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rkdewey's Avatar rkdewey 06:47 PM 09-24-2012

Several years ago I had two HTPCs (Windows 7 Home Theatre PC) made for myself and my Dad. He has a JVC 56FN98 HDTV. I have had my HTPC hooked up to a Sony HDTV for three years without a problem. My Dad's has had problems since the start. The PC would run for hours and then just stop. Nothing. Requiring a hard/cold re-boot. It was taken into the shop three times for many months and they replaced lots of pieces but couldn't fix it. They would claim it ran fine on their bench. Every time we hooked it up to the JVC (using the HDMI connection), the computer would hang after a short amount of time. Very frustrating. Windows claimed it had the best driver and identified the TV as a 61FN97 model. After reading much of this forum, I found that people kept saying that the PC must drive the xxFN9x TVs at 60Hz. I checked and the default way Windows was setting itself up was in an HD mode at 30Hz. I forced an HD mode at 60Hz, and the HTPC has been running ever since. The JVC manual also states to "only drive the TV at 60Hz". The symtome was a completely frozen PC. Thanks to the content in this forum, I changed the display settings for the video card to 60Hz (Advanced Settings under Screen Resolution), and this fixed a very long standing and agonizing problem. Hope this helps others.



rkdewey's Avatar rkdewey 12:10 PM 12-31-2012
Not so fast. Since I posted this, the same old problem has now re-started. Even driving the video at 60Hz, the PC will eventually freeze. I'm ready to throw this PC out, but am worried that the JVC TV is the problem.
Any suggestions? mad.gif
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