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1-2 1-2


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1-2 1-2


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testing image

testing image

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Based on the errant early reports of Oblivion lacking in level and ULF, I bumped the sub level to watch this one.

The first landing scene of the bladeless chopper had me scrambling for the remote to TURN IT DOWN!

This flick is low-end-LOADED. Full BW, balls-to-the-walls bass. IMHO, it's the bass flick of the year and, overall, rivals any Movie With Bass.

I didn't rent this one, went straight to purchase on BR, which may have some bearing on SQ as many in the past have. I don't know, but this is a must have for the collection and is chock full of demo-worthy scenes.

The sound re-recordist, Gary Rizzo, has street creed: Tron, Percy Jackson, Dark Knight and How To Train Your Dragon... need we look further.

Here's a teaser, and look for the full spread post at DB later today...

FWIW, the Bosso recommendation to low-enders is RUN, don't walk.
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