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Agrajag's Avatar Agrajag 09:10 AM 07-12-2012
My brother owns an HL-R5667W TV that ended up with a cracked front screen that happened while attempting to move it incorrectly.

He gave up on it and just bought a new Panasonic plasma set that comes Friday. Knowing I'm looking for a TV for my bedroom he asked if I wanted it and said it actually works just fine except for the broken front screen.


So that got me wondering if it's possible/cost effective to get a replacement part for this and replace the screen myself or if he should just toss this in the trash.

He lives in Manhattan in an efficiency so I need to know quickly what the options are as he cannot store this for more than a few days tops.

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Agrajag's Avatar Agrajag 08:34 PM 07-16-2012
Does anyone know of where to call/email for Samsung TV parts?
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