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turbocharged's Avatar turbocharged 09:52 AM 11-14-2010
Hey everyone, I have been reading through other threads here about problems with these tv's, but figured I would pose my problem separately because it did some strange things before not turning on/getting the 3 blinking led's

Historically, my tv has had a power cycling problem twice, which was fixed under an extended warranty through Tweeter both times. Don't remember the exact part replaced however. This was a couple of years ago (I have had the tv for a little over 3 years now and it was a display model before that).

Fast forward to yesterday. (Note: I have not been having any power cycling issues with the unit.)

-Watching tv and everything was fine
-All of a sudden in the middle of a show the sound stopped working. Picture was still fine.
-Unsure of what it was, tried changing channels, switching inputs, etc and nothing fixed it.
-Turned off the tv, unplugged the HDMI, plugged it back in, and turned the tv back on.
-Turned on with no startup jingle and then said something about a problem with Fan No. 3.
-Turned it off and unplugged it overnight, went to try again this morning and it wouldn't even turn on. Just flashed the LED led for a few minutes, then proceeded to flash all 3 led's on the power button.
-I took the back panel off and all 3 fans are still don't know what that fan message was about.

Any ideas? Just the psu capacitor problem or something else?

turbocharged's Avatar turbocharged 11:39 AM 11-14-2010
So the plot thickens. I took the power supply out of the tv to investigate the capacitors and check out what I found....apparently they did some weird modding when they repair it last time.

-Looks like the J862 resistor was completely bypassed by bridging the CS860 capacitor on the back of the PCB.
-CM860 capacitor removed/moved...unknown cap on back of PCB
-Looks like capacitor CS857 is blown and a few more are on their way

Check out the pictures.

turbocharged's Avatar turbocharged 03:48 PM 11-15-2010
no insight?
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