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Hexx's Avatar Hexx 04:10 PM 10-07-2012
I went to turn my TV on this morning and the blue was way way off. In the convergence menu I can only move the blue up and down not left and right. The TV also shuts off if I have the blue CRT cable connected in the back within 5 minutes, sometimes sooner. For now I disconnect that cable and the CRT board from the bottom of the blue bulb as a work around. (Yay yellow picture!) The TV now stays on for as long as I need.

What could be the problem. Willing to get my hands dirty.
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Hexx's Avatar Hexx 03:08 AM 10-09-2012
I can't use the focus pots to manage the blue either.
Hexx's Avatar Hexx 03:40 AM 11-13-2012
Hexx's Avatar Hexx 05:34 PM 12-12-2012
ChuckF.'s Avatar ChuckF. 04:33 PM 12-13-2012
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Try reposting in this thread:

CRT-RP fans tend to only read that thread because there's not much new going on with CRT-RP.
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