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I am new to AVS, and this is my first post, so bare with me. wink.gif have Time Warner Cable in NY, and I recently was upgraded to a Cisco 8742HDC DVR whole house box. There is not enough recording space for my needs, so I purchased a WD My Book AV DVR expander, 1TB. The problem is my cable box is not recognizing it? It is connected with a eSata cable. What am I going wrong. TWC will not offer tech support for a third party product. mad.gif What am I don't wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Comparison chart;
My whole hearted thanks to wajo for helping me update this table in spite of the forums software. It was no easy task. There are still additions & corrections needed, mostly for the Roamio.
Those are always welcome for those wishing to contribute.
This is best viewed on a 16x9 monitor (1920x1080) or at least 1360x768.   If that isn't possible, just download one of the attachments and print that out.
MAKEBriteViewChannel MasterCM / EntoneChannel MasterDigital StreamDVICO TViXePVisionMagnavox /
iViewMoxiTiVoTiVoMODELBVT-980HCM7000/ DTVPalCM7400 / 458DVR+DPH 1000RM6620NPHD - VRX/2HDR5710/ 57503500STB/
HDMR 1500T3S3/ HD/
Premiere/ P4
Roamio/ Plus/ ProCost new ($)165UsedUsed250230320210250 / 30040Used
Used $180 
$200 & up         (also HW-150) & up w/serviceplus serviceAuthors rating****** / **********************½               HARDWAREBriteViewChannel MasterCM / EntoneChannel MasterDigital StreamDVICO TViXePVisionMagnavox /
iViewMoxiTiVo Tuner types; ATSC / QAM / NTSC1 ATSC /  QAM2 ATSC2 ATSC / QAM2 ATSC2 All2 ATSC / QAM2 All1 AllATSC / QAM2 or 3 QAMAll except Prem4 Combined analog & digital tuners------------No---YesYes------Yes RF inputsOneOneOneOneOneOneTwoOneOneOneTwo except Prem4 HD Video outputs: HDMI / ComponentHDMIBothBothHDMIBothHDMIHDMIHDMIBothBothB oth Digital audio outputs: Optical / CoaxialNoneOpticalOpticalOpticalOpticalBothOptical NoneCoaxialBothOptical Front panel display type text or LED'sLEDLEDClock & LEDLEDLedFull TextBothLEDBothLEDLED Front panel functions; transport and/or menuNoneNoneMenuStandbyMenuMenu & PBMenu & Ch.StandbyPwr, ch up/dnMenuS3 Text/ LED/ LED Power consumption; operating & standby9 / 123 / 2124 / ?20/ 115 / 1 ?20 /HD / 122 wHD / 15 / 220 w/HD / 19 wHD / 7 /  1 26 / Mate 10S3-34 / S4-26 HDD: internal stock/maximum external size320G / No250G / No320G / YesNone/ 3TB320G / 2TBNone / 2TBNone / 2TB4TB ? / 4TBNone / 1TB500G / 6TB250/ 160/ 320-1TB HDD spins down in standbyYesNoNo?YesYesYesYes??YesNo stdbyNo stdby External record: HDD / Memory stickStickNoneBothBoth?BothBothBothHDDBothYes / NoYes / No Low power standbyYesNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYes------ Boot time from standby30 sec------>3 sec30 secover 60 sec30 sec??10 sec ---5.5 min. from off HDD file system (format)NTFSDFS– ProprietaryEXT3EXT4NTFSNTFSEXT2XFSNTFSLinux ?MFS – Proprietary Hardware build quality?FairFair/Good ?Fair/Good?PoorGood??FairGood ?Good              TUNERS & CHANNELSBriteViewChannel MasterCM / EntoneChannel MasterDigital StreamDVICO TViXePVisionMagnavox / 
iViewMoxiTiVo Separate OTA & CATV channel scansNo---NoNoNoNoYesNoNoNo scanNo Add channels not in the original scanYes ?Yes?YesYes ?NoYesYesYes---Yes w/ 2nd scan Add channels via physical numbersNoYes?YesYes ?Yes, no subYesYesYesNoNo M Cable Card supportNo---No---NoNoNoNoNoYesYes Edit channel names and/or call lettersNoYesYesNoAnalog ?NoCall lettersNo?Call lettersNoNo Ability to re-map QAM channelsNo---No---NoNoNoNoNo YesNo Signal strength indicatorNoYesYesYes - dualYesYesYesNoYesYesYes Skips encripted QAM channels??---??---??YesYesOnly someYes via CCYes Skip channels in guide that are in the ch. list?No ?????No---Yes?S3-No / S4–Yes              PROGRAM GUIDE & RECORDINGBriteViewChannel MasterCM / EntoneChannel MasterDigital StreamDVICO TViXePVisionMagnavox /
