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plstrns's Avatar plstrns 02:54 PM 02-15-2009
A few months ago my volume controls, manual and remote stopped working for 9- 10 days. We tried the reset, unplugging the set etc... Nothing worked, it just started working again on it's own.

Today, when the set was turned on the volume went straight to max on it's own and the remote wouldn't work. I removed the remote batteries, and lowered the volume manually. As soon as I let off of the volume down button, the volume goes back to max as if the up button is stuck. We never use the button, and since the volume down works while being held I don't believe it's a sticky button problem.

I read a brief description where someone disconnected the front panel controls completely, allowing the remote to work. The problem is, they didn't proof read and left out key points needed for repair. It involved removing the grille and unplugging one of two wiring connectors. they claimed one connector was for the front inputs, the other would disable the front panel allowing normal use, other than front panel controls- which is fine with me.

There are two connectors behind the grille on my set, the problem is, one is for the speakers. The other, if unplugged, disables everything. The set won't even turn on.

If anyone has a link to any details or know of them, I could use the help. I've had nothing but problems with this set. As soon as one thing's fixed something else dies.

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