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mercdv's Avatar mercdv 04:37 PM 01-02-2012
I've read a lot of forums and posts on the "white spots" but I'm seeing two different suggestions for repair. Some have said to just replace the DLP chip and others have said to replace the DMD and the DLP chip. I've seen a few suggesting that the DMD is causing the mirrors to stick so they both should be replaced or the problem will reoccur. We really didn't start using this TV heavily until recently and I wasn't aware of the problems with the DLP otherwise I would have had a service call done when the TV was under warranty.

What should I actually replace to make sure the problem goes away and doesn't come back? Does anyone know the part numbers because I've also read that Samsung doesn't always give the correct part numbers over the phone?

Manufacturer: Samsung
Model: HLT5687SX/XAA
Ver: RE01

SunwolfNC's Avatar SunwolfNC 07:37 AM 12-13-2012
I just joined here to post because I've got the same TV and I'm about to go through a RED LED repalcement following this video:

I think the main thread you'll want to look through is here:
At least it's the best one I was able to find on my and your topics.

Best of luck.
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