Bruce. Sumter is my hometown, but I live over in Lexington now. Are you from Sumter, or move there (Shaw??)..

Many, many thanks for the update. I'm excited. I plan to pop up an OTA antenna up in the attic to grab these signals.

You folks should also consider this, if possible, you will get a much, much better picture than TW, who is guaranteed to be compresing the heck out of the signal.

Any word from WIS on when they'll start HD broadcasting???

I wonder why these folks don't go ahead with unannounced tests particularly the ABC affiliate, who sounds like perhaps they could do that now.

BTW I'm building a dedicated HT in my basement, with a front projector, and the whole bit. You guys are welcome to come visit when I get it finished, hopefully in mid February (in time for the HD Olympics !).

Take care, thanks again for the post Bruce, please keep us updated,

-- Cain

bdenman 12-16-2001 08:52 AM

Howdy Cain,

Good to hear from another Columbia viewer. In this round of communications, I telephoned vice emailed the stations and my first priorities were ABC and CBS. Next will be WIS (NBC) and WACH (FOX). Emails have not done much in the past (other than let them know I exist perhaps).

I do not know if NBC or FOX will have their DTV on before May. Previously, WIS emailed me that they would be on in May. If you really have to some HD Olympic coverage in February, you probably will have to get HDNET from DirecTV. However, I do hope to get an update from WIS and will ask about the Olympic's coverage. It would be a good idea if everyone emailed all the stations just to let them know we exist and are awaiting their HD signal.

As mentioned, WOLO did a round of tests with SD and are now working on the hardware needed to pass HD from ABC. Few of the networks are eager to spend the money until they have to for the electricity to power the transmitter. The audience is too small and there is no extra income stream to pay for it. So April at best is probably when they will flip the switch in anticipation of May.

Regarding the Time Warner compressing the signal. I don't know. I do know the SCETV/PBS HD material is really really nice on TWC. Since PBS HD programming is limited, they put the PBS demo loop at night after their educational progamming is done. The loop is varied occasionally and generally has some great imagery.

And regarding a home theater...projector. hmmm. Yeah; that would be nice to visit And your right that I am a transplant I am a displaced Texan actually courtesy of Uncle Sam and the USAF.

I will post as I get updates.


Cain 12-16-2001 02:56 PM

A Texan will fit in, in Sumter just fine. For instance, you are aware that "Supper" is the last meal of the day, not "Dinner"

Seriously you are most welcome to come check out my HT. It will have a 107"x60" screen, will seat eight, and it gonna really be cool, my wife and I are excited about it ..

I will have the DirecTV down there, and look forward to Hi Def Olympics, on HDNet.

Do you have a Satellite, or only TWC??

Take care, drop me an e-mail,

-- Cain

bdenman 12-16-2001 03:17 PM

Cain, check for pm

bdenman 12-20-2001 05:17 PM

Another station heard from: FOX

In talking to the Chief Engineer for WACH/FOX this past Tuesday, it now appears WACH will not be on the air with a digital signal before December 2002 (tower issues).

So to recap:
PBS: WRLK-DT Ch 32 Up and running now
ABC: WOLO-DT Ch 8 May 2002
CBS: WLTX-DT Ch 17 April/May 2002
FOX: WACH-DT Ch 48 Dec 2002 (est)
NBC: WIS-DT Ch 41 (unknown)
WB: WQHB-DT Ch 38 (unknown)

Notes: NBC has yet to return my call; will try again. WQHB has no number to call. Only WRLK is on TWC.


Cain 12-20-2001 07:24 PM

Bruce, thanks again for the summary and update..

Leave it to a Texan to sort all this out!!

-- Cain

Scott Burns 12-21-2001 08:03 AM


Hopefully we will see WOLO-DT long before May. Almost all of their equipment is in place and they are only waiting on a few pieces.


Scott Burns 12-21-2001 08:05 AM

Happy 500th post to me )


bdenman 12-21-2001 08:40 AM


Originally posted by Scott Burns

Hopefully we will see WOLO-DT long before May. Almost all of their equipment is in place and they are only waiting on a few pieces.


Hope your right. I got the impression they could but they won't. Maybe Bobby will say something different. Have you heard anything new from WBTW or WPDE up there?

BTW; happy 500th ........noisy aren't you


bdfox18doe 12-21-2001 10:10 AM

you're right scott-
unfortunately, waiting on the encoder order, which has been
placed on hold..
Otherwise, I have everything else...

bdenman 12-21-2001 12:11 PM

Lets hope you guys get an encoder under the tree this week


bdfox18doe 12-21-2001 01:18 PM


Originally posted by bdenman
Lets hope you guys get an encoder under the tree this week


Uhh..only problem is, the budget is so tight there's no tree!

