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sandsmuseum's Avatar sandsmuseum 06:07 PM 10-16-2012
I do not have the dreaded yellow blob! I guess that is something to be thankful for.

I have a problem where the dark areas have flickering red pixels or areas. It seems to be heat related because it does not start until the set has been on for five to ten minutes. There are also other color problems.

It is not the hdmi handshake green squiggley lines.

It appears to be something the set is capable of restoring. I have seen instances where the problem quickly fixes itself. When the image has more bright colors, the bad areas slowly deteriorate into the correct colors and suddenly the image is correct. This happens in about five seconds, especially when I switch channels.

Unfortunately sometimes nothing seems to fix the picture. Other times I can turn the set off and then back on again half an hour later and all is well.

I am guessing it has to do with the black areas and an attempt to add contrast. It is currently using red to increase the grey there.

Anyone have this problem? Hopefully it is an electronics problem and not light, so replacing some of the interface boards will fix it?


Anyone have a parts machine?


KewlK's Avatar KewlK 09:42 AM 10-17-2012
Cold (cracked) solder joints of the system board's ram chips are the most likely culprit. Either get the board reflowed or find a replacement.
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