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Jeff Garstecki's Avatar Jeff Garstecki 03:52 PM 08-20-2013
Recently my picture has gone very dim. I'll explain and if anyone has encountered this problem your feedback would be greatly appreciated. When I power on the TV the word Laser in Red comes on brilliantly bright. It lasts about 5 seconds and when the TV powers up and the bottom blue lights come on it goes very dim. When viewing the picture, although very dark, the color tone remains good for 3 seconds and then the TV dims slightly more with a noticeable green cast to the color for 2 seconds. This repeats itself continuously while the TV operates. I'm running into different opinions as to whether the Optical(engine)Block or the Light(engine)Source is causing the problem. If anyone has experienced these same conditions and replaced the right part to correct it I would Appreciate your input. Thanks Jeff Garstecki

longcat's Avatar longcat 01:38 PM 11-21-2013
Did you get an answer to this? I'm in the same situation on an L75-A94.
mustangchris04's Avatar mustangchris04 07:34 PM 12-15-2013
I am having the same issue with mine. I had mine since Jan. 2011, and since day one, the TV seems to be dim. I have to have all the brightness and contract up to watch it in a light room, but the picture is washed out because I have to turn the brightness all the way up.

I don't believe there is a colorwheel or a bulb like a DLP would have, so what would I need to replace to make this TV set brighter?
hagels316's Avatar hagels316 08:40 AM 12-31-2013
According to a technician that serviced my TV for geometry issues, there is only about 3 things that can be replaced in this TV. 1) The laser light source 2) The light engine 3) hdmi and processing housing. I would guess it is either the light source or the light engine or could be both.
brownhatter's Avatar brownhatter 06:25 PM 01-01-2014
Well he miss this problem ..My Mitsubishi LaserVue L65A90 television I paid $6000 for is now showing white spots ?
I have loved this tv from the day I got it .Now I could just loose it over this issue .When I purchased my Mitsubishi LaserVue L65A90 they offered no extra warranty either
mustangchris04's Avatar mustangchris04 07:15 AM 03-03-2014
I have hated this TV since the day I purchased it, and now the TV will turn off after about an hour of watching it. I then have to turn it back on.
brownhatter's Avatar brownhatter 09:38 AM 03-03-2014
How could anyone hate this tv from purchase .I love the awesome picture .I fixed my dlp chip issue but I admit got dust on the screen .I tried repeatedly to clean the light engine mirror.. You should be getting a code when it shuts off . Flashing colors mean something .The front panel LEDs provide an indication of the set’s operation, and the possible cause of a malfunction. There are two front panel LEDs, “Power” and “Status.” The LED display shows the current status or indicates a possible malfunction. If an abnormal condition is indicated, proceed to the Error Code Operational Check for more specific information. Give me the code it flashing I will look it up .biggrin.gif You have to look for the code color flash .. I would first bet you got dust built up on the back have you look ? Vacuum it off if dust ..
Bill Shenefelt's Avatar Bill Shenefelt 03:38 AM 04-25-2014
I have a Mits L75 A94 laservue. Loved it but now it has very poor contrast. I have a 5 year service contract with for which 3 years remain. A service tech came out and agreed that the contrast was very poor. He was not sure though how to try to get to the mirror and lens to see if dust is causing the poor contrast (maybe putting a fog into black from dust) He started removing the screws from the back perimeter for the screen along one end-edge but found nothng holding the bottom of the screen. He may be able to do this when he returns, but If a part, parts may not be available. For some reason Mits has discontinued this type set and may quit rear projection tv altogether. Anyone have this sort of experience with this tv? If I need to get something new, I really do not know how to proceed. Plasmas are supposed to be on the way out and I hated the overly "kodachrome-cartoon" picture from led/lcd models in general. Any thoughts on repair or replacement? I don't see much available over 64 inch unless you spend $6k plus. I have an overhead Epson projector that has nice 3d so I really want a tv for television and good picture quality. I can always use the Epson for any 3d movies if I want. Just is not a "have it on all day" sort of option with the projector.