iViewMoxiTiVo Program guide; PSIP and/or Pay (full)PSIPPSIPBothBoth/RoviPSIP dig. onlyPSIPPSIPNo guidePSIPFullPay only Fully usable without additional feesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesRegister DVRNo Number of days of programmingVariesVariesVaries / 1414VariesUp to 1Varies100 programs
Less than 1
1412 Grid type of guideNoYesYesYesNoNoNo---NoYesYes Combined or separate guide for all tuners---Comb.Comb.Comb.Comb.Comb.Sep.------Comb.Comb. 12 or 24 hr clock24 hr12 hr12 or 24 hr12 hr24 hr12 or 24 hr12 hr12 hr24 hr12 hr12 hr Time setting; auto and/or manual & sourceManualBoth / PSIPBoth / PSIPBoth / NTPBoth / PSIPPSIP / NTPNT / PSIP  ManBoth / StationPSIPAuto / NTPAuto / NTP QAM channels listings w/o using a CCVaries w/MSO---Yes w/sub.---Varies w/MSOVaries w/MSOVaries w/MSO---NoYesNo !! Jump fwd & back in GuideNo1-8 days3 & 24 hrs1 dayNo ??Page up/down---No24 hrsNot in Grid view Guide search by program namesNoYesYesYesNoNoNo---No YesYes Save program searchesNoYesYesNo------------
YesYes Manual recording VCR styleYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes YesYes Protect recordings from deletionNo ?YesYesYesYesYes YesYesYesRecord only new episodesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYes Name and/or time based recordingsTimeTimeName (pd G)NameTimeTimeTimeTimeNoNameName Auto-adjust for changing days / start timesNoNoNoYes?NoNoNoNoNoYesYes Recording conflicts action; auto or manualNoManualManual??ManualManualManualManualManu alManual ?Auto Auto pad recordings start & end in GuideNoNoYesYesIndirectlyNoNo---YesNoYes Number of programs recorded at onceOneTwoTwoTwoOneTwoTwoOneOneTwo or Three2 / 2 / 2 / 4 Record indicators of future programs?YesYesYes?From guideYesYes in Rec listNoIn Sch. listYesS3/HD No
Premier yes
 Available HDD space shown?YesYes% usedYesYesYesYesYesYesS3/HD No
Premier Yes
 Adjustable buffer time amountNoNoNo ?FixedNo bufferYesUp to 4 hrsNo bufferYesNoNo Closed Caption available in playbackNoYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYesYesYes ?              PLAYBACK & MISCBriteViewChannel MasterCM / EntoneChannel MasterDigital StreamDVICO TViXePVisionMagnavox /
iViewMoxiTiVo Dedicated play & stop & standby buttonsYesYesYesYesYesNo play / stopYesYesYesYesNo stop or Sttdby Remembers where playback left offYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Skip ahead or back time amountsNoneBoth; 30 secFwd; 30 secUp to 60 secNoneBoth: variableBoth to 2 minUp to 5 min.No Fwd variableFwd 30 sec hack Edit recorded program name?Yes?YesYesYesNoYes (auto titles)YesNoNo Recordings encrypted within HDDNoYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesYes Record history showing errorsShows failedYesNo ?Yes?YesNoYes (limited)YesNoNo ?Yes PC / USB file transfer abilityNo / ReadNo / NoNo / YesNo / NoNo / YesNo / ReadYes / YesYes, but not easyNo / ReadYes / NoYes / No Media PlayerNoNoYesNoYesYesYesNoYesYesYes Create playlists for external media------YesNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNo Networking: wired/wirelessNoNoBothWired/
NoBothWiredBothNoWiredWired Internet services available------HuluVuDo---NoneU TubeNumerous---NumerousNumerous Multiple room recording and/or viewing------NoNo---YesNoNo---Yes, w/ mateYes w/ extender Firmware update; Internet and/or USBUSBBothUSBBothNone availableInternetUSBBothUSBInternetInternet Suppo rt; on-line and/or telephoneNoneLimitedLimited  /NoneYes /time limitNoneNoneBoth limitedBothBoth limitedBoth ??Both Good  
Below are a spreadsheet and a .pdf version of the above table;
<a class="attachment loginreq" href="/attachments/75049" title="">HDDVRComparison011814.xls 24k .xls file
<a class="attachment loginreq" href="/attachments/75050" title="">HDDVRComparison011814.pdf 70k .pdf file
per sensible request, clarifications with TiVo's base price & optional service

Free, abundant OTA television separates this country from many others. ATSC1 has only been in force since 2009. The wireless industry has enough spectrum. Enough of 'planned obsolesce'.

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