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02-19-2012 | Posts: 3
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Several weeks ago I started hearing a solitary "BEEP" in my TV area. I replaced batteries in my smoke alarm, remote (getting desperate), searched the area for noise makers (kids are jokers), and finally it stopped.

A week or so ago, I started hearing a static like "POP" in the same area, which became more frequent as I left the TV on. Yesterday I determined that it was coming from the Samsung's speakers. Now, I never use those speakers and have the volume all the way down as I have a surround sound system.

I went into the menu, looked everything over, and ended up going into the Equalizer menu and putting all of the sliders to the bottom. POP solved, insofar as I couldn't hear it any more unless I kneeled directly in font of the speakers.

However, the BEEP has returned. Mostly occasional, yet sometimes it is so frequent as to sound like Morse code. 15 minutes ago, I Muted the sound on my set, and haven't heard it since. Yet their is an annoying "Mute" icon constantly on my screen.

All things considered, I would rather fix the problem than use the workarounds. Any suggestions?
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02-20-2012 | Posts: 3
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no thoughts? Anyone?
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09-04-2012 | Posts: 14
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My HSL-5086 started cracking sound. 1st half an hour everything is good then cracking will start at low frequency. And frequency will go up like 4th of July fireworks. Then at some point (if TV is kept ON) TV will go MUTE. If I turn off TV for 15 mins and restart, it will start nicely for 20-30 mins and cracking will start again...

Any one has any idea? I probably got the 'Lemon' piece.
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