brownhatter's Avatar brownhatter 07:26 AM 04-25-2014
Ok Mitsubishi has no parts because Mitsubishi no longer makes tv .You have to find a after market company ,like shopjimmy .But the other solution is call Mitsubishi and complain about tv problem .Here a email I found for Mitsubishi will pay you they paid me over 2000 .But first they only offered me 700 .I had to call them and email them a few times .I think I could have gotten 3000 .But they also take the tv from you .Why have no clue ... The newest thing is 4k tvs even have new Ultra HD curved TV ...
Izlude's Avatar Izlude 08:59 AM 04-25-2014
Would love to buy a failing Laservuew redface.gif I've read stories where folks threw them in the trash (or curb of the street) feeling bad because they still looked new. Feeling confident as I fixed about 5 TVs so far, from old CRT-RPTV to my Recent Samsung DLP (in another topic, which I should mark solved btw...) I wish someone around my neck of the woulds would also throw theirs to the street so I can pick it up :P

But anyway, if you can't find the part now... WAIT redface.gif It takes a while for aftermarket to pick up your part. I recall my TV's parts becoming available 3 years after it became obsolete, no more no less. Ebay seems to have a lineup as we speak, of light sources smile.gif 500 bucks, not bad. Good luck in getting'er up n running.
brownhatter's Avatar brownhatter 12:38 PM 04-25-2014
Well as I said shopjimmy is one of them that sells part .I had the white spot issue and replaced the dlp chip myself .My issue now is
the mirror in the light engine has 3 small spots of dust .I cannot figure out how to remove the dust .I tried about 10 times
to get into the light engine even tried my vacuuming the mirror .Always sure not to touch the mirror but the open is small
rectangle where the dlp chip set in . . How much do you want to buy mine for ?
brownhatter's Avatar brownhatter 05:44 PM 04-26-2014
Note just talked to someone who had this laservue problems .They called Mitsubishi and they offered to come and and fix the set ?
Guess they decide to fix them now instead of pay the customer off for the tv .. Not sure this is absolute truth but sharing it anyway .
Bernie1's Avatar Bernie1 07:50 PM 05-10-2014

I've had mine for several years. Shortly after the first year (warranty expired of course) I noticed dimming/contrast issues at various times. A tech came to look at my problem and said it looked normal to him. I pointed out instances as they happened and he saw it a couple of times he said, but then said it was normal and was the result of a change of image source i.e, channel/commercial/etc. I argued the point but no good. I called BS. He said he'd send his report to Mits.


My LaserVue has now dimmed as you describe in your post. I'm about to dump mine and go back to LED/LCD. Initially, I was in awe of the picture. It was outstanding! Since the issues reared up, and with no help from Mits, WASTED BUCKS!

Bill Shenefelt's Avatar Bill Shenefelt 04:39 PM 05-11-2014
Hi Bernie 1
I am going to get a 64 inch Samsung plasma 8500. Picture is superb even if the size is smaller than I wanted. Not sure what kind of warranty to get. I am applying for an American Express card to get a 2nd year warranty at least. Tomorrow I will learn if my warranty on the Mitz with an aftermarket company will give me something beyond what Mits is offering.
Hagenstein's Avatar Hagenstein 11:00 PM 08-23-2014
Hi All. A fairly inactive thread these days but nevertheless wanted to add my own L75 A91 to the list of failing/failed LaserVues.

Some dimming noticed sometime in its 2cd year. More so in the 3rd year. A LOT more in 4th year to the point of not really being watchable. A few weeks ago began getting the auto-shutoff as well (time to shut off varies and I've ruled out all other source components and cables).

My 5 year warranty is good into late Spring of 2015 so not 100% how the retailer I ordered the set through (local retailer) is going to handle it. I loved the image when the set was in its prime (after calibration), especially 3D, and am now sorely disappointed it hasn't lasted longer. If the set could be repaired I *might* be ok with that for awhile, but how long before it would go out again? I really think I want to replace it with the 2014 model LG 84" 4K/Passive 3D set (don't want to go down in size and not much else out there that can match the non-ghosting high-quality 3D imho) but I *have* to recoup something per the 5 yr extended warranty I purchased.

And what's with the lack of availability of parts for this set anyway? I was under the impression manufacturers were required by law to stock parts for 7 years past the date they cease selling (manufacturing?) the product. Is this incorrect? If not, how does Mits skirt this requirement? And if I'm wrong well, not the first time lol.

Any owners out there that have had their set repaired (particularly new light engine) and has remained in good working order afterwards for a substantial amount of time (or the opposite)? Let's hear the rest of your story.
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