Scott Burns 12-24-2001 08:58 PM

I would rather have the encoder than the tree. I hope all the folks in WOLO's area who get new HDTV's for Christmas call and badger management.


bdenman 12-24-2001 09:23 PM


Originally posted by Scott Burns
I would rather have the encoder than the tree. I hope all the folks in WOLO's area who get new HDTV's for Christmas call and badger management.


Agreed. All the stations need to know we are out here waiting!


ps: Seasons Greetings all

Scott Burns 12-24-2001 09:29 PM


What are you doing up this late?!!! My excuse is that I am stuck in the ER in Manning. It is Christmas Eve man!


Cain 01-31-2002 08:11 AM

I think WOLO has already started broadcasting on its new DTV channel..

Anyone seen it yet???

-- Cain

bdenman 01-31-2002 09:00 AM


Last information I have is from Jan 10th and the word then was that they are on hold and do not have all the parts and pieces needed for HD. They did several weeks of SD testing last fall but nothing has been said regarding their turning back on before 1 May.

I take it your PJ is installed now and anxious for a signal.....
If yes, can you get WRLK-DT (channel 32)?


Cain 01-31-2002 07:22 PM

PJ is here but sitting on dining room table awaiting theater completion!!

I do not have an antenna up yet either, but will soon.

-- Cain

bdenman 02-11-2002 10:04 AM

Another station heard from: NBC

I just talked to the Chief Engineer for WIS/NBC by phone and I was told that NBC-DT Ch 41 will not be on the air before October 2002 if then. They also have tower issues and will be applying for a waiver.

So to recap; it appears this is our OTA schedule for now:

PBS: WRLK-DT Ch 32 Up and running now
ABC: WOLO-DT Ch 8 May 2002
CBS: WLTX-DT Ch 17 April/May 2002
FOX: WACH-DT Ch 48 Dec 2002 (est)
NBC: WIS-DT Ch 41 October 2002 (est).
WB: WQHB-DT Ch 38 (unknown)

Note: WRLK-DT is carried on TWC. WRLK-DT is also expecting their new decoder in this month which will allow them to multicast their classroom programming and a PBS HD feed (with reduced bitrate).


Cain 02-17-2002 01:59 AM

Columbia, SC Tower Info Web Page...


-- Cain

Cain 02-17-2002 02:01 AM

Click on the little blinking transmission tower and it shows you the tower location on a map, and the projected strong signal area for some of the stations also..

-- Cain

Cain 03-09-2002 10:17 AM

Looks like WIS and WACH will not be broadcasting DTV for az while.

Both have asked for extensions..

Be sure to read the application, the scroll down and read the detailed attachments.

WACH blames WIS, WIS blames WACH..


-- Cain

summerall 03-09-2002 07:47 PM

Cain -

Alot of great infomation in this thread for all of us in columbia. I have been meaning to get on the ball about installing an antenna in my attic. http://100kwatts.tmi.net will definately help me in choosing what atenna I install. Cain, have you picked out an antenna yet? If so which one. I was thinking of just running up to rat shack and getting the biggest one that will fit between my rafters.

If I'm not mistaken I think you are the one who runs the CS 1.3 server. Great server man!!! I play there all the time!!! I think I've even seen the "president" there a few times. I play under " busin caps".

Cain 03-10-2002 03:27 AM

Yo a fellow HT guy and a CS Player in Columbia!!! Small world

Yes I run a very busy public Counter-Strike Server, and also run a UT server too.. All here are welcome BTW.

Here is my Game Server's Web page:

Drop by and register for the Forums. We have a terrific group of regulars from all over the Country.

I play as -CAIN- those folks named "President Cain, AmeriCain, etc. are a family of father and several kids near Dallas Texas.

I live over in Lexington, I'm thinking of putting a Channel Master 4228 in my attic. I'd like to be able to get the Augusta CBS Station to get HD before WRLK comes on-line.

The Columbia towers all seem to be located in the Northeast, and near Screaming Eagle road area. If you live in the Northeast, you will be able to pick them up on your teeth!!

Take care,

-- Cain

Cain 04-07-2002 01:22 PM

Anyone heard anything new??

I'm hoping WLTX goes live on May 1 ??

-- Cain

summerall 04-07-2002 06:48 PM

Haven't heard anything new. Guys, if you get any news please post here and keep this thread alive.

bdenman 04-07-2002 07:00 PM

Same here; nothing new to report. But if something comes up I certainly will holler. I think I will try and call WLTX and WOLO this week to see what they say. I still have not heard one word from either station or TWC regarding anyone working on a carriage agreement.

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