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Doom878's Avatar Doom878 05:06 PM 03-23-2013
Toshiba HM196. Bulb died out after 5 years. Even said "replace bulb" when I would press power. Let the tv sit for a year in my bedroom. Bought a bulb from lampedia. Now I get 3 blinking yellow lights or solid if I press power. Tried all buttons but no go. Should I get my money back and dump the tv? Just got bulb yesterday.

videobruce's Avatar videobruce 05:46 AM 03-27-2013
1. It's a 'lamp', not a "bulb",
2. Assuming it's not the 'lamp', the next thing is the ballast.

What is the actual manufacture of the lamp? Is this just the lamp itself or the lamp assembly? Do you have the service manual?
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