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So I bought a pair of generic lamps for my 60737 (and 65C9) just over a year ago for the price of one official Mits. This morning, the first one blew, loudly. Took it out without problem (no loose debris in the lamp bay), and replaced it with the second one. No problem. Looks great. In retrospect, the older one was starting to darken --hadn't really noticed it until I saw this flamethrower fresh one light up the screen.

I estimate just short of 6,000 hours out of the first bulb (this TV is on 16 hours/day). Not bad at all.

So I went back to Amazon, found my original order, and went back to look at ordering another one to have as a spare now that the second one is actually in the TV. Now they're down to less than $26/each with Prime shipping! Wow. That's *4* of these lamps for less than the cost of one Official Mits (going for $118.90 before shipping as of this morning at Mits site). Ordered another to have a fresh spare on hand (I still have my original Mits lamp still in working condition, but with several thousand hours on it, as my emergency spare). I have two of these TVs (a 60" and 65") so having a fresh spare on hand just seems like a good idea.

I understand the experience with 3rd party lamps is very uneven across the community, but this one has worked out pretty well for me so far.

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Originally Posted by khboli View Post
I bought my set 11/19/09 with delivery several days after that. Currently have a little over 14500 hours on it. I'm on my third bulb (original OEM still my spare). About 1 1/2 weeks ago, my first white dot appeared. I'm now up to 10 with 2 flickering intermittently. Called up Mitsubishi on Friday afternoon. Lady took name, address, model number, serial number and asked questions about if they were still there on different sources. Did not ask how many. Came up with free chip and $200 labor charge. I pointed out that this was a known problem, and that TI was covering the chips. She continued with chip and $200. I asked if there was a supervisor I could talk to. She went on hold for a while, came back with there wasn't a supervisor available, but she could do the chip, a free bulb, with still $200 charge. I explained that I already had a spare bulb and that this was a warranty issue with TI and I didn't see why I was getting charged anything. She went on hold to talk to a more senior person. I expected her to come back and drop the charge to $100, but she came back with free chip and no charge. She did retract the bulb offer. They emailed me a release form (basically saying I wasn't going to sue them). I scanned it and emailed back. Sending chip to local (50 mi) authorized repair shop. Will call for appointment when it arrives. Pretty painless.
An update on my chip replacement. After a couple of weeks waiting to hear from someone, I got a call from Mitsubishi. The closest Authorized Repair Center they could find was in Des Plaines, IL, about 200 miles from me. I was not in their service area, but if I would drop my 82837, they would do the repair in the shop. Wow. The Mitsubishi lady said if I could find someone closer, they would talk to them. I opened up the Mitsubishi web site, looked up Authorized Repair Centers and came up with 7 within 75 miles. I picked one, called him, he knew all about the repair, but needed a repair order from Mitsubishi. Called Mits back, gave them the name and phone number. From there it took less than 2 weeks to get repair completed. Imagine! They can't even find their own Authorized Repair Centers on their own website.

About 5 months before the chip issue, I replaced my bulb with one of the Philips OEM PHI/334. It really had POP! Vibrant color, great brightness, etc. However, after the DMD chip replacement, the picture was a lot darker, less vibrant. I haven't been able to get it dialed back in. Any thoughts?
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