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Maxian's Avatar Maxian 11:15 PM 11-18-2012

Mits 73 inch DLP ( about 3 years old )
What is causing this effect.
It whitens or bleaches darks and shadow areas. Also distant area ( looking into a valley shows it )
Kids hair is the best one I bothered taking, and it's worse in person
I don't even know what's it called.

List of things NOT causing it
Video source ( numerous sources )
HDMI port themselves

It IS either a setting or flaw ( something breaking or broken )

We first noticed this while watching the new Zookeeper movie.
Two scenes that come to mind is when he goes upstairs and kick the stoner dude, and when he meets the gorilla by the water front.
These 2 scenes were unwatchful. Mainly the gorilla one. He is soooo bleached out and light gray / purple he has no image.
Alas, I place the same disc in my Xbox 360 and the picture is perfect. Only difference is the 3D player series in with Mit's 3D adapter box.
We of course bypass the convertor box and picture is normal and TV behaves fine.
Cabling doesn't effect it, settings doesn't effect it, player doesn't effect it.
It now does it without the 3D involved.
Case in Point.
Watched new movie "The Campaign" and it's to me borderline watch able.
Watched "Taxadermia" an import from Hungary and it's near perfect.
Watched Wrath of Titans, a new BB Blu-ray release and it looks like crap. If I didn't have company I would have stopped watching it.
Although the outdoor fight scenes and the smoke monster coming from the mountain looked awesome.
Then tonight we watch "Brazil" a 20+ year old movie. Picture so far is flawless.
No reasoning.
Can anybody please help.
Save a TV before it gets Glocked.

Thank you,

PS: If I even bother to hook up 3D all of this gets exponentially worse.

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