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04-01-2012 | Posts: 0
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OK, just hooked up the Marantz NR1501 into my HT as a replacement for a burnt Panny SA-XR70. Very nice receiver--I really like the way it handles MP3s..very musical. Prior Panny-based system was quiet (no pops). With the Marantz, occasional light popping in all speakers (not at once), just enough to annoy. Popping starts after 45 minutes to an hour of play and only on HDMI connected devices--TV and DVD. I re-wired the speaker cables to the back (direct connections, no binding posts) , but that did not eliminate the issue. The receiver is well ventilated I believe, in an open cabinet with about 8 inches of vertical clearance.. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I purchased this receiver used off E-bay and am now wondering if its defective?
Rustam Kasad's Avatar Rustam Kasad
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09-24-2012 | Posts: 0
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Hi foxhollowpete,

Any follow-up to your issues with pops in the speakers? I also have a Marantz NR 1501, and about a month or two ago, I started getting speaker pops. I have an Apple TV (and previously a MacMini) that inputted to my receiver via HDMI. I bought the receiver in approx. 2010 (maybe Fall of 2009), so it's about 3 years old.

I assume it's the receiver causing the pops, because the sound of the pop varies as I turn the volume up and down. I noticed that the pops decreased in frequency when I unplugged my pre-amp that I was using for my record player.

I'm kind of new to AV systems, so if there's some more extensive trouble-shooting I can do, I'm open to suggestions.

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This area is just for testing post and edit ops on AVS, i.e., trying things out. That's why posts don't count in your total posts stat.


Here's the thread for discussion of Audio.

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Ah okay. Thanks, I just found this post via Google. I'll try to find the right thread to post on.